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Hawk (So shall I begin?)
22:37 Lok (yes poleezes!)
22:37 Lok (gets under blankets.)
22:38 Hawk (*tucks Lok in* Now once upon a time lots of drama happened..P)
22:38 Lok (teehee)
22:40 Hawk sucked in a deep breath, and knocked on the door to /her/ room. He tried to relax, but found he couldn't...his stupid arm kept twinging.
22:42 Hawk After his chat with Lok he'd decided to talk with other men...for research purposes of course. Many talks later he finally felt like he had enough information to do this it was just a question of weather he had the nerve.
22:44 Hawk He mentally chided himself, 'I'm the goddamed Bloody Hawk, I've got nerves of steel!'. And yet still his legs quivered as he waited. He knocked again, louder this time.
22:44 Lok (I love seeing this side of hawk xD )
22:45 Hawk
22:45 Hawk (mood music )
22:46 Lok (haha you really weren't kidding about your collection of background music for your characters)
22:46 Hawk (I haven't even shown you my Spotify yet...this is only the beginning...0_0)
22:47 Lok (..... o.o)
22:49 Hawk (seriously...type my name on spotify and look for HS: Unequal Affection...that is basically the Dragonage fanfic version of their relationship...this Dove is alot different in some ways though I changed her some from Isabela)
22:50 Lok (oh, okay, i'll do it right now)
22:51 Lok (I couldn't find the search bar on spotify xD)
22:54 Hawk (Rey's original story is there too...did you find it now?) Dove opened the door, she was wearing nothing but a white bedsheet. Her sleepy eyes looked at him hungrily.
22:55 Hawk blinked slowly, and found himself...very distracted.
22:56 Lok (getting kinda hot in here ;o.o)
22:57 Lok (also...not sure I'm looking at the right sight anymore >3> )
22:57 Hawk (It will get worse just wait Blame her) Dove stretched and leaned suggestively against the doorframe, "Oh Hawk, I was wondering when you'd /finally/ get home." Her voice was velvety.
22:58 Hawk ( )
22:58 Hawk (get it download then search for me when you open the program)
23:01 Hawk had to remind himself that he was here for a reason different than what she expected. "Dove darling, I'm actually very tired.." he lied, "is it ok if we just talk?"
23:01 Lok (Aww.)
23:01 Lok (I mean, GOOD FOR YOU HAWK...)
23:03 Lok (wtf there's like 50 songs for Equal affections ALONE O_O)
23:03 Hawk Frowning, she rolled her eyes, and threw up he hands, "You're always tired nowadays! I'm starting to think you don't want me anymore.."
23:04 Hawk (Yep, and it tells a chonological story about their relationship throughout the years. )
23:08 Hawk His eyes followed her as she threw down the sheet in anger and nakedly walked to their bed. He stood in the doorway trying to regain his composure. He eventually sat down next to her and said, "My dear you know that isn't's just that my body can't seem to keep up with you since I got hurt.." The worse part was that this was slightly true.
23:10 Lok (Awww >: )
23:10 Hawk Dove snickers, "You sound like such an old man."
23:13 Hawk tried not to let that bother him...but it did..because it had a ring of truth...he wasn't in the prime of his youth anymore, he was 35...or was it 36? He wasn't even sure...and that scared him as much as the grey hairs he sometimes found now.
23:15 Hawk Looking at her he couldn't help but think, /She's so beautiful...and full of life/, "My love, sometimes I think I am an old man."
23:17 Hawk She wraps her arms around his neck, "Well stop talking like that then, old people are no fun at all."
23:18 Lok (And then they did it. All night long. SCENE.)
23:18 Hawk (How you doing? And nope nope nope...that isn't what happens sadly.)
23:19 Hawk (Are you wanting them to stay together now lol?)
23:20 Lok (I don't know what to think actually, I really like Dove. I'm really just holding my breath
(I like her as a character as well, but realistically she needs to grow up alot before she can settle down, tis just how she is.)
23:21 Lok (Yeah I can see that =/ Poor Hawk...)
23:24 Hawk (She's like 24 at this point, Rey's only 20 lol) She began kissing the back of his neck, but he turned and gently pushed her away, "Dove, stop. I really do want to talk."
