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Last active December 28, 2023 20:08
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#jArchi script to merge multiple concepts (and delete others)
// Merge multiple concepts (and delete others)
// Requires jArchi -
// This script merges multiple concepts (and delete others)
// Version 1.1 (2020/01/20) Add an option to keep only the content of the "target" concept
// Version 1.0 (2019/11/12) First version published
// Known limitation: works only on elements, not relationships
// (c) 2020 Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie;
var el_selection = selection.filter("element");
if(el_selection.size() < 2) {
window.alert("You have to select at least two elements to run this script. Note: merging relationships is not supported for the moment.");
var list = "Which element do you want to keep (enter its index)?";
var index = 1;
el_selection.each(function(o) {
list += "\n ("+index+") ";
var answer = window.prompt(list, "1");
if(answer) {
var relaxed = window.confirm('By default, only documentation and properties of the target element are saved (those of merged elements are cleared). Click Ok for this behavior or Cancel if you want a "strict" mode where they are copied into target element.');
var merge_target = el_selection.get(answer-1);
var to_be_deleted = $("#null");
el_selection.not($(merge_target)).each(function(o) {
console.log('Merging "',, '" into "',, '"');
// We don't want to delete while iterating on the collection, so create
// another collection containing the element (not object) to delete
if (relaxed) {
// Deletion loop
to_be_deleted.each(function(e) {
} else {
console.log("Merge cancelled");
function concept(o) {
return o.concept;
return o;
function removeDocAndProps(c) {
c.documentation = "";
c.prop().forEach(function(p) {
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Nice! Works like a charm. Didn't know if it would keep my links and such--with the cancel option, it certainly does! Very powerful and timesaving capability! Thanks for sharing!

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