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@jdickey jdickey/show.slim
Created Jul 29, 2014

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Divitis example -- Bootstrap styling
- posts = PostData \
.select { |post| post.author_name == } \
div class='row'
div class='col-md-12'
div class='row'
div class='col-md-1'  
div class='col-md-10'
div class='row'
h1 Profile Page for #{}
div class='panel panel-default'
div class='panel-heading'
h3 class='panel-title' User Profile/Bio Information
div class='panel-body'
== @user.profile
div class='row' id='contrib-row'
h3 Articles Authored By #{}
ul class='list-group'
- posts.each do |post|
li class='list-group-item'
a href="/posts/#{post.slug}" "#{post.title}" Published #{post.pubdate.localtime.strftime '%c %Z'}
div class='col-md-1'  
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