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Created Oct 10, 2016
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SELECT MIN( AS voiced_char,
MIN( AS voicing_actress,
MIN(t.title) AS voiced_animation
FROM aka_name AS an,
complete_cast AS cc,
comp_cast_type AS cct1,
comp_cast_type AS cct2,
char_name AS chn,
cast_info AS ci,
company_name AS cn,
info_type AS it,
info_type AS it3,
keyword AS k,
movie_companies AS mc,
movie_info AS mi,
movie_keyword AS mk,
name AS n,
person_info AS pi,
role_type AS rt,
title AS t
WHERE cct1.kind ='cast'
AND cct2.kind ='complete+verified'
AND = 'Queen'
AND ci.note in ('(voice)',
'(voice) (uncredited)',
'(voice: English version)')
AND cn.country_code ='[us]'
AND = 'release dates'
AND = 'trivia'
AND k.keyword = 'computer-animation'
AND is not null
and ( like 'Japan:%200%'
or like 'USA:%200%')
AND n.gender ='f'
and like '%An%'
AND rt.role ='actress'
AND t.title = 'Shrek 2'
AND t.production_year between 2000 and 2010
AND = mi.movie_id
AND = mc.movie_id
AND = ci.movie_id
AND = mk.movie_id
AND = cc.movie_id
AND mc.movie_id = ci.movie_id
AND mc.movie_id = mi.movie_id
AND mc.movie_id = mk.movie_id
AND mc.movie_id = cc.movie_id
AND mi.movie_id = ci.movie_id
AND mi.movie_id = mk.movie_id
AND mi.movie_id = cc.movie_id
AND ci.movie_id = mk.movie_id
AND ci.movie_id = cc.movie_id
AND mk.movie_id = cc.movie_id
AND = mc.company_id
AND = mi.info_type_id
AND = ci.person_id
AND = ci.role_id
AND = an.person_id
AND ci.person_id = an.person_id
AND = ci.person_role_id
AND = pi.person_id
AND ci.person_id = pi.person_id
AND = pi.info_type_id
AND = mk.keyword_id
AND = cc.subject_id
AND = cc.status_id;
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