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Last active Oct 9, 2022
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C64 Resources


VICE is the best by such a commanding margin that you really needn't look elsewhere. Open source and has the largest community.

However, other options are:

  • CCS64, Lots of features, but I found it to be painfully slow. Shareware.
  • Hoxs64. Decent, but not as full-featured as VICE. The ML monitor seems nice.
  • Frodo is pretty outdated and the author admits as much.
  • micro64 seems promising but incomplete.

Books and Magazines


Specific Books

Other Documentation

Native Development

Commodore 64 Programming Languages and Operating Systems has comprehensive catalog of commodore programming tools and operating systems with manuals. Mostly seems to focus on older tools.

Some of the tools that seem to be still maintained and/or still widely used:



  • 64tass - My favorite so far. Uses the standard Turbo Assembler syntax but extends it with many advanced features. Powerful data structures and macro capabilities. Nice documentation.
  • TMPx - Cross assembler that aims for strict compatibility with Turbo Macro Pro. A good place to start before you graduate to 64tass.
  • acme - Seems to be very popular but I found it to be poorly documented, and had to build Windows binaries myself.
  • KickAssembler - Seems to have a huge following and very well documented. Has a powerful but non-standard scripting langauge. Syntax seems a lot different than the others.
  • DreamAss - Supported by Relaunch64 I don't see any reason to prefer it to others.
  • dasm - Also supported by Relaunch64 but again, very basic and I don't see a reason to prefer it over others.


  • cc65/ca65 - A C compiler with accompanying assembler. Very powerful linker, but a bit complex to get started with. I found the assembler's macros to be a bit finnicky.


  • CBM prg Studio - Integrated Basic and Assembly development environment with sprite and character editors. Looks really slick but seemed kind of buggy. Closed Source.
  • C64 Studio - Similar to CBM prg Studio but open source. Not as polished GUI-wise but maybe a bit more stable.
  • Relaunch64 - Java-based editor that supports many different assembler backends. I found the UI a bit clunky and ended up switching to VIM.


  • CharPad - Tool for editing characters and background maps. Really slick.
  • SpritePad - Tool for editing sprits. Same author as CharPad.
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