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jasongoodwin / ddd elixir presentation - jason goodwin
Created December 3, 2018 21:46
presentation from Toronto elixir meetup.
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theme: Fira, 3
# Domain Driven Design (DDD) with Elixir
- (we're hiring)
# Intent
- give an introduction to DDD conceps
- design
- architecture
jasongoodwin / gist:b6aa964ecfa230b53dc3562d85376819
Created April 24, 2018 13:46
Functional Programming Paradigms - "Monadic"-style data processing in elixir
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theme: Sketchnote, 7
build-lists: false
slidenumbers: true
autoscale: true
# Functional Programming Paradigms In Elixir
- Objectives:
- Understand functional programming a bit better
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defmodule LoggingFake do
@moduledoc """
This server is a Fake.
It will log the messages received.
Helpful stub of a genserver.
use GenServer
require Logger
def handle_call(msg, _from, state) do
jasongoodwin / gist:fcbb575580406e6b0beb5496f8aaab63
Created November 29, 2017 15:49
Elixir Meetup - Slides - Jason Goodwin - Nov2017
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# Functional Programming Paradigms In Elixir
- Objectives:
- Understand functional programming a bit better
- Categorize and understand approaches
- See which approaches fit which problems
- Map concepts and approaches from Scala/Haskell to elixir
package contexts.cart.cluster;
import akka.cluster.sharding.ClusterSharding;
import akka.cluster.sharding.ClusterShardingSettings;
import akka.cluster.sharding.ShardRegion;
import akka.event.Logging;
View gist:532676881f3a17d59a0aa392812cb297
package contexts.cart.cluster;
import akka.cluster.sharding.ShardRegion;
import akka.persistence.AbstractPersistentActor;
import contexts.cart.api.CartItem;
import scala.PartialFunction;
import scala.concurrent.duration.Duration;
jasongoodwin / gist:40e90bbb329243176988
Last active January 24, 2022 19:48
Akka CircuitBreaker Example
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package com.akkademy
import akka.event.Logging
import akka.pattern.{CircuitBreaker, ask}
import akka.util.Timeout
import com.akkademy.sapi.{GetRequest, KeyNotFoundException, SetRequest}
import scala.collection.mutable.HashMap
import scala.concurrent.Await
jasongoodwin / gist:7156238
Last active December 26, 2015 13:09
Demonstrates changing the default Stop supervision behaviour on a top level actor encountering an exception/error during initialization (above /user guardian actor). Demonstrates how exceptions are thrown out of akka extensions as well (they throw like any other class).
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import akka.routing.RoundRobinRouter
object Main {
val system = ActorSystem("TestActorSystem")
val escalator = OneForOneStrategy() {
case e: ActorInitializationException ⇒
println("Got exception during actor start: " + e)