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Programming Achievements: How to Level Up as a Developer

Learn a variety of programming paradigms:

  • Write a program in assembly language
  • Write an application in a functional language
  • Write an application in an object-oriented language
  • Write an application in a prototype-based language
  • Write an application in a logic programming language
  • Write an application using the Actor model
  • Write an application in Forth

Experience the ins and outs of programming for different platforms:

  • Write a nontrivial web app
  • Write a nontrivial desktop app
  • Write a nontrivial mobile app
  • Write an embedded app
  • Write a realtime system

Enhance your understanding of the building blocks that we use as developers:

  • Write a networking client (e.g., HTTP, FTP)
  • Write a device driver
  • Write a B-tree database
  • Wrap an existing library to provide a better (more pleasant) user experience
  • Write an application or framework that provides a plugin model
  • Write a testing framework
  • Write a programming language

Enlighten yourself with koans, katas, and the wisdom of ages:

Program in the open:

  • Contribute to an open source project
  • Have a patch accepted
  • Earn commit rights on a significant open source project
  • Publish an open source project
  • Perform a Refactotum of an open source project

Learn by teaching others:

  • Present a lightning talk
  • Present at a local user group
  • Present at a conference
  • Deliver a training course
  • Publish a tutorial
  • Publish a constructive code review of an open source project
  • Write a programming book
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eduardocruz commented Feb 21, 2013

GREAT post. Has everything to do with what we are doing ate :)

best regards,

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ramiromagalhaes commented May 14, 2013

Very interesting! You guys should check for related ideas.

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laxman954 commented Feb 6, 2015

good post.. help me lot... thanks..

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worldwayii commented May 31, 2016

Very good post. i just got more motivated to keep pushing in my code learning. Kudos guys

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moon-sky commented Sep 25, 2016

Do you think how long it takes to complete the list?

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SaurabhGoyal commented Jun 4, 2019

I have started a blog series along with a repo for all achievements, will keep updating them as and when I complete them. Check it out-

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adminy commented May 11, 2021

Do you think how long it takes to complete the list?

About a day for a drunk programmer 🤷🏻‍♂️
Most of it will be spent on non-coding it seems

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