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Jan Beck jancbeck

  • Austria
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octocat / .gitignore
Created Feb 27, 2014
Some common .gitignore configurations
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# Compiled source #
# Packages #
jkottke / gist:8739051
Last active May 7, 2020
A list of design/writing/coding music recommendations from my Twitter followers
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Not sure how to summarize/organize this into something useful. Some can be made into Spotify/Rdio playlists, but others are likely unavailable and some are just URLs to other services. Genre is all over the place as well...lots of ambient and classical, soundtracks, uptempo dancey stuff, rock w/ words, and even Slayer. Not sure all that can be put into one playlist that's useful for anyone. What I'm saying is, good luck!
fantoraygun ‏@fantoraygun 1h
@jkottke some great mixes here:
Andrew ‏@jandrewc 1h
@jkottke "From here we go sublime" by The Field and "Alive 2007" by Daft Punk.
Lenny ‏@lenny_ 1h
@jkottke SomaFM's Groove Salad station
philgruneich / kirby_video.php
Last active Jan 4, 2016
This extension includes the HTML5 video tag as kirbytext and has several optional parameters. It accepts input of .ogg, .webm and custom fallback. If you don't choose width and height, it picks the one in the config.php file. It also supports class and title.
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class kirbytextExtended extends kirbytext {
function __construct($text, $markdown=true) {
parent::__construct($text, $markdown);
sergejmueller / .htaccess
Last active Aug 17, 2016
Erweiterung der Apache-Systemdatei .htaccess für die Browser-abhängige Auslieferung von WebP- statt JPEG-Bilddateien. Speziell für WordPress. Mehr Informationen zu WebP und dem abgebildeten Snippet unter
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<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_ACCEPT} image/webp
RewriteCond %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/$1.webp -f
RewriteRule ^(wp-content/uploads.+)\.(jpe?g|png)$ $1.webp [T=image/webp,E=accept:1]
<IfModule mod_headers.c>
Header append Vary Accept env=REDIRECT_accept
archagon /
Created Sep 28, 2012
A script that downloads videos from YouTube playlists, extracts their audio, and only downloads missing files each time it's run. Also generates an iTunes-compliant podcast xml file for private hosting purposes. Requires youtube-dl, ffmpeg, and ffprobe.
# YouTube playlist audio retreiver and iTunes-compliant podcast XML generation tool.
# This script will download each video file from the specified YouTube playlist, losslessly extract
# the audio, delete the video, and ultimately produce an iTunes-compliant podcast XML with the
# appropriate metadata, including chapter markers (if provided in the description). If you run the
# script again, only videos that haven't already been converted will be downloaded, allowing you to
# schedule the script to run as often as needed without stressing your internet connection or
# hard drive space. After generating the files and xml, you can easily host them on a local server
# in order to use them with iTunes or your favorite podcast aggregator -- but that's beyond this
# script's jurisdiction.
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class kirbytextExtended extends kirbytext {
function __construct($text=false, $markdown=true, $smartypants=true {
parent::__construct($text, $markdown, $smartypants);
// define custom tags
barryvdh / gist:2029466
Created Mar 13, 2012
Old Bootstrap grid code (mixin.less) for compatibilty with phpLess
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// The Grid
#grid {
.core (@gridColumnWidth: @gridColumnWidth , @gridGutterWidth: @gridGutterWidth) {
.span (@columns) {
width: (@gridColumnWidth * @columns) + (@gridGutterWidth * (@columns - 1));
twosixcode / gist:1988097
Created Mar 6, 2012
Make "Paste and Indent" the default paste in Sublime Text 2
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// swap the keybindings for paste and paste_and_indent
{ "keys": ["super+v"], "command": "paste_and_indent" },
{ "keys": ["super+shift+v"], "command": "paste" }
alexkingorg / hex_color_mod.php
Created Sep 3, 2011
Change the brightness of the passed in hex color in PHP
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* Change the brightness of the passed in color
* $diff should be negative to go darker, positive to go lighter and
* is subtracted from the decimal (0-255) value of the color
* @param string $hex color to be modified
* @param string $diff amount to change the color
jpcody / upload-clipboard.rb
Created Sep 3, 2011
Save clipboard contents as private gist using
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# It'd be great to get this running via AppleScript and sans Alfred if anyone with more knowledge than me knows how :)
### STEP 1
# Save this file as /bin/rvm_ruby, and do chmod 755 /bin/rvm_ruby
# to give it the proper permissions
# From
if [[ -s ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm ]]; then
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