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Last active June 17, 2021 18:37
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Shiny example: Diamonds Explorer
function(input, output) {
dataset <- reactive({
diamonds[sample(nrow(diamonds), input$sampleSize),]
output$plot <- renderPlot({
p <- ggplot(dataset(), aes_string(x=input$x, y=input$y)) + geom_point()
if (input$color != 'None')
p <- p + aes_string(color=input$color)
facets <- paste(input$facet_row, '~', input$facet_col)
if (facets != '. ~ .')
p <- p + facet_grid(facets)
if (input$jitter)
p <- p + geom_jitter()
if (input$smooth)
p <- p + geom_smooth()
}, height=700)
dataset <- diamonds
headerPanel("Diamonds Explorer"),
sliderInput('sampleSize', 'Sample Size', min=1, max=nrow(dataset),
value=min(1000, nrow(dataset)), step=500, round=0),
selectInput('x', 'X', names(dataset)),
selectInput('y', 'Y', names(dataset), names(dataset)[[2]]),
selectInput('color', 'Color', c('None', names(dataset))),
checkboxInput('jitter', 'Jitter'),
checkboxInput('smooth', 'Smooth'),
selectInput('facet_row', 'Facet Row', c(None='.', names(dataset))),
selectInput('facet_col', 'Facet Column', c(None='.', names(dataset)))
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Hi. This fails for me with Error in grid.Call(L_textBounds, as.graphicsAnnot(x$label), x$x, x$y, : polygon edge not found. Any idea why? (edit--- please ignore I just needed to re-install Cairo)
Really useful example, thanks for sharing jcheng5!

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Hi guys, I have a problem of building web apps with R using googleVis on shiny. My OS system is MacbookPro and I use RStudio. I updated GoogleVis to 0.56 version as well as shiny.
When I tried to repeat the first example on the following website (, I got the error msg below.


  • Unable to deploy package dependency 'manipulate'

    The package was installed locally from source. Only packages
    installed from CRAN, BioConductor and GitHub are supported.

This is same error msg as the one I got two days ago when I tried to run GoogleVis and shiny together.
According to the website, "using googleVis on shiny" should be feasible, right!?
Any idea what's wrong on my issue?

Thanks for your time on reading and help.

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For some reason, my app does not like printing both ggplot and qplot with the same function. Does qplot() have some different print command I'm not aware of?

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Nevermind. Found I had another bug. Print command works FINE for both.

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I am getting an error:

Warning: Error in as.character: cannot coerce type 'environment' to vector of type 'character'
Stack trace (innermost first):
    4: <Anonymous>
    2: print.shiny.appobj
    1: <Promise>
Error : cannot coerce type 'environment' to vector of type 'character'

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