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Ubuntu: Install phpMyAdmin website #phpMyAdmin #Markdown


  • Ubuntu server
  • Nginx
  • Nginx minimal website
  • php5-fpm
  • php5-mysql, php5-mcrypt
  • Nginx php5-fpm website
  • MySQL


Start the installation phpMyAdmin.

sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

As we use nginx for this installation, hit Tab and Enter on the first prompt.

Chose and enter the MySQL root password on the second prompt.

Create a secure password for phpMyAdmin. Don't use the MySQL root password!

Add the phpMyAdmin Nginx configuration to one of your websites.

    root /usr/share;


    location ~ .php$ {
        # change the php root for phpMyAdmin
        if ($request_uri ~* /phpmyadmin) {
            set $php_root /usr/share;

Test config and reload Nginx service.

sudo nginx -t && sudo service nginx reload

Open your browser on //[host]/phpmyadmin.

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