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; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;Writes "Hello, World" to the console using only system calls. Runs on 64-bit Linux only.
; To assemble and run:
; nasm -felf64 hello.asm && ld hello.o && ./a.out
; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
global _start
section .text
; write(1, message, 13)
mov rax, 1 ; system call 1 is write
mov rdi, 1 ; file handle 1 is stdout
mov rsi, message ; address of string to output
mov rdx, 13 ; number of bytes
syscall ; invoke operating system to do the write
; exit(0)
mov eax, 60 ; system call 60 is exit
xor rdi, rdi ; exit code 0
syscall ; invoke operating system to exit
db "Hello, World", 10 ; note the newline at the end
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