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" line/char info in lower right of screen
:set ruler
"Color scheme (use tab-completion to learn other options)
:colorscheme koehler
" syntax highlighting
:syntax on
"Share the system clipboard
:set clipboard=unnamed
:set incsearch
:set background=dark
" Omnicompletion
:set completefunc=rubycomplete#Complete
" Tab config
:set tabstop=2
:set shiftwidth=2
:set backspace=indent,eol,start
:set expandtab
" ignorecase and smartcase allow for easier searching
:set ignorecase
:set smartcase
" Do not highlight search match
:set nohlsearch
:map ,hl :set hlsearch<CR>
:map ,nhl :set nohlsearch<CR>
" Kill bells
:set vb t_vb=
" Set the ctags file
:set tags=tags
" Remap F1 to be 'write' instead of 'help', because I keep bumping it
:map <F1> :w<CR>
" Remap F1 to be 'write', just like any good editor
:map <F2> :w<CR>
" Editing shortcuts and mappings
" Format entire buffer with indents
:map ,i mzggvG='z
:map \ft :retab<CR>
"Buffer next,previous
:noremap :bn
:noremap :bp
"Buffer delete
:noremap :bd
" Format paragraph
:noremap Q gqj
" Typo fixits
:cabbr W w
:cabbr Q q
" Manually activate xml syntax highlighting
:cabbr xmlon set syn=xml
" Make ',e' (in normal mode) give a prompt for opening files
" in the same dir as the current buffer's file.
if has("unix")
map ,e :e <C-R>=expand("%:p:h") . "/" <CR>
map ,e :e <C-R>=expand("%:p:h") . "\\" <CR>
" Make ',l' change vim's working directory to that of the current buffer
if has("unix")
map ,l :cd <C-R>=expand("%:p:h") . "/" <CR><CR>
map ,l :cd <C-R>=expand("%:p:h") . "\" <CR><CR>
" Camel-hump case boundary detection
map ,w cv/[a-z][A-Z^\n^ ^\t^(^[^.^_]<CR>
map ,nw :set nowrap<CR>
map ,dw :set wrap<CR>
"Vertical split then hop to new buffer
:noremap ,v :vsp
"Make current window the only one
:noremap ,o :only
"Apply next/previous-word-occurance (* and #) to CTRL-mousewheel
:noremap <C-MouseUp> *
:noremap <C-MouseDown> #
"Kill the current buffer but keep its window open (useful for keeping splits)
:noremap ,kb :sp:bn:bd
" Shortcut to make the current file executable
:command! Chmod !chmod +x %
" ~/snip is a junk file; call it a customized clipboard
" Write to snip. Either uses current visual selection, or entire buffer
:noremap \ws :w! ~/snip<cr>
" Read contents of snip into current buffer
:noremap \rs :r ~/snip<cr>
" Edit the snip file
:noremap \es :e ~/snip<cr>
" Append to the snip file
:noremap \as :w! >> ~/snip<cr>
" Activate and process ftplugin scripts
:filetype plugin on
:filetype indent on
:noremap ,hex :set bin<CR>:%!xxd<CR>:set syn=xxd<CR>
:noremap ,nohex :%!xxd -r<CR>:set nobin<CR>
:noremap \pe :!p4 edit %<CR>
map <F9> :only<CR>:w<CR>:!rake 2>&1 \| tee ~/tmp/.rubyrun.out<CR>:sp ~/tmp/.rubyrun.out<CR><CR>
map <F10> :only<CR>:w<CR>:!rake test:units 2>&1 \| tee ~/tmp/.rubyrun.out<CR>:sp ~/tmp/.rubyrun.out<CR><CR>
map <F11> :only<CR>:w<CR>:!rake test:integration 2>&1 \| tee ~/tmp/.rubyrun.out<CR>:sp ~/tmp/.rubyrun.out<CR><CR>
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