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A simple Python program that can read DOOM.Hexen IWAD and PWAD files and render them as SVG see examples at
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import struct
import re
class Wad(object):
"""Encapsulates the data found inside a WAD file"""
def __init__(self, wadFile):
"""Each WAD files contains definitions for global attributes as well as map level attributes"""
self.levels = []
self.wad_format = 'DOOM' #Assume DOOM format unless 'BEHAVIOR'
with open(wadFile, "rb") as f:
header_size = 12
self.wad_type =[0]
self.num_lumps = struct.unpack("<I",[0]
data ="<I",[0] - header_size)
current_level = Level(None) #The first few records of a WAD are not associated with a level
lump = #Each offset is is part of a packet 16 bytes
while len(lump) == 16:
filepos = struct.unpack("<I", lump[0:4])[0] - header_size
size = struct.unpack("<I", lump[4:8])[0]
name = lump[8:16].decode('UTF-8').rstrip('\0')
if(re.match('E\dM\d|MAP\d\d', name)):
#Level nodes are named things like E1M1 or MAP01
current_level = Level(name)
elif name == 'BEHAVIOR':
#This node only appears in Hexen formated WADs
self.wad_format = 'HEXEN'
current_level.lumps[name] = data[filepos:filepos+size]
lump =
for level in self.levels:
class Level(object):
"""Represents a level inside a WAD which is a collection of lumps"""
def __init__(self, name): = name
self.lumps = dict()
self.vertices = []
self.lower_left = None
self.upper_right = None
self.shift = None
self.lines = []
def is_valid(self):
return is not None and 'VERTEXES' in self.lumps and 'LINEDEFS' in self.lumps
def normalize(self, point, padding=5):
return (self.shift[0]+point[0]+padding,self.shift[1]+point[1]+padding)
def load(self, wad_format):
for vertex in packets_of_size(4, self.lumps['VERTEXES']):
x,y = struct.unpack('<hh', vertex[0:4])
self.lower_left = (min((v[0] for v in self.vertices)), min((v[1] for v in self.vertices)))
self.upper_right = (max((v[0] for v in self.vertices)), max((v[1] for v in self.vertices)))
self.shift = (0-self.lower_left[0],0-self.lower_left[1])
packet_size = 16 if wad_format is 'HEXEN' else 14
for data in packets_of_size(packet_size, self.lumps['LINEDEFS']):
def save_svg(self):
""" Scale the drawing to fit inside a 1024x1024 canvas (iPhones don't like really large SVGs even if they have the same detail) """
import svgwrite
view_box_size = self.normalize(self.upper_right, 10)
if view_box_size[0] > view_box_size[1]:
canvas_size = (1024, int(1024*(float(view_box_size[1])/view_box_size[0])))
canvas_size = (int(1024*(float(view_box_size[0])/view_box_size[1])), 1024)
dwg = svgwrite.Drawing('.svg', profile='tiny', size=canvas_size , viewBox=('0 0 %d %d' % view_box_size))
for line in self.lines:
a = self.normalize(self.vertices[line.a])
b = self.normalize(self.vertices[line.b])
if line.is_one_sided():
dwg.add(dwg.line(a, b, stroke='#333', stroke_width=10))
dwg.add(dwg.line(a, b, stroke='#999', stroke_width=3))
class Line(object):
"""Represents a Linedef inside a WAD"""
def __init__(self,data):
self.a, self.b = struct.unpack('<hh', data[0:4])
self.left_side, self.right_side = struct.unpack('<hh', data[-4:])
def is_one_sided(self):
return self.left_side == -1 or self.right_side == -1
def packets_of_size(n, data):
size = len(data)
index = 0
while index < size:
yield data[index : index+n]
index = index + n
if __name__ == "__main__":
import sys
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
wad = Wad(sys.argv[1])
for level in wad.levels:
print('You need to pass a WAD file as the only argument')

Slipyx commented May 24, 2014

Nice job. I did something similar a while ago in C here I'm amazed at how yours is significantly less code, although could be the language used. Mine also doesn't do anything other than DOOM well.

Neat job, buddy ...


jasonsperske commented May 26, 2014

Thanks Slipyx, I really can't too much credit for the brevity, Python (specifically list comprehensions and the excellent struct.unpack() is making things a lot cleaner). My longer term plan is to make something like my site but for doom/hexen/Wolf3d/Duke3d levels :)


jasonsperske commented May 26, 2014

Moved to python3 :)

Great script; I'm using it to create "Deathkings of the Dark Citadel" maps for the Doom Wiki (the Doom Wiki, not the new one).

Is anyone else having the problem that the maps created are flipped vertically? Fortunately this is just a slight annoyance, and soon fixed using Inkscape.

What is the licensing on this?

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