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Created December 28, 2019 06:16
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WIP git-friendly homebrew install
# /usr/local/Homebrew/Library/Taps/homebrew/homebrew-core/Formula/git-friendly.rb
# ```
# brew install --verbose --debug git-friendly
# brew audit --new-formula git-friendly
# brew test --verbose --debug git-friendly
# ```
class GitFriendly < Formula
desc "Streamline your git workflow: `pull`, `branch`, `merge`, `push`"
homepage ""
url ""
sha256 "8a010c7c7cfb5c76f6e89e88ca7d7003e8fadd56938e2b4d0ebaac9785a0f6c9"
def install
%w[push pull branch merge stash].each do |file|
bin.install file
test do
# This doesn't test `push`, but runs through every other command we provide
# FIXME `pull` won't work without a remote; ideally we'd have one set
# maybe we should use the Homebrew git repo? could be dangerous
system "mkdir -p /tmp/git-friendly && cd /tmp/git-friendly && \
git init && touch untracked-file && \
stash && \
branch test && \
branch test2 && git commit --allow-empty -m 'Test' && \
branch test && merge test2 && branch -d test2 && \
branch master && branch -D test && \
rm -rf /tmp/git-friendly"
# stash pop && \
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