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Enough is enough! The truth must be told! Lok settles the score and more!
Lok Hours pass by. Lok and Rey are still standing...still embracing each other silently.
23:29 Lok /I wish this moment lasted forever/, he thinks to himself.
23:30 Lok A draft blows through the broken window. It is now nighttime in Derphy. The night air is cold.
23:30 Lok sighs. The others will worry if Rey is missing for too long.
23:30 Rey shivers.
23:30 Lok "It's getting late..."
23:31 Rey "I hardly noticed.." She smiles, "You're so warm."
23:32 Lok holds her tightly and lets out a soft chuckle. "As are you Rey...I wish I could hold you forever but..."
23:32 Lok leans his head closer to Rey's ears. "...The others will worry..."
23:33 Rey blushes, "Yeah I guess they will...and I can't exactly stay here.." She giggles, "Hawk would have your head."
Bring out the d'awwwwsome. | (spoiler for Inverloch)
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23:35 Lok flinches at that statement, but manages to keep on smiling. A gentleman should never show jealousy. "Right then...shall I walk you back?"
23:36 Rey "Sure." Her smile is bright and innocent.
23:36 Lok slowly let
23:36 Lok (dammit)
23:37 Lok slowly lets go of Rey.
23:37 Lok His heart hasn't slowed down any since they first embraced.
23:39 Lok walks over to the doorway and opens it for Rey. "Shall we?"
23:40 Rey follows with a bounce in her step.
23:42 Lok Rey and Lok are now walking, side by side through the alleyways. Except for a few shady characters skulking about, the town is mostly empty. A cold breeze flows through the air, whipping away at their cloaks.
23:43 Lok 's hands are at clenched at his side. His paranoia has kicked in, and he is vigilant and on the watch for any danger that may lurk in the shadows.
23:44 Rey (d'awwwwww)
23:44 Lok (Brb, 3minutes maybe)
23:45 Rey (kk)
23:46 Lok (back, sorry)
23:46 Lok looks at Rey to make sure she's okay.
23:47 Rey She grins at him but there's a hint of worry in her eyes.
23:47 Lok "Are you alright Rey? Did you see something?"
23:48 Rey "Oh I'm fine...just thinking.."
23:48 jdstroy I'm off to bed. 'night. Let me know what happens re: gist, Lok.
23:48 Lok 's flit about, looking for any threats
23:48 Lok (kk, gn'ight!)
23:48 Rey (Night!)
23:50 Lok looks back at Rey. "...Yes?"
23:51 Rey "I'm just feeling a bit nervous..Hawk might be upset that I stayed out so late without telling him...That's all."
23:53 Lok arches his eyebrow. "Is that so...? Well then, I'll stay with you a bit and make sure everything is alright with him, okay?"
23:54 Rey nods, "Thank you Lok. It didn't even cross my mind that he might worry till you mentioned it...I'm feeling inconsiderate.."
23:54 Rey (psh Rey too busy thinking about Lok)
23:54 Lok (D'AWWWWW)
23:55 Lok smiles. "Now Rey, don't be saying things like that. In my eyes, you're nothing short of an angel."
23:56 Rey flushes, "I hope you aren't talking about the winged guards in Port Kapul...those 'angels' are terrifying." (she's been there once, before she met you )
23:58 Lok chuckles. "What? No, of course not my dear! But then again, while we're on the subject, where /are/ your wings? Did they burn to ashes during your fall from heaven?"
23:58 Lok (oh gawd I cringed at that. Can I have a redo?)
23:58 Rey (yes, yes you can to spare us all lol)
23:59 Lok chuckles. "Yes...yes they are."
23:59 Lok Oh yes...the port Kapul guards. He won't be returning to /that/ city anytime soon.
00:00 Lok Soon they arrive at the Brothel.
00:00 Lok opens the front doors for Rey. "After you."
00:01 Rey walks in and immediately frowns.
00:01 Lok looks inside.
00:02 Rey Hawk is at the bar a drink in hand surrounded by female whores vying for his attention..apparently word got around that he is available. He's ruddy-faced and smiling, he appears to be telling an engaging story.
00:03 Lok (oh snap.)
00:03 Lok stares at the scene is disbelief.
