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jdstroy /
Last active July 31, 2021 18:59
Scrape A Prairie Home Companion website for MP3s.
#!env python3
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup;
import urllib3;
import urllib.parse as urlparse;
import time;
import random;
class Main:
def __init__(self):
jdstroy /
Created March 23, 2020 11:19 — forked from nneonneo/
A simple socks server via python - updated for Pythonista (iOS)
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# 一个简单的 Socks5 代理服务器 , 只有 server 端 , 而且代码比较乱
# 不是很稳定 , 而且使用多线程并不是 select 模型
# Author : WangYihang <>
import socket
import threading
import sys
View TunTest.cs
using System;
using System.IO;
using Microsoft.Win32;
using System.Threading;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
namespace TestTun
/// <summary>
/// Summary description for Class1.
View Hawk's proposal
Hawk (So shall I begin?)
22:37 Lok (yes poleezes!)
22:37 Lok (gets under blankets.)
22:38 Hawk (*tucks Lok in* Now once upon a time lots of drama happened..P)
22:38 Lok (teehee)
22:40 Hawk sucked in a deep breath, and knocked on the door to /her/ room. He tried to relax, but found he couldn't...his stupid arm kept twinging.
22:42 Hawk After his chat with Lok he'd decided to talk with other men...for research purposes of course. Many talks later he finally felt like he had enough information to do this it was just a question of weather he had the nerve.
22:44 Hawk He mentally chided himself, 'I'm the goddamed Bloody Hawk, I've got nerves of steel!'. And yet still his legs quivered as he waited. He knocked again, louder this time.
22:44 Lok (I love seeing this side of hawk xD )
22:45 Hawk
View Hawklok Bromance
On the way to Cyberdome, our heroes decided to take the opportunity to rest and make camp. As the days events went by, nightfall soon came. Paranoid as ever, Lok volunteered to take first watch.
18:32 Lok Soon, all but Lok had fallen fast asleep. The forest trees whistle softly during the night. Various forest critters can be heard.
18:32 Rocketgirl Shira says, "Stay awake," then goes to curl up in front of Heinrich's tent.
18:32 Rocketgirl (opps)
18:33 *** Rocketgirl is now known as Hawk
18:33 Lok Except Shira.
18:33 Lok Shira was also awake.
18:33 Lok nods, and heads to his post.
18:33 Hawk She falls asleep quickly though, snoring loudly in her dog form.
18:34 Lok An hour passes by. Lok yawns. It seems this tonight will be uneventful.
View Bloody Hawks Compromised (Hawks POV)
*** Lok joined #DW
Hello. XD
View Sheinrich romance
Shira was excited, the lands outside Port Kapul weren't like the forest's of her home. No these woods were smaller and alive with new sights and smells! It felt so good to walk in nature once again.
18:40 Heinrich keeps a few paces behind her, not wanting to disturb anything she might be sneaking up on. It was her idea to come hunting, so he figures she knows what she's after, besides getting to know the land.
18:41 Shira Her child-like joy was contagious, "Heinrich I found another rabbit!" She displays the small creature's corpse to him with pride.
18:41 Shira (Shira joy = killing things XD)
18:42 Shira (brb, need to put whiny pup outside)
18:42 Heinrich (K.)
18:42 Heinrich raises an eyebrow. "You did indeed." It's a good thing that they multiply like... well...
18:43 Heinrich "You're really fast--is it because you can sneak up on them?"
18:46 Shira (back...I want to punt my Mother's stupid little dogs.)
18:46 Lok (back!)
View Reylok Romance 3 (Unfinished)
Previously, on Elona DW!
16:53 Lok Hawk continues without missing a beat, "Now you go ahead make up your mind about the man, I've got to begetting back to that lovely lil vixen in my bed." He abruptly leaves without a backward glance.
16:53 Lok Rey hesitates, but not for long, she gets herself dressed and is rushing to Lok's house as fast as her legs can take her.
16:53 Lok (And now we dance)
16:54 Rocketgirl (Yup yup)
16:55 Rocketgirl She's at Lok's hovel in minutes, she doesn't bother knocking this time, instead electing to slip through the still broken window. She searches for him.
16:56 Lok You see a dark figure laying on the couch. The room is badly lit, as the only source of light is the window you just came through.
16:56 *** Rocketgirl is now known as Rey
16:58 Rey is relieved that he is here, and safe. With hesitant steps she walks over to him.
16:59 Lok Lok is in a deep sleep. You can hear him slowly breathing. He has dark bags under his eyes. Perhaps he is exhausted from the day's ev
View Hawklok Confrontation
Lok Hours pass by. Lok and Rey are still standing...still embracing each other silently.
23:29 Lok /I wish this moment lasted forever/, he thinks to himself.
23:30 Lok A draft blows through the broken window. It is now nighttime in Derphy. The night air is cold.
23:30 Lok sighs. The others will worry if Rey is missing for too long.
23:30 Rey shivers.
23:30 Lok "It's getting late..."
23:31 Rey "I hardly noticed.." She smiles, "You're so warm."
23:32 Lok holds her tightly and lets out a soft chuckle. "As are you Rey...I wish I could hold you forever but..."
23:32 Lok leans his head closer to Rey's ears. "...The others will worry..."
23:33 Rey blushes, "Yeah I guess they will...and I can't exactly stay here.." She giggles, "Hawk would have your head."
View Reyhawk Romance
Rey woke up to a loud banging. She blinked and looked around..nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It must be someone at the door she mused.
00:32 Rey What if it was Lok back from his journey? Her heart raced, and she hopped out of bed...but wait..he couldn't be back just yet could he? It'd only been a few days.
00:34 Rey sighed, it was probably just Rat...the halfling child always tried to sleep in her bed when he had a nightmare. She'd always politely refuse then tuck him in back in his own bed.
00:34 Lok (D'awwww what a cutie)
00:34 Rey (hang on Marm needs to potty.)
00:35 Lok (MARLEY <3)
00:40 Rey (sorry, she took forever since it's raining out here, she better have actually gone )
00:41 Lok (Oh yeah, I didn't even notice it was raining today for the longest time @_@)
00:42 Rey (I don't think she went, whatever, she's gonna have to bug me alot before I go downstairs time she'll go when I say to...)
00:42 Lok (b-b-b-but it's marley! </3)