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@jamii jamii/gist:4171094
Created Nov 29, 2012

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(ns droplet.examples.paxos
(use clojure.test
[slingshot.slingshot :only [try+ throw+]]
;; nodes
(defrecord Proposer [id])
(defrecord Acceptor [id weight])
(defrecord Learner [id])
;; messages
(defrecord Prepare [round])
(defrecord Break [round])
(defrecord Promise [round prev-accept])
(defrecord Accept [round value])
(defrecord Accepted [round value])
;; useful lattices
;; (similar to Causal, perhaps needs to be a builtin)
(extend-protocol SemiLattice
(bottom [this]
(Promise. -1 nil))
(lte? [this that]
(<= (:round this) (:round that)))
(join [this that]
(< (:round this) (:round that)) this
(< (:round that) (:round this)) that
(= this that) this
:else (throw+ [:conflicting-promises! this that]))))
(defrecord IVar [set? value]
(bottom [this]
(IVar. false nil))
(lte? [this that]
(or (false? set?) (= this that)))
(join [this that]
(not set?) that
(= this that) this
:else (throw+ [:double-assignment this that]))))
(defn ivar
([] (IVar. false nil))
([value] (IVar. true value)))
;; common
(defn common-states [acceptors learners]
{:recv #{}
:send #{}
:acceptor acceptors
:learner learners})
(defrule common-rules
(persistent :recv :send :acceptor :learner))
;; proposers
(def proposer-states
{:preparing (->Max -1)})
(defn prepare! [round]
(deduct (is! :preparing (->Max round))
(in? :acceptor ?acceptor)
(in! :send [(:id acceptor) (Prepare. round)])))
(def stay-prepared!
[(deduct (is? :preparing -1)
(prepare! 0))
(deduct (is? :preparing (and pos? ?preparing))
(in? :recv [_ (Break. ?broken)])
:when (> broken preparing)
(prepare! (inc broken)))])
(defmacro quorum? [?id]
`(deduct (in? :acceptor (Acceptor. ~?id ?round-weight))
(in? :acceptor (Acceptor. (not ~?id) ?other-weight))
:collect [?round-weights ?round-weight]
:collect [?other-weights ?other-weight]
:when (> (sum round-weights) (sum other-weights))))
(defn accept! [round value]
(deduct (in? :acceptor ?acceptor)
(in! :send [(:id acceptor) (Prepare. round)])))
(defn accept-promises! [proposer-value]
(deduct (is? :preparing (Max. ?round))
(in? :recv [?id (Promise. ?round ?prev-accept)])
(quorom? ?id)
:collect [prev-accepts prev-accept]
:let [value (or (:value (max-by :round prev-accepts)) proposer-value)]
(accept! round value)))
(defn proposer-rules [proposer-value]
[(persistent :preparing)
(accept-promises! proposer-value)])
;; acceptors
(def acceptor-states
{:promised (Promised. -1 nil)})
(def make-promises!
(deduct (in? :recv [?id (Prepare. ?prepare-round)])
(is? :promised (Promise. ?promise-round ?prev-accept))
(if (> prepare-round promise-round)
(do :let [promise (Promise. prepare-round prev-accept)]
(is! :promised promise)
(in! :send [id promise]))
(in! :send [id (Break. prepare-round)]))))
(def keep-promises!
(deduct (in? :recv [?id (Accept. ?round ?value)])
(is? :promised (Promise. ?round _))
:let [accepted (Accepted. round value)]
(is! :promised (Promise. round accepted))
(in! :send [id accepted])
(in? :learner ?learner)
(in! :send [(:id learner) accepted])))
(def acceptor-rules
[(persistent :promised)
;; learners
(def learner-states
{:learned (ivar)})
(def learn!
(deduct (in? :recv [?id (Accepted. ?round ?value)])
(quorom? ?id)
(is! :learned (ivar value))))
(def learner-rules
[(persistent :learned)
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