00:04 Rey is glaring daggers at /him/.
00:04 Lok angrily walks over to Hawk.
00:04 Lok "Hawk!"
00:05 Rey He grins, "Aye, Lok, I'm throwing a little party, care to join?"
00:06 Lok "Dammit Hawk! What is the meaning of this?"
00:06 Lok grabs the drink from Hawk's hands.
00:07 Rey "Hey, stop that. I'll buy your own damnit."
00:07 Rey (you your own*)
00:07 Rey is simmering, she pretends not to see him and storms off towards her room.
00:08 Lok "No! No more drinks Hawk! The whores, fine! But drinking /again/? You already got shitfaced! /We/ already got shitfaced! You have a problem Hawk! Fix it!"
00:09 *** Rey is now known as Hawk
00:10 Hawk sighs, "Lok you can't go drinking and whoring /right/ if you don't drink." He winks at his crowd, "Isn't that right girls?"
00:10 Lok (well he's got a point there.)
00:11 Lok (my got everytime these two get together, the same scene pops in my head)
00:11 Lok (Lok: Hawk! Give up this poisonous drink and come home!)
00:11 Lok (Stephan: Gaaaaaaaay~)
00:11 Hawk (rotfl!!)
00:12 Lok The crowd of whores cheer.
00:12 Lok 's eyes are widened with anger, his nostrils flaring.
00:13 Lok "Hawk! Enough of this poisonous drink! Let's get you to your room!"
00:13 Lok grabs hawk's shoulder and tries to pull him away.
00:14 Hawk laughs and resists you, "Sparrow stole my room, are you sure you want to drag me in there like this?"
00:15 Hawk (TROLLO he's correct you know. )
00:15 Lok (Yeah idk how to respond to that, gimme aminute >.>)
00:16 Hawk (*snickers* ah he's so fun to play when he's being a dick)
00:16 *** Nacht quit (Ping timeout)
00:17 Lok moves to the side, and points at Rey, who is still standing by the doorway. "Appearances should be the least of your worries..."
00:17 Hawk (um she left man)
00:17 Lok (DERP)
00:17 Lok (DID SHE?)
00:18 Lok (awww dammit she did.)
00:18 Lok (REDO)
00:18 Lok (REDO...)
00:18 Lok grabs his shoulder and pulls harder. "Appearances should be the least of your worries..."
00:20 Hawk "Well I certainly don't want to go to my room /alone/. Let my pick from these fine ladies first Lok."
00:20 Lok sighs and let's go of him.
00:21 Lok rolls his eyes.
00:21 Lok "Fine."
00:21 Hawk me* dammit
00:24 Hawk Smiling Hawk gives each girl a once over, he settles on an elven girl with dark curly tresses and soft amber eyes. Her takes her by the hand and asks, "Jez darling, care to be mine for a night?"
00:24 Hawk (god he's being such an ass here XD)
00:25 Lok (haha I know its funny to watch)
00:25 Hawk (hint hint, this girl looks like Sparrow and Dove is painfully obvious as well.)
00:26 Lok (wait, is this gonna be an important character?)
00:26 Lok arches his eyebrow, and then shakes his head. /Whatever gets you to bed.../
00:27 Hawk (maaaaybe...) The pretty whore giggles, "Half price for /you/ Hawk." She takes him by the arm.
00:29 Lok sighs. "/Now/ can we go?"
00:29 Hawk looks up from kissing her neck, "Lead the way Lok."
00:30 Lok starts walking towards Rey/Hawk's room.
00:30 Lok has arrived at Rey's room. He knocks on the door.
00:30 Lok "Rey...? Are you in there?"
00:31 Hawk She answers the door, it's clear she's been crying. When she sees Hawk and the whore hanging all over him, her face grows cold. "What do you need?"
00:32 Lok "Just...come with me for a second..."
00:33 Hawk She's glaring at Hawk in disbelief, then she follows Lok.
00:33 Lok leads her away from Hawk and his whore.
00:34 Lok looks at Rey with a guilty expression. "I'm...sorry. It was the only way I could get him to stop drinking..."
00:35 Hawk She's sniffling, "That isn't any better..."
00:36 Lok gets closer to Rey, and slