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Last active July 8, 2021 07:01
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// 1. Autoload the SDK Package. This will include all the files and classes to your autoloader
require __DIR__ . '/PayPal-PHP-SDK/autoload.php';
// 2. Provide your Secret Key. Replace the given one with your app clientId, and Secret
$apiContext = new \PayPal\Rest\ApiContext(
new \PayPal\Auth\OAuthTokenCredential(
'AYSq3RDGsmBLJE-otTkBtM-jBRd1TCQwFf9RGfwddNXWz0uFU9ztymylOhRS', // ClientID
'EGnHDxD_qRPdaLdZz8iCr8N7_MzF-YHPTkjs6NKYQvQSBngp4PTTVWkPZRbL' // ClientSecret
// 3. Lets try to create a Payment
$payer = new \PayPal\Api\Payer();
$amount = new \PayPal\Api\Amount();
$transaction = new \PayPal\Api\Transaction();
$redirectUrls = new \PayPal\Api\RedirectUrls();
$payment = new \PayPal\Api\Payment();
// 4. Make a Create Call and print the values
try {
echo $payment;
echo "\n\nRedirect user to approval_url: " . $payment->getApprovalLink() . "\n";
catch (\PayPal\Exception\PayPalConnectionException $ex) {
// This will print the detailed information on the exception.
echo $ex->getData();
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xbaheeg commented Aug 9, 2016


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dlepold commented Jul 14, 2017

Trying this i get an error:
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PayPal\Exception\PayPalConfigurationException' with message 'Getter function for 'links' in 'PayPal\Api\CreditCard' class should have a proper return type.' in /srv/www/project/html/pp_sdk/rest-api-sdk-php/l .............. etc-

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This code is working! Thanks! :)

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Hi Jay
How can we Configure it for sandbox?

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cyberguroo commented Apr 14, 2018


 $apiContext = new \PayPal\Rest\ApiContext(
         new \PayPal\Auth\OAuthTokenCredential(
         'xxxx', // ClientID
         'xxxx'      // ClientSecret
        'mode' => 'live'

More on this here

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PhilippeI commented Jan 21, 2019

Hi , thanks for this code,
I m new on paypal .. i try to implement the server rest solution on web site.
Question : the '\PayPal\Auth\OAuthTokenCredential(' on Sandbox context is for the seller .. ? xxx-facilitator@xxx.xx ?
Or the Buyer credential .. in this case your script is an 'Pay Button' emulation .. isn't it ?

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xicom commented Aug 21, 2019

When I am using the api with live credentials it gives me error like "Access token does not have required scope". Is there any setting that I need to do in merchant account?
My code is below -
$apiContext = new \PayPal\Rest\ApiContext(new \PayPal\Auth\OAuthTokenCredential('client id', 'secreat key'));
'mode' => 'live',

Please help

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wgrnihao commented Jul 8, 2021


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