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Ubuntu: Redirect subdomains to domain #Nginx #Markdown


A website has to be only accessible by one specific host name. Otherwise search engines will index your website two or more times. A lot of people think that a website should only be published as www.[host]. I think this is wrong, using the www section is a old fashioned way of how companies have structured their DNS records. There are users which still use the www before tipping an url and others who don't. However we will allow both of them to access our website.


  • Ubuntu server
  • Nginx
  • Nginx minimal website


Redirecting every possible subdomain f.g. containing is easily redirected to a prefrered url by adding the following Nginx configuration to the host config file.


    server_name *.[host];
    return 301 http://[host]$request_uri;

Test config and reload Nginx service.

sudo nginx -t && sudo service nginx reload


Nginx server names
Nginx converting rewrite rules

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