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Last active Jan 26, 2021
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The final part of the SRT subtitle group parser.
struct SubtitleGroup {
var sequenceNumber: Int
var startTimecode: TimeInterval
var endTimecode: TimeInterval
var substring: String
let srtGroupParser = Int.parser(isSigned: false)
.orElse(PrefixUpTo("\r\n\r\n")) // To handle blank lines on Windows.
.orElse(Rest()) // For the last group, since there might not be a trailing blank line.
.utf8 // The trailing `.utf8` here is important. It allows the subtitle body to be parsed
// as a `Substring`, to get fuller Unicode handling before converting back out to an
// `Parsers.SubstringToUTF8View`.
.map { sequenceNumber, timecodes, substring in
sequenceNumber: sequenceNumber,
startTimecode: timecodes.0,
endTimecode: timecodes.1,
substring: String(substring)
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