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Catching up and prepping for Kubecon Shanghai

Josh Berkus jberkus

Catching up and prepping for Kubecon Shanghai
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jberkus / gist:6b1bcaf7724dfc2a54f3
Last active January 7, 2024 21:26
Finding Unused Indexes
WITH table_scans as (
SELECT relid,
tables.idx_scan + tables.seq_scan as all_scans,
( tables.n_tup_ins + tables.n_tup_upd + tables.n_tup_del ) as writes,
pg_relation_size(relid) as table_size
FROM pg_stat_user_tables as tables
all_writes as (
SELECT sum(writes) as total_writes
FROM table_scans
# !/bin/bash
set -e
if [ $# -lt 3 ]; then
echo 1>&2 "USAGE: addbumpers TITLESLIDE.png ENDSLIDE.png VIDEOIN.mp4"
exit 2
STRIP=$(basename $3 .mp4)

We need someone to update, prepare materials for, and record the segment of the New Contributor Workshop that welcomes students, and then leads them through selecting, or at least thinking about how they want to contribute.

See the [Section Description] for what this section is to cover, or used to cover. This will have to be updated.

Slides are in the [Overall NCW Slide Deck], slides ___ to ___. You will be making a copy of these slides, then updating and modifying it to work with your recording.

Here's what the team creating this segment needs to do:

  • Update the slides and materials for timeliness and changes to the community
  • Modify the slides to take into account online presentation
jberkus / Kubernetes-Shanghai-Cihinese.pdf
Last active May 7, 2020 09:00
Gist to hold PDF copies of the new contributor workshop
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jberkus /
Last active October 4, 2019 21:18
Draft SIG-MC Survey Questions

This survey is intended to gauge the level of interest and adoption in current and prospective SIG-Multicluster tools and projects. Your answer here will help SIG-Multicluster determine future plans and decide on deprecation schedules. Your identifying information will be shared only with the SIG-Multicluster chairs, the survey administrators at the CNCF, and the survey assistant (Josh Berkus). Other answers will be shared in anonymized, aggregate form in SIG meetings. You may ask for your data to be deleted at any time by contacting the SIG-Multicluster chairs.

  • *Your Name [ short answer ]
  • *Your Email
  • Organization Name
  • *Organization Type Please select the type of organization that most closely matches what yours does, or (for large organizations) what the part of the organization that you work in does.
    • End-User: run Kubernetes for our own internal use
  • Provider/Host: run Kubernetes clusters for customers to use
jberkus / survey-questions-2019-c.txt
Created September 25, 2019 17:01
Draft survey questions for 2019 Contributor Survey
It would be useful to have this list of questions in a GiST or other doc
ok - i modified and left comments for all of the questions we asked last year. Please take a look.
1- How long have you been contributing to Kubernetes?
* less than one year
* one to two years
WITH btree_index_atts AS (
SELECT nspname, relname, reltuples, relpages, indrelid, relam,
regexp_split_to_table(indkey::text, ' ')::smallint AS attnum,
indexrelid as index_oid
FROM pg_index
JOIN pg_class ON pg_class.oid=pg_index.indexrelid
JOIN pg_namespace ON pg_namespace.oid = pg_class.relnamespace
JOIN pg_am ON pg_class.relam = pg_am.oid
WHERE pg_am.amname = 'btree'
jberkus /
Last active August 19, 2019 17:32
SIG solicitation for 2019 CS SD

Hi, I'm ____ and I'm a member of the Event Team for the upcoming Contributor Summit in San Diego, on November 18th. I wanted to make sure that your SIG/WG knew about it, because there are several things we'd like you to participate in.

First, we're looking for Session and Workshop submissions for pre-programmed sessions. These are sessions for three of the rooms that will be submitted and picked in advance; we're looking not just for presentations, but for discussions, and hands-on workshops or code reviews. Submit them through this form, before September 9th:

We need your SIG/WG to send some folks to talk to contributors about participating in your SIG/WG. Please have your group's representative(s) complete the form below so that we can send them additional details closer to the date.

jberkus / gist:1967d98314e45e86b45a2138b1f6cf6d
Created March 22, 2019 23:55
Notes from NCW review meeting
* Explain in detail what "joining a SIG" means. Differentiate formal org membership from informal SIG membership. Sig Leadership is official.
* Can't have SIG meet-and-greet in China, Barcelona
* SIG buttons -- have them.
* Testgrid confusing? We need full end-to-end build, local test, push PR, testgrid. Do demo walkthrough. Verify that Sen Lu will be in China. Build & Test container, figure out how to distributed.
* Better Labels & Owners content?
* Listing of contributor resources/Tour
* Chinese communitcations: Chinese Discuss, Wechat? Not much activity, so people don't participate.
* GoPath troubleshooting session? Peer-to-Peer timeslot for troubleshooting in China? Would need a couple people to commit. Peer-to-peer VPN setup for China?
* Create USB distribution of many things, like Pulp files. Also ask maybe about Harbor portlable? Jorge to get Harbor folks from China. Josh to check with CNCF.
* translate the contributor docs -- contact Zack? Cheatsheet/contributor guide, maybe translate it
jberkus / gist:087289b542a12b76693b171ccf25a453
Created July 18, 2018 21:16
Notes from NIST Container Security Standards Talk: OSCON 2018
Elsie Philips and Paul Burt, CoreOS/RedHat
NIST container security standards
Elsie & Paul
in 2017 NIST issued a report on containers
wanted to explain security concerns and make recommendations
63 pages long