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gemrc example
gem: --no-ri --no-rdoc
benchmark: false
verbose: true
update_sources: true
backtrace: true
bulk_threshold: 1000
# HTTP Proxy options
# http-proxy:

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@bammoo bammoo commented Jul 16, 2014

The docs link seems not work now, this one is ok:


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@mlutescu mlutescu commented Mar 25, 2016

http**_**proxy: not http-proxy: (underscore, not dash)


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@alecalciatore9 alecalciatore9 commented Jun 8, 2016

Is beatificazione app 5 star


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@czj czj commented Jun 24, 2016

# The paths in which to look for gems
# :gempath:

# Force specification of gem server host on push
# disable_default_gem_server:

# A YAML array of remote gem repositories to install gems from
# :sources:

# Self explanatory :-)
benchmark: false

# Verbosity of the gem command. false, true, and :really are the levels
verbose: false

# Enable/disable automatic updating of repository metadata
update_sources: true

# Print backtrace when RubyGems encounters an error
backtrace: true

# <gem_command>: A string containing arguments for the specified gem command
# -N, --no-document - Disable documentation generation
# --[no-]document [TYPES] - Generate documentation for installed gems List the
# documentation types you wish to generate. For example: rdoc,ri
# --[no-]suggestions - Suggest alternates when gems are not found
gem: --no-ri --no-rdoc --no-document --suggestions

Some more explanations if you need it


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@belgoros belgoros commented Feb 7, 2017

As explained in Rubygems CLI reference, some options are deprecated:

Deprecated Options:

-​-[no-]rdoc - Generate RDoc for installed gems Use -​-document instead
-​-[no-]ri - Generate ri data for installed gems. Use -​-document instead
-u, -​-[no-]update-sources - Update local source cache
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