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Working from home

Juan David Nicholls Cardona jdnichollsc

Working from home
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  • Colocación: ubicación general de las estructuras vocales que producen un sonido (laringue, lengua, mandibula, labios, paladar).
  • Articulación: ubicación específica de las estructuras vocales para generar un fonema.
  • Resonancia:


  • Inicio, qué es Proyecto 26?
  • Dibujando en WebGL/Canvas (IonPhaser)
  • Animaciones en React Native (Newbies)
  • SQLite en mobile (Ionic, React Native, etc)
  • Code sharing (Ionic, NativeScript) for Web, PWA, Mobile
  • Requests HTTP en Unity (RestClient)
  • REST APIs para juegos
  • Requests http, observables, cancelación, etc
jdnichollsc / storage.ts
Last active Dec 30, 2019
Upload Base64/Blob files to Google Cloud Storage
View storage.ts
import { join } from 'path'
import { get } from 'lodash'
import { Storage } from '@google-cloud/storage'
import { BUCKET_NAME } from '../constants'
import { base64MimeType } from '../utils'
const gcloudPathKey = join(__dirname, '../gcloud-key.json')
const storage = new Storage({
projectId: 'my-project-id',
View AnimatableComponents.tsx
import { Component, h } from '@stencil/core';
import { createAnimatableComponent } from '@proyecto26/animatable-component'
const HelloWorldButton = (props) => {
const { iconName, } = props
return (
<ion-fab-button onClick={() => alert('Hello World')} {}>
<ion-icon name={iconName || 'home'} />
jdnichollsc /
Created Nov 25, 2019
Default Easing Functions in <animatable/> Web Component -
Easing Functions
"linear" "ease" "ease-in" "ease-out" "ease-in-out"
"ease-in-cubic" "ease-out-cubic" "ease-in-out-cubic"
"ease-in-circ" "ease-out-circ" "ease-in-out-circ"
"ease-in-expo" "ease-out-expo" "ease-in-out-expo"
"ease-in-quad" "ease-out-quad" "ease-in-out-quad"
"ease-in-quart" "ease-out-quart" "ease-in-out-quart"
"ease-in-quint" "ease-out-quint" "ease-in-out-quint"
"ease-in-sine" "ease-out-sine" "ease-in-out-sine"
jdnichollsc /
Last active Nov 25, 2019
Default Animations in <animatable/> Web Component -
"bounce" "flash" "jello" "pulse" "rotate"
"shake" "swing" "rubberBand" "tada" "wobble"
"bounceIn" "bounceInUp" "bounceInDown" "bounceInRight" "bounceInLeft"
"bounceOut" "bounceOutUp" "bounceOutDown" "bounceOutRight" "bounceOutLeft"
"fadeIn" "fadeInUp" "fadeInUpBig" "fadeInDown" "fadeInDownBig"
"fadeInRight" "fadeInRightBig" "fadeInLeft" "fadeInLeftBig"
"fadeOut" "fadeOutUp" "fadeOutUpBig" "fadeOutDown" "fadeOutDownBig"
jdnichollsc / animatable-element.html
Last active Nov 25, 2019
<animatable/> with VanillaJS (Proof that Tony Stark has a heart ✵) -
View animatable-element.html
<!-- Add Web Animations Polyfill :) -->
<script src=""></script>
<script type="module" src=""></script>
<script nomodule="" src=""></script>
<animatable-component autoplay iterations="3" animation="heartBeat" easing="ease-in" duration="1000">
<h1>Proof that Tony Stark has a heart ✵</h1>
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