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#jArchi script to remove bendpoints on selected relationships
// RemoveBentpoints
// Requires jArchi -
// This script takes a selection of visual objects as input, filter it to keep only relationships and remove all their bendpoints
// (c) 2018 Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie
$(selection).filter("relationship").filter(function(o) {return o.view}).each(function(o) {
var view = o.view;
var rel = o.concept;
var source = o.source;
var target =;
view.add(rel, source, target);
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smileham commented Sep 17, 2018

Very handy! Thanks for sharing!

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timhale7 commented Feb 14, 2019

any advice on how to access the bendpoint attributes? I'd like to create a variant of this script that reverses the direction of the relationship (where allowed) and preserve the endpoints that already established.

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markbacker commented Mar 26, 2021

This is indeed a very handy script. I use it a lot.

With the new jArchi scripting plugin with GraalVM, it is not working anymore. The filtering function gives a conversion error.

Here a solution that works in both Nashorn and GraalVM :
Replace the first line
$(selection).filter("relationship").filter(function(o) {return o.view}).each(function(o) {
$(selection).filter("relationship").filter(function (o) {return ( != }).each(function (o) {

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