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Last active Oct 10, 2017
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Implementing RazorPay client in Python3
# Razorpay docs:
import razorpay # pip3 install razorpay
api_key = '<enter your api key here>'
api_secret = '<enter your api secret here>'
class RazorPay:
def __init__(self):
self.__client = razorpay.Client(auth=(api_key, api_secret))
self.__client.set_app_details({"title": "<enter your app title here>", "version": "<enter your app version here>"})
# Payments - remember to give amount in Paisa i.e. 100p = 1 Re
def fetch_all_payments(self):
return self.__client.payment.all()
def capture_payment(self, payment_id, amount):
return self.__client.payment.capture(payment_id, amount)
def fetch_payment(self, payment_id):
return self.__client.payment.fetch(payment_id)
# Refunds - remember to give amount in Paisa i.e. 100p = 1 Re
def fetch_all_refunds(self):
return self.__client.refund.all()
def fetch_refund(self, refund_id):
return self.__client.refund.fetch(refund_id)
def process_refund(self, payment_id, refund_amount):
return self.__client.payment.refund(payment_id, refund_amount)
# Orders - Sample request and response data included
def create_order(self, data):
:param data:
"amount": "amount of order",
"currency": "currency of order",
"receipt": "receipt id of order",
"payment_capture": "1 if capture should be done automatically or else 0",
"notes": "optional notes for order"
"id": "order_6JUYuvmgCLfgjY",
"entity": "order",
"amount": 50000,
"currency": "INR",
"receipt": "rcptid42",
"status": "created",
"attempts": 0,
"notes": [],
"created_at": 1487348538
return self.__client.order.create(data=data)
def fetch_all_orders(self):
return self.__client.order.all()
def fetch_order(self, order_id):
return self.__client.order.fetch(order_id)
def fetch_payment_from_order(self, order_id):
return self.__client.order.payment(order_id)
# Invoices - Sample request and response data included
def create_invoice(self, data):
:param data:
"name": "Test",
"line1":"#11, Navi Camp",
"name":"Book / English August",
"description":"Funny story of an IAS officer wanting to be aything other than an IAS.",
"item_id": "item_8fhLmXnzF1AYvS"
"sms_notify": "1",
"email_notify": "1"
"id": "inv_7Nb4lWu28WPV5L",
"entity": "invoice",
"receipt": "max-14-char-no",
"customer_id": "cust_7NZ3uTXhicUQgQ",
"customer": {
"name": null,
"email": "",
"contact": "9999999999",
"billing_address": {
"id": "addr_7NZ3uUd4tI7RCF",
"type": "billing_address",
"primary": true,
"line1": "#11, Navi Camp",
"line2": null,
"zipcode": "560076",
"city": "Pandora",
"state": "Karnataka",
"country": "in"
"order_id": null,
"line_items": [
"id": "li_7Nb4lYxT02VP2l",
"name": "Book / English August",
"description": null,
"amount": 20000,
"currency": "INR",
"quantity": 2
"id": "li_7Nb4lZcjZSndqz",
"name": "Book / Ignited Minds",
"description": null,
"amount": 15000,
"currency": "INR",
"quantity": 1
"payment_id": null,
"status": "draft",
"expire_by": 1498439025,
"issued_at": 1488446398,
"paid_at": null,
"expired_at": null,
"sms_status": "pending",
"email_status": "pending",
"date": 1488439025,
"terms": "Terms and condition of the service/invoice",
"amount": 55000,
"description": "Just an optional description for the invoice",
"notes": {
"random_key": "Random note"
"comment": "Optional comment to the customer for the invoice",
"currency": "INR",
"short_url": null,
"view_less": true,
"type": "invoice",
"user_id": null,
"created_at": 1488446398
return self.__client.invoice.create(data=data)
def fetch_all_invoice(self):
return self.__client.invoice.all()
def fetch_invoice(self, invoice_id):
return self.__client.invoice.fetch(invoice_id)
# Customers
def create_customer(self, data):
return self.__client.customer.create(data=data)
def fetch_customer(self, customer_id):
return self.__client.customer.fetch(customer_id=customer_id)
def edit_customer(self, customer_id, data):
return self.__client.customer.edit(customer_id=customer_id, data=data)
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