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I contributed to the Semaphore Trusted Setup Multi-Party Ceremony.
The following are my contribution signatures:
Circuit: semaphore16
Contributor # 69
Hash: b67179d2 d07fdec2 aab46b63 58741764
077f05ca b5171f9b c614ba26 7e20876d
065e2fde e3355c26 6f4f57b0 ec907e4e
58df82e0 993b3cb0 6ba33281 7f27de8b
Circuit: semaphore17
Contributor # 67
Hash: 974b6526 ee62b7b2 04c0ca74 a07aa5f0
014a94dd 38bb0518 ba323492 39bcc8dc
ceaea0b5 58a5a147 f2f41a81 88d446ea
452b514d 9f9bab99 6fb4404d 9f32b58d
Circuit: semaphore18
Contributor # 67
Hash: 6891fd82 662b3188 1d5f8996 66558a33
397b9e15 09ca25b6 e0575259 05da8d88
ff46a17a c96e7d37 f6197bc8 40c6fe19
332de2c3 e2ca1f29 624d76be fb16ee26
Circuit: semaphore19
Contributor # 66
Hash: 28c16a35 6108c180 1e29de2e 9177dc26
b4c2268c 3cc5cdeb f37c9d36 fcefab10
ab2e8298 c9920e6d 38a93ab0 cf94dbe5
1739bd88 8d2b841b a1e44178 7940f298
Circuit: semaphore20
Contributor # 66
Hash: 4af265d6 0b481998 3b3728f3 0d4724c5
fbd160cb 7def9d18 4cc7c274 79f5ee5c
98c61082 5fb17a71 3e9bb1dd e59d746e
d9d906fa 3e4b1beb 6adfcff6 5eb93971
Circuit: semaphore21
Contributor # 65
Hash: d748685e 9b03dc86 357f92d6 344e5c53
eff66c91 ffcf1e59 2e6361d1 ae636c05
e72f21c0 b9e29b52 e212d5b6 f9818010
8bf303bf bfa66ccb 67b4225a 64f78957
Circuit: semphore22
Contributor # 65
Hash: 1219dd7b 8b2c75ca 6e74abf9 f9807428
164fecae 4027e2e2 277848db cd24531b
0935d977 a93dc28a 42fe39ca d6cef4ba
ca136155 e06d400b d103de1f b01ed391
Circuit: semaphore23
Contributor # 65
Hash: 894f09c1 c5070fbe b4a0491b 944021b0
083a1e59 56788bc9 d1522068 aceeabaf
067e952f 2e949a16 6f5c77d7 2147fef9
88d0b8fc d9549e89 7567a604 e1e83ad7
Circuit: semaphore24
Contributor # 65
Hash: 97098128 6a078be1 a1467825 71bf981f
7585af05 628d26f5 20c88cde c8245e00
3855be2a d03a0018 ab4b1979 524cb3c4
c0d2b291 fc5336f4 e6d1e19a 95036b33
Circuit: semaphore25
Contributor # 65
Hash: d5f583fb afae328e 3384cfa3 e519a852
f132f2bf 224be770 ca2665e7 03ccc23b
24f92d49 b9683b7c a7298980 7196b116
46475dcd a15139e1 69b4d4d6 fdf99cee
Circuit: semaphore26
Contributor # 65
Hash: f103a129 96f07dfa e00b150e 5bbf70f3
73d50542 976d7b30 be194cb8 afd66b0e
c5b9968e faa73466 2e2ec13d b5bb25c9
c1420b9c 7bbe53af b59a8422 1c5c570b
Circuit: semaphore27
Contributor # 65
Hash: a9d5b262 da11b8e0 af7ef0b8 be01cadc
8715126d a6893dd4 9850aaf6 68c2381b
8943923d babbf008 e4430c95 a8dfe104
f4f09a10 660609d0 185f5754 23a3171e
Circuit: semaphore28
Contributor # 65
Hash: 46fdfcec 0f8fdb9a 871dcaef 3701bee5
3c643ebb 89656681 00ce84ce 63a24873
1374a597 32d67fe3 4cc57dd4 c93c540e
9d4ba25d 1428b6c3 ec1cba44 004a3be8
Circuit: semaphore29
Contributor # 65
Hash: 38fa2365 1e00326b 5b42d406 9e759728
c1b986ae c0214622 79e4b905 854e566c
c91472ac 92e74002 a48ce21c 48a66655
9f871983 5bdca095 e756f436 e6d8da42
Circuit: semaphore30
Contributor # 65
Hash: 924bf01a c4a2017d 8b6aaa8d a55486df
aaa822a0 4b43aabf 32a2673a c7366b9d
dab6e19b a4fae3bf 64eec259 f79c0d0c
57edec75 98cc7ef7 bc9e72d6 bda06714
Circuit: semaphore31
Contributor # 65
Hash: 4f8495c9 fae005a3 1db1e02c e2043998
1606109f acf5cc7a 86d65b4d 1b779e57
87d16b69 e1d6d666 7a6ee013 dc179425
5f803afe 34c81130 5f8a5146 8a9f391c
Circuit: semaphore32
Contributor # 65
Hash: 48264cf6 8ea3c00d 2ebe4b07 9b2b2604
c53e379a 3b856387 70333d85 d16a922a
a7dec399 a6cbaddb ae0b6642 bdebf982
5affe78f 808c2ab2 7c56c847 25534367
Circuit: semaphore64
Contributor # 65
Hash: 0904f830 91289a52 5aad42ef 66eab016
7e9209b9 72a5a287 4ede0b3a 5d72e92b
ec72b330 b373f9b3 ca5324f3 eed48e42
09fe5285 0b6c8aad bc3636a3 a1a12b91
Tue, 05 Apr 2022 18:21:46 GMT
GitHub user ID: jasondavies
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