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munching code

Jatin K Malik jatinkrmalik

munching code
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jatinkrmalik / addAllConnections.js
Created September 25, 2021 16:30
Bulk add everyone on "My Network" tab on LinkedIn
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/*#### Bulk add everyone on "My Network" tab on LinkedIn ####*/
// ---==== Steps to use ====---
// 1. Go to
// 2. Open Dev Console in your browser. Google "how to open dev console in <your-browser-name> for instructions".
// 3. Go to Console tab.
// 4. Paste the oneliner below into the console window and press enter.
// 5. ???
// 6. Profit.
jatinkrmalik / archive.js
Last active September 25, 2021 16:31
Bulk archive old facebook posts
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// Bulk archive old facebook posts
// Writen by: @jatinkrmalik
// # Usage guide:
// 1. Open<your_user_id>/allactivity/
// 2. Click on "Manage activity" in the left panel.
// 3. Make sure "Your posts" is selected.
// 4. Execute the script in dev console.
// 5. ???
// 6. PROFIT!
jatinkrmalik /
Created October 30, 2019 16:00
This auto backups the zip and folder for tally data
#!/usr/bin/env python3
""" this auto backups the zip and folder for tally data."""
__author__ = "Jatin Kumar Malik (@jatinkmalik)"
import os
import zipfile
import shutil
jatinkrmalik /
Created August 13, 2018 09:07
Redshift and Mysql from a single DB class in python
import psycopg2
import pymysql
class Database(object):
def __init__(self, host_name, user_name, database_name, password, port):
self.host_name = host_name
self.user_name = user_name
self.database_name = database_name
self.password = password
jatinkrmalik /
Created November 8, 2017 13:00 — forked from PurpleBooth/
A template to make good

Project Title

One Paragraph of project description goes here

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.


jatinkrmalik /
Last active October 17, 2017 05:03
Pretty print python3 dictionary
import json
def prettyPrint(dct):
print(json.dumps(dct, indent=4, sort_keys=True))
if __name__ == "__main__":
sample = {'name':'Jatin K Malik', 'age':25, 'id':1299, 'address':'Delhi, India', 'phone':9999999999, 'hobbies':'Code'}
jatinkrmalik /
Last active October 10, 2017 06:26
Implementing RazorPay client in Python3
# Razorpay docs:
import razorpay # pip3 install razorpay
api_key = '<enter your api key here>'
api_secret = '<enter your api secret here>'
class RazorPay:
jatinkrmalik /
Last active October 6, 2017 08:20
Face detection using DLIB and OpenCV3
# !/usr/bin/python
import time
from modules.faceOnboarding import service
from flask import Response
from modules.faceOnboarding import app
import tempfile'/video_feed')
# Testing python-omxplayer-wrapper from
from omxplayer import OMXPlayer as op
from time import sleep
file_path = '../audio/Baby.mkv'
player = op(file_path)
jatinkrmalik /
Last active June 2, 2017 09:23
Stone | Paper | Scissors
# Stone Paper Scissors
import random
import os
def cls(): # to clear the screen
os.system('cls' if == 'nt' else 'clear')