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To my best friend. Be sure to check hover text on the images!

Nishant, d00d, degg, t-nishu, @binroot, DJ DR DATABENDER, Professor Shukla,

Over the years you have assumed many names, but to me they have always represented one thing. My best friend.

Not sure where I would be today, if I hadn't met you back at Governor's School in '09. Looking back at it, two derps taking Experimental Math in the summer time was surely indicative of our future friendship. I can't help but smile at the memories from that summer: playing chess at the dance, Halo 1 LANs in class, and discussing the ratio of evens/odds in an aribitrary Collatz sequence (let's revisit this btw). And to only think this summer was the beginning.

Look what I found

Fast forward to UVa second year. Man this was a good one. 2AM abstract sessions, Startup Weekend (oh god), going through rush ("Hi, my name is Nick!!"), and most importantly one kick ass summer. I love how we used to be able to run to each other's apartments back in Lambeth to go over problem sets. Whether it was proving that the sqrt(2) is irrational for the thousandth time or diving head first into Galois Theory, exploring the depths of pure math along with you was bliss. Next, Startup Weekend seems like the first example of 'the best jokes have no punch line.' Sitting in the audience while you pitched TwF, I knew that you were doing it completely live haha. But, without further ado, we had pros on a team led by second years to create an app that would eventually get us free Thai Iced Teas (LOL), an awesome story, and great new friends, like Brendan.

Summer 2012 (aww yiss):

Ah man. Literally hundereds of things I want to go over but I'll let these pics/videos highlight some of my favorite memories with you.

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Maker Fair:

Trails of Redmond BP:

Porter Robinson and Mat Zo:

Halo Reach and abandoned hospitals:

Paradiso Festival:



Museum shenanigans, first beer on Space Needle, July 4th:

FB Summer of Hack, intern closing, puzzle day, and dinner w/ Jay!

2012 - 2013 School Year

This year was a ride. Helping motivate each other before coding interviews LOL, attending tons of hacks with David, ICPC, Networks trolls, Algorithms lols, Winter break Quadcode sprint, swearing in Korean at Pennapps, too much bubble tea, tectonic at parties, Operation JellySword, You and Marisa <3, Haskell, getting haircuts together ("Are you two brothers?"), Turntable thread, anticipation for Cali. The list goes on and on, here are some gems:

Summer 2013

SIKE! We still need to finish this summer!!

and on that note, Happy Birthday Nishant! After looking through all these memories, I'm beyond excited for what the future holds. Whenever we hang out or I see that little green circle next to your name on chat, I always know I have a friend to talk to about anything and that means a lot <3. Love you a ton brother, and I hope this birthday is the best one yet.


@jasdev, 7/22/2013


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