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@jasonbrooks jasonbrooks/products.json
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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products.json for project atomic fedora image
"comment": "Atomic Container Controller",
"osname": "project-atomic-controller",
"repo": "http://YOUR_REPO_SERVER_HERE/repo",
"architectures": ["x86_64"],
"releases": ["fc20"],
"repos": ["fedora-20", "rpm-ostree", "fedora-20-updates", "fedora-20-updates-testing"],
"selinux": true,
"kargs": ["quiet"],
"image_formats": ["qcow2"],
"bootstrap_packages": ["filesystem", "glibc", "nss-altfiles", "shadow-utils"],
"packages": ["kernel", "rpm-ostree", "lvm2", "syslinux-extlinux",
"btrfs-progs", "e2fsprogs", "xfsprogs"],
"postprocess": ["remove-root-password"],
"docker": { "comment": "The core minimal docker system",
"packages": ["docker-io", "selinux-policy-targeted",
"min-metadata-service", "generic-release",
"openssh-server", "openssh-clients",
"cockpit", "passwd",
"NetworkManager", "vim-minimal", "nano",
"man-db", "man-pages", "bash-completion",
"rsync", "tmux",
"net-tools", "nmap-ncat",
"audit", "system-storage-manager",
"sudo", "geard"],
"units": ["docker.service", "docker.socket",
"min-metadata.service", "cockpit.socket"]
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