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jasonrdsouza /
Created May 3, 2022 21:35
Proof of Concept declarative schema migration script for SQLite
# coding: utf-8
"""Simple declarative schema migration for SQLite.
See <>.
Author: William Manley <>.
Copyright © 2019-2022 Ltd.
License: MIT.
jasonrdsouza / expenses_appscript.js
Last active March 3, 2021 14:23
Google AppsScript script to automate splitting expenses and sending a monthly email requesting payment
View expenses_appscript.js
* Script to automate sending the monthly debt emails.
var COLUMNS = {
"date": 0,
"paid": 1,
"total": 2,
jasonrdsouza / compressFolder.go
Created February 27, 2021 16:29
Demonstration of how to compress a folder and all of its contents in Go
View compressFolder.go
// Original source:
package main
import (
jasonrdsouza / smart_connect.go
Last active February 27, 2021 16:23
Simple HTTP server to intelligently route and multiplex requests over a collection of backing network connections
View smart_connect.go
// Small exploration into the ease of implementing an interface (and server) to abstract
// away the complexities of dealing with cumbersome and non-standardized network
// protocols.
// The resulting server exposes a simple HTTP API to clients, routing and forwarding
// their requests behind the scenes to a collection of raw network streams. The goal
// is to hide the underlying communication protocol and network multiplexing from
// clients, instead exposing a simple request/response API spoken in the lingua franca
// of the web.
jasonrdsouza /
Created April 24, 2020 21:36
Snippet to count contiguous islands in a grid
from collections import namedtuple
Node = namedtuple('Node', 'row col')
class IslandCounter:
def __init__(self, ocean_map): = ocean_map
self.max_row = len(ocean_map)
self.max_col = len(ocean_map[0])
jasonrdsouza / choose_winner.dart
Last active June 9, 2020 22:31
Dartpad Gist to Choose a Random Winner
View choose_winner.dart
import 'dart:math';
List<String> contestants = [
jasonrdsouza /
Created January 4, 2019 00:12
Snippet to pull thermostat info from the Nest API
import nest #
import configparser
config = configparser.ConfigParser()'config.ini')
napi = nest.Nest(client_id=config['NEST']['client_id'], client_secret=config['NEST']['client_secret'], access_token_cache_file='token_cache')
if napi.authorization_required:
print('Go to ' + napi.authorize_url + ' to authorize, then enter PIN below')
jasonrdsouza / GroceryLogic.dart
Last active July 7, 2018 15:30
Grocery List App Brainstorm
View GroceryLogic.dart
* The basic idea is to make a Grocery List progressive web app in Dartlang,
* using Firestore ( as the backend.
* This pad is a quick sketch of the logic necessary to get the app working.
enum Categories {
jasonrdsouza /
Created December 13, 2016 23:18
Helper script to quickly restart all of the instances of an app running in AWS under a load balancer
Helper script to quickly restart all of the instances of a specific app
Assumes lots of things about the setup of the app (load balancer, ssh access, supervisor, etc.)
import boto3
import subprocess
import argparse
def load_balancer_instances(name):
jasonrdsouza /
Created November 8, 2016 03:35
Simple Heap Implementation
class Heap:
def __init__(self): = []
self.length = 0
def push(self, val):
if len( <= self.length: # need to expand the array
else:[self.length] = val