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Hello here is a Feb 2022 HIP grooming report. Your HIP editing team today is: @jamiedubs & @edaatweets

Approved HIPs

HIP 45 Lorawan frequency plan selection helium/HIP#311 Discord straw poll: – 31 yes / 2 no / 0 needs work supported by coredevs & Lorawan committee

HIP 46 Lorawan NetID routing helium/HIP#312 Discord straw poll: – 24 yes / 0 no / 1 needs work supported by coredevs & Lorawan committee

Closing some stale PRs (never merged)

Our standard reply text:

This PR is now several months old and the requested changes have not been remediated. Please re-open if you plan to continue working on it. Thanks!

HIP draft: removal of third party manfacturers #281 helium/HIP#281 no new work since sept 2021

HIP draft: standardised firmware helium/HIP#297 notes: some additinal comments from mfgrs, but no new posts since Dec 2021

HIP draft: community gate helium/HIP#305 notes: changes requested but not incorporated, still very offensive language; no new work in Nov

Stale/inactive HIPs that have been given last calls and are now being closed

HIP24: Reward Splitting helium/HIP#105

The issue has been relatively contentious and fraught with technical challenges (e.g. reward txn chain bloat). @ericmheilman has indicated on Discord that this could be closed. So if there's no other objections, I'd like to nominate this to be closed. [via]helium/HIP#105 (comment)

HIP32: SPlit DCs Among All Transferers helium/HIP#221

There has been mixed responses to this proposal and I'd like to nominate it to be closed. There's some activity in Discord, but very little consensus. Happy to discuss further at community call this week

HIP33: regional reward adjustments helium/HIP#222

Discord channel and GitHub both quiet for this one; marking as stale. @mj0lken#4462 any interest in keeping the conversation going?

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