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Previously, on Elona DW!
16:53 Lok Hawk continues without missing a beat, "Now you go ahead make up your mind about the man, I've got to begetting back to that lovely lil vixen in my bed." He abruptly leaves without a backward glance.
16:53 Lok Rey hesitates, but not for long, she gets herself dressed and is rushing to Lok's house as fast as her legs can take her.
16:53 Lok (And now we dance)
16:54 Rocketgirl (Yup yup)
16:55 Rocketgirl She's at Lok's hovel in minutes, she doesn't bother knocking this time, instead electing to slip through the still broken window. She searches for him.
16:56 Lok You see a dark figure laying on the couch. The room is badly lit, as the only source of light is the window you just came through.
16:56 *** Rocketgirl is now known as Rey
16:58 Rey is relieved that he is here, and safe. With hesitant steps she walks over to him.
16:59 Lok Lok is in a deep sleep. You can hear him slowly breathing. He has dark bags under his eyes. Perhaps he is exhausted from the day's events prior.
17:02 Rey She kneels next to couch, feeling guilty as sh watches him sleep. She wishes she wasn't so confused. She wishes she could be the kind of woman who could love without fear. She wishes she wasn't so...broken.
17:05 Rey "Lok.." she whispers, "It's not love me so much..and I can hardly love anyone at all.."
17:07 Lok is still sleeping. It seems he cannot hear you. His expression is more than tired...he seems sad.
17:07 Rey reaches out to stroke his hair.
17:08 Lok 's breath softens at Rey's touch.
17:10 Rey She smiles to herself, "You're less scary when you're sleeping...there's so many things I wish I could tell you...but I...I just get so nervous."
17:12 Lok A cold air blows through the window. Though Lok is wearing his cloak, the freezing night manages to get him to shiver.
17:12 Rey looks around for an extra blanket.
17:13 Lok There are no blankets around, but there is a cabinet nearby. Perhaps there is something in there.
17:14 Rey She digs through the cabinet looking for anything suitably warm.
17:15 Lok There is hardly anything in the cabinet. Some spare socks, even some shoes, but not even a spare cloak in sight. At first, you find it odd, but then you recall that Lok and his companions did some packing before going to Noyel.
17:17 Rey curses inwardly, realizing she won't be able to find anything of use...she could give him her cloak...but then she'd be freezing...
17:18 Lok shivers once more.
17:19 Rey An idea dawns upon her...and makes her insides churn...she /could/ try and snuggle up with him the way she did with Hawk....
17:21 Rey She's paralyzed with fear at the idea...with Hawk she didn't get scared..he was familiar, and she knew his feeling for her to be only fatherly...but Lok loved all the ways a man can love a woman.
17:23 Rey tried to steady her breathing, she /knew/ Lok was a good man, that he wouldn't do anything inappropriate to her...but fear still made her stomach clench...
17:24 Rey But she /couldn't/ let him freeze...and he was only sleeping...she could always wake up before him and move so he didn't get the wrong idea...
17:25 Rey looks to see if there's even enough room for her on the couch.
17:26 Lok There is a little room on the couch, but not a lot. It is, after all, a couch. And not a very flattering couch either.
17:30 Rey blanches, she suddenly feels so cold. She throws her cloak over him. Letting out a deep breath she counts to ten then forces herself to get under the cloak and snuggle next to him.
17:30 Lok (SQUEEEEEE)
17:31 Rey She's tries to prevent herself from shaking uncontrollably, and fails.
17:35 Rey feels trapped, dark memories invade her mind, tearing her away from the present. She's shivering violently, her body turned so that he face pressed up against Lok's chest.
17:37 Lok As the nightmares close in onto your mind, you can find a small comfort in the beat of Lok's heart.
17:37 Rey her*
17:39 Lok But...something is off. You are now close enough to hear Lok's heavy breathing, from which you can hear a slight wheezing. Despite your efforts to give him warmth, he is still shivering.'s trembling...?
17:42 Lok is mumbling. You can't really make out the words. "....av......Rey..."
17:44 Rey His voice seems to pull her out of her torment, still trembling she observes his face.
17:45 Rey And strains to hear what he's saying.
17:46 Lok You can make out a few more words..." live.....or...Rey..."
17:47 Rey It occurs to her than that he might be sick or injured. Hands shaking she feels his forehead for his temperature.
17:48 Lok It is burning hot to the touch. You didn't see it before because of how dark it was, but there's definitely beads of sweat coming from his forehead.
17:50 Rey pales, she has no idea how to help him...other than to keep him warm. She forces herself to cling to him tighter all the while fighting off the demons of her past. (T_T)
17:52 Lok (poor Rey D: )
17:52 Lok "I will always...protect...her..."
17:53 Lok left arm jolts. It startles you.
17:55 *** Twib joined #dw
17:55 Rey is terrified, for herself, and for /him/. Her eyes glaze over as the images in her mind become more...violent. Yet still she forces herself to still cling.
17:56 Lok (harro twib )
17:58 Lok slowly opens his eyes.
17:59 Lok looks around. He sees a familiar elf clinging to him.
17:59 Lok "...Rey...?"
17:59 Rey doesn't respond, she's trembling violently.
18:00 Lok observes Rey and realizes she is not well.
18:00 Lok "Rey...what's wrong...?"
18:03 Rey Her grips on you tightens painfully, her eyes are shut tight, and she's muttering something.
18:04 Rey Something, that sounds like, ""
18:04 Lok grimaces at her tight grip, but manages to suppress a groan. He slowly shuffles his arms, and carefully wraps them around Rey, holding Rey close to his chest. In an attempt to calm her down, he softly strokes her hair. "Rey...It's okay...I'm here for you..."
18:07 Rey Her trembling slows, and she opens her eyes, they look like she has seen Death himself. "Lok...are.. you ok?"
18:09 Lok grimaces. "I'm just...I'm just tired..." Lok looks into Rey's eyes. The poor elf looks like she's about to cry. "What's wrong Rey...? Why aren't you home with Hawk...?"
18:12 Rey bites her bottom lip, "I...was worried...about you." She's still shaking, and her eyes are watering.
18:13 Lok /She was worried...for me...?/
18:14 Lok tries his best to hide his pain. "But why? /Hawk/ is the one who's been drinking himself to death..."
18:16 Rey Her eyes still hold that terrified fleeing look, "Because I can help you."
18:17 *** Halibel joined #dw
18:17 Lok (IT'S HALI )
18:17 Halibel (Good lord, a full house.)
18:17 Halibel (...are we gaming today? We weren't gaming today, were we? Shit.)
18:18 Rey (*waves* Hi Halibel! No we are just goofing off.)
18:18 Halibel (...wait, it's Sunday. Of course we're not.)
18:18 Halibel (Oh, okay. Wait--Saturday... right. Okay.)
18:19 Rey (XD you cam play with us though! I miss getting to be Shira)
18:19 Halibel (Why is ChanServ in here? Did one of you guys tick off an admin?)
18:19 Halibel (Sure thing. I need a distracting from the /massive cultural indignity/ I must suffer.)
18:19 Lok heart skips a beat. There was an angel...right on top of him. Did this mean...Rey chose Lok?
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