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jasdev/content_view.swift Secret

Last active Apr 7, 2020
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Sample `ContentView` using `RandomNumberViewModel`.
struct ContentView: View {
@ObservedObject var viewModel = RandomNumberViewModel()
var body: some View {
action: viewModel.randomNumberPing.send, /// (1) Pipe button taps over to our view model’s `PassthroughSubject`.
label: { Text("Fetch a random number.") }
.sheet(isPresented: viewModel.modalShown) {
view(for: self.viewModel.dataLoadState)
private func view(for dataLoadState: DataLoadState<Int, RandomDotOrgError>) -> some View {
switch dataLoadState {
case let .loaded(randomNumber):
return Text("\(randomNumber)")
case .error:
return Text("An error occured or an odd was returned!")
case .initial, .loading:
fatalError("We shouldn’t be displaying a modal in these cases.")
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