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Jason R. Wang jasonrwang

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jasonrwang /
Last active Aug 6, 2019 — forked from aurorabbit/
BitBar timely progress bar w/ start and stop parameters
## !!!
# add this to your bitbar directory
# don't forget to chmod +x
## time parameters
jasonrwang /
Last active Oct 25, 2020
Analyze World Input-Output Tables (inter-regional and inter-industry economic activity)

Analyze World Input-Output Tables

Quite simply, this R script can be used to sort through the world input-output tables provided by Timmer et al. at the World Input-Output Database. All the column numbers I've used here should match for the provided 2016 RData file.

This work was completed for an assignment in the EPA1223 Macro-economics for Policy-Analysis course. It's now been validated against (and corrected for) the answers provided by Dr. Enno Schröder (who taught us the input-output model).

I'm putting this file online in the hope that it might save someone some time in dealing with the WIOD dataset and for research. None of the analysis should be used by anyone to complete their own assignments.

jasonrwang / TUDelft_Safari_proxy_URL.scpt
Last active Sep 4, 2019
Automagically access TU Delft journals off-campus with this script (if you use Safari on macOS)
View TUDelft_Safari_proxy_URL.scpt
tell application "Safari"
set currentTab to current tab of front window
set currentURL to currentTab's URL
# Extract the domain
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {"/"}
set urlParts to (every text item in currentURL) as list
set originalDomain to item 3 of urlParts
# Change "." to "-"
jasonrwang /
Last active Jul 14, 2017 — forked from shauns/
Deleting and listing slack files, sorting by size
# Adapted from shauns
from slacker import Slacker
import itertools
# This grants you access to the Slack account in question.
# Get a token here:
jasonrwang /
Created Sep 25, 2016
Appends specified string to every line in a file - made for adding domain to a company email list
# bulktext_append [ORIGINAL FILE] [SAVE FILE]
import sys
# Read in arguments for where to open and save the file
args = sys.argv
# Find what the user wants to add
append_text = input('Enter the string you would like to append to the text in quotations: ')
View photoColorAnalysis.R
# Personal Photo Histry
#retreives list of every .jpeg on my hard-drive
files_list1 <- list.files(path="//Volumes//Seagate Backup Plus Drive/Pictures/", pattern = ".*(jpg|JPG|jpeg|JPEG)", full.names=T, recursive=T)
files_list2 <- list.files(path="//Volumes//Seagate Backup Plus Drive/Picuters /", pattern = ".*(jpg|JPG|jpeg|JPEG)", full.names=T, recursive=T)