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Brooklyn Swift Developers Meetup Presenters

Brooklyn Swift Developers Meetup Presenters

A list of presenters at the Brooklyn Swift Developers Meetup with links to videos, slides and source code:

July 2015

David Grandinetti - Learning Swift the Euler Way (Video) / Slides)

June 2015

Ash Furrow - Lessons from Production Swift (Video) / Slides)

April 2015

Brian Gesiak - iOS API Design: Swift Patterns (Slides)

February 2015

Brandon Williams - Proof in Functions (Video)

December 2014

Swift Lightning Talks (Video)

November 2014

Orta Therox - Swift on a Deadline (Video / Slides)

James Dennis - Years of Python then Swift (Video / Code)

October 2014

JP Simard - Realm: A Modern Database for Swift (Slides)

Peter Robinett - Future Shock: The thrill of composing asynchronous operations, the challenges of generic functional data structures and mutability in Swift! (Slides)

September 2014

Chris Eidhof - Functional Programming in Swift (Video / Slides)

Vincent Toms - SDK Design (Video / Slides)

July 2014

Justin Sheckler - Porting Objective-C to Swift (Video / Slides / Code)

Adam Leonard - Test-Driven Development in Swift using Quick (Video / Slides)

June 2014

Marc Brown - Swift: The Basics (Video / Slides / Code)

Akiva Leffert - Swift Stuff (Video / Slides / Code)

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