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Created June 5, 2019 12:57
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IBM PCjr Resources



Operating Systems

  • PC DOS 2.1: The version of DOS that came with the PCjr originally.
  • PC DOS 3.3: Also supported on PCjr. No real advantage as far as I can tell, and takes more memory.

Native Development

  • IBM Macro Assembler 2.0: Assembler that works on PCjr with 128KB.
  • IBM PC BASIC Compiler 2.0. Runs on PCjr; executables are faster than interpreted BASIC.
  • Borland Turbo Pascal 3.0: Works on PCjr with 128KB and uses only ~30KB on disk.
  • Disk BASIC: Compaq MS-DOS 2.12 OEM disk contains BASICA.EXE which will run on the PCjr without Cartridge BASIC installed. This provides disk support for BASIC but does not support any PCjr specific features.


  • NASM: Excellent x86 assembler for many platforms. Produces 16-bit binaries that will run on PCjr.
  • Turbo C++: Runs in DOSBox or on a more powerful DOS PC, produces binaries that will run on PCjr.

Tools for Transferring Software

  • RAWRITE.EXE: Useful for writing disk images to physical media.
  • DOSBox-X. Great for extracting files from disk images. Use imgmount a disk.img to mount disk images, mount c c:\dos to mount a target directory, and then copy the desired files from the disk.

Modern Hardware

  • PCjr Keyboard Emulator for Arduino: Allows you to paste things from a modern PC to the PCjr via a serial terminal over the infrared keyboard receiver.
  • jr-IDE: PCjr IDE interface and memory expansion.
  • PCjrCart: PCBs for creating your own PCjr cartridges.
  • PcjrNet: Unfinished project to create an ethernet adapter that plugs into the modem slot.


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