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Had one of the most intense experiences of my gaming career while playing
Skyrim. The Hearthfire expansion lets you build a house out in the country, and
also lets you adopt up to two orphaned children to live there. Your options for
interacting with the kids are pretty simple: "Go play outside," "I brought you
a present," "Time for bed," etc., but it's just enough to make you feel
responsible for their well being. So one day, I tell the kids to go play
outside while I'm working on remodeling the house. The afternoon slips by, and
I haven't heard a peep from the kids, so of course I feel compelled to step out
and check on them. They're just outside the front door. All seems well. Then I
round the corner, and staring straight back at me is a club-wielding giant.
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# Instead of loading all of Rails, load the
# particular Rails dependencies we need
require 'sqlite3'
require 'active_record'
# Set up a database that resides in RAM
adapter: 'sqlite3',
database: ':memory:'
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<!-- NOTE this file must be saved under a folder named "a_subfolder"! -->
<h1><%= @a_variable.an_attribute %></h1>
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$ pbpaste
$ pbpaste | ruby -e 'url = gets.chomp; puts "[#{$1}](#{url})" if `curl -s #{url}` =~ %r{<title>(.*)</title>}im' | pbcopy # Get Markdown link
$ pbpaste
[Ruby Programming Language](
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# Add to config file for
bind f11 shell '/usr/local/bin/tmux send-keys -t 0 C-p'
bind f12 shell '/usr/local/bin/tmux send-keys -t 0 C-n'
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I'm writing about a totally different topic, though. It looks like your site is using Intercom, or some similar service. I don't know if you're as frustrated as I am with all the popups that intrude on everyone's daily work. But Intercom is just adding to the problem. It doesn't matter what the message is - odds are that it's not relevant to whatever task one is trying to carry out at the moment. The messages are a distraction.
Your product is great. But Intercom really hinders its usability. I hope you and your company will consider removing it from your site.
#!/usr/bin/env sh
# Create a new history file with simple, common commands removed
grep -v -E '^(exit|cd ..|git pull|git push|git status|git diff|git log|git checkout master|emacs .|rspec|rails c|bundle install|ls|rvm info|rails s|rake db:migrate|open .|tmux)\s*$' ~/.bash_history >> ~/.bash_history_cleaned
# Find top candidates for a 'grep -v' command of your own:
sort ~/.bash_history_cleaned | uniq --count | sort -n | tail -n 25
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Progress: |==================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================|
1. Fushigi Man -- Himuro Yoshiteru -- Fushigi Man EP
2. Letting Go -- Ketsa -- Mind Music Matter
3. Easily -- Grimes -- Art Angels
4. Favriel -- Grimes -- Halfaxa
5. Bootprint -- Himuro Yoshiteru -- Fushigi Man EP
6. Mighty feat. JFTH -- Caravan Palace -- <I°_°I>
7. Takhos -- Himuro Yoshiteru -- Fushigi Man EP
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body {
background-color: #edeff0;
font-family: "Helvetica", Arial, sans-serif;
padding: 40px;
text-align: center;
color: #333;
font-size: 18px;
h1 {
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git clone && cd optcarrot && brew install sdl2 && rvm use 2.3.1@optcarrot --ruby-version --create && bundle install && bin/optcarrot --video=sdl2 --audio=sdl2 --input=sdl2 examples/Lan_Master.nes