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Created February 13, 2016 19:05
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Demonstration of pytest-runner to invoke a script with dependencies loaded.
This script demonstrates how pytest-runner facilitates
the simple execution of complex tasks with their
Save this file and invoke it
under Python (i.e. ``python``).
It creates a MongoDB instance, and then runs some
assertions against it.
MongoDB must be installed to a typical location or
available on PATH.
As it uses jaraco.mongodb, set MONGODB_HOME to
specify the MongoDB version to use for the ephemeral
Running this script will download the necessary
requirements to ./.eggs.
setup_params = dict(
if __name__ == '__main__':
import sys
# note that sys.argv[0] is the script name
opts = ' '.join(sys.argv)
sys.argv[1:] = ['pytest', '--addopts=' + opts]
raise SystemExit(0)
import random
import itertools
import pytest
from jaraco.mongodb.testing import assert_covered
def docs_in_db(mongodb_instance):
Install 100 records with random numbers
conn = mongodb_instance.get_connection()
coll = conn.test_db.test_coll
n_records = 100
for n in itertools.islice(itertools.count(), n_records):
doc = dict(
number=random.randint(0, 2**32-1),
value='some value',
return coll
def test_records(docs_in_db, mongodb_instance):
"Test 100 records are present and query is covered"
# load all the numbers to ensure the index is in RAM
_hint = 'number_1'
_filter = {'number': {'$gt': 0}}
_projection = {'number': True, '_id': False}
cur = docs_in_db.find(filter=_filter, projection=_projection).hint(_hint)
# consume the cursor for good measure
docs = list(cur)
assert len(docs) == 100
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