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My standard issue and PR labels for GitHub projects

After copying these from repo to repo for lo! these many projects, I decided to create a Single Source of Truth for project labels going forward.

These are an expansion of and, in a couple of cases, a slight modification of, the standard labels that GitHub creates for each new repo (and they themselves update from time to time). Particularly, I

  • draw a distinction between a feature (new functionality not previously extant in a project) and an enhancement to an existing feature; and
  • include a non-empty Description for each label. GitHub have recently changed their project defaults to do this, but older projects don't have that, even for "standard" labels;
  • add generic tooling and vendor labels, as well as labels for docker and hanami as examples of tool-specific labels used in multiple projects. If a new project will never use Hanami or Docker, then I may not add the label to that project, and I may then add other, appropriate, tool-specific labels instead (e.g., for react in a JavaScript front-end project).
Label Description Colour
accessibility Issues or PRs addressing the accessibility of the UI #dd6191
authentication and authorisation Relating to user management and capability within project #a6cc12
bug Unexpected/undesirable behaviour or interaction, presumed due to one or more defects #ee0701
docker Issues or PRs related to running the deployed app via Docker #d7A620
documentation Documentation for self, collaborators, stakeholders, or others #fbca04
duplicate Differs in no important respect from another issue or PR (noted in comments) #cccccc
enhancement Additional function or capability of existing feature #84b6eb
feature Substantially new externally-visible capability or functionality #4476ab
good first issue Generated by GitHub; useful on public projects to guide new contributors #7057ff
hanami Issue or PR whose artefacts would differ substantially in a non-Hanami (e.g., Rails) implementation #f9acef
help wanted Issues or PRs where the original author is urgently seeking contributed effort of others #33aa3f
invalid This doesn't seem right; goal and/or scope may not make sense #e6e6e6
munges-internals WARNING! Review this issue/PR when updating tools. Code uses internal APIs on one or more tools. #EE00FF
production-ready Issues needing attention before "real production" #ae89e5
question Additional information is needed before proceeding further #cc317c
tooling Related to use of third-party tools of whatever form #b78600
user interface Affecting the presentation of content to the user or the outside world #76e0cd
vendor Requiring action by or collaboration with outside vendor #bfe5bf
WIP Work In Progess; this is unlikely to be fully addressed in a typically short period of time #5319e7
wontfix This will not be worked on (further) #ffffff
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