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Created February 28, 2022 18:53
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Advice to freelancers

Advice to freelance React Native developers from Jamon

On-stream, February 28, 2022 (

• Network

  • Get to know as many other React Native developers as you can

  • Other developers are a great source of recommendations to potential clients • Let them know that you are available for work, and how much time you have, and what time period

  • But don't be annoying

  • "Hey Bob, hope things are good! Just letting you know I have availability starting March for 32 hours a week if you hear of anyone looking for a React Native freelancer. Really appreciate any referrals."

  • Every 4-8 weeks at most • Join the IR community: -- join #jobs channel • Best if you have 32+ hours available. It's common to find freelancers who can do about 20 hours, but not as useful. People, if they want RN help, usually want full time.

  • Sometimes can do maintenance • Twitter is a good source of leads if you aren't annoying about it

  • Pin a good tweet to your profile

  • Bad tweet: "Looking for freelance work, please help"

  • Good tweet: "👋 I'm Ankit! I've been doing React Native for three years and love it. I have full-time freelance availability starting March. DMs open if you know of any opportunities."

  • Reply to that tweet with more details: Things I'm good at:

    • Front-end polish, styling • State management • React Native upgrades • Working with Firebase, AWS, GCP • Join other Slack & Discord communities

  • Don't be annoying

  • Don't be afraid to self-promote • Run promotional messages by people you trust

  • Especially well-established freelancers

  • Not all of the feedback you get will be valid, but some will be

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