23:25 Hawk She gives him a look of disbelief, "What the fuck is wrong with you? Do I look like I want to talk!"
23:27 Hawk tries to calm her down, "My sweet, please listen, it's.... important."
23:28 Hawk She glares, "Oh really, what could be more important than making love to me?"
23:28 Lok (She /does/ kinda have a point )
23:29 Hawk (So does he! He's hurt and he wants to talk!! About getting to make love to her forever! But yeah I want both sides to have a point, tis more realistic that way)
23:29 Lok (well technically, Hawk hasn't said anything yet xD )
23:31 Lok (getting paranoid, gonna start copying and pasting in case something goes horribly wrong...)
23:31 Hawk He fishes around in his pocket for a second, then looks her in the eyes and presents her with a ring, "Mayhaps asking if I can make love to you for the rest of our lives."
23:31 Hawk (I know...he's perfect...D
23:31 Hawk (D: )
23:32 Hawk She is silent so he kneels and continues, "Natasha, my Dove, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"
23:33 Lok (Wait wait wait beautiful as this is, I just realized, is Hawk proposing to Dove while she's naked?)
23:35 Hawk (yeah...he figured that's how she'd want it...and it would be if she wanted it at all. He's expecting to get laid right after this, poor bastard.)
23:36 Hawk Her eyes widen in shock, "Why are you asking me this?"
23:37 Hawk Fear and hurt stab into his heart, "Because...I love you, and I want to spent my life with that so bad?"
23:40 Hawk She doesn't respond, she just staring at him mouth agape. He isn't sure if that's a good sign..or not.
23:40 Hawk She's*
23:41 Hawk He's terrified, "So will you marry me...or..?"
23:41 Hawk "No."
23:42 Lok (</3)
23:42 Hawk And just like that his world collapses.
23:43 Hawk He feels like the color has drained from the world, like his heart has froze and shattered, like nothing will ever be ok again..(geez Hawk learn to take rejection like a man)
23:44 Hawk "Ah.." is all he can say. He stands up slowly.
23:46 Hawk She's shaking her head, "Why would you ask me something like that, you foolish man!"
23:47 Lok (BRUTAL....)
23:48 Hawk is at a loss for words, "I...I just wanted you to be not leave anymore.."
23:48 Hawk (smooth Hawk -_-)
23:50 Lok (T-T)
23:51 Hawk Her dark curls frame her face as she glares at him, "How many times have I told you that I belong only to myself! I will be beholden to no man! Not even you..."
23:53 Hawk He stares at her with pleading eyes, his voice is soft and strained, "I..I thought it would be different that you aren't seeing other men...I thought that you loved me.."
23:56 Hawk There are tears burning in her eyes, but she looks furious, "Did I ever say that Hawk?! Did I ever say it even once?"
23:57 Hawk chokes back tears of his own, "No..but I thought--"
23:58 Hawk "You thought wrong. Get out! Get out of my sight!"
23:58 Hawk
23:59 Lok (I think I just felt my heart tear.)
23:59 Hawk (sad song... somewhat relevant...)
00:02 Hawk He backs away from her, and leaves the room. The shutting door slams behind him. He doesn't know where to go but his feet keep walking anyway. He feels dead inside. He finds himself going downstairs, his feet stop at the brothel's bar.
00:03 Hawk
00:03 Hawk (very relevant T_T)
00:05 Hawk He stares at the collection of bottles lining the wall, and beckons to the bartender, "Stefan, I need your strongest stuff."
00:06 Hawk (Hawk handles his problems like such an adult...not! DX)
00:06 Lok (in his defense, he literally lives RIGHT UNDER a bar.)
00:08 Hawk (He actually used to have a bit of a drinking problem...he stopped when he found Rey, you know to be a responisble pesudo-dad...but I guess he's starting up again)
00:08 Lok (awwwww)
00:10 Hawk (He /acts/ like his past doesn't bother his and stuff, but he's kind of full of shit alot...he has nightmares constantly)
00:10 Hawk (him and stuff*)
00:11 Hawk SCENE (kind of)
00:12 Lok (*sniffles*)
00:12 Lok (clap clap clap clap!)
00:12 Lok (Bravo~ Bravissimo~!)
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