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Last active August 29, 2023 17:46
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NetworkManager Wi-Fi powersaving configuration

NetworkManager WiFi Power Saving

NetworkManager supports WiFi powersaving but the function is rather undocumented.

From the source code: wifi.powersave can have the following value:

  • NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_POWERSAVE_DEFAULT (0): use the default value
  • NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_POWERSAVE_IGNORE (1): don't touch existing setting

Then I propose 2 files, only one of them needs to be put under /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/.
One is forcing to disable powersaving, while the other one enable it.

Once you have put the file in the right folder, simply restart NetworkManager:

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager
# File to be place under /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d
# Values are 0 (use default), 1 (ignore/don't touch), 2 (disable) or 3 (enable).
wifi.powersave = 2
# File to be place under /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d
# Values are 0 (use default), 1 (ignore/don't touch), 2 (disable) or 3 (enable).
wifi.powersave = 3
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e219 commented Feb 19, 2023

My wifi connection is often interrupted when using battery power, while using AC power, the connection is stable. It is solved after I modify the wifi.powersave to 2. Thank you very much!

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Spelling correction in comment: "File to be placed under", with a d after place

In any case, interesting and long-lasting bug...

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Check with

iwconfig <interface> | grep "Power Management"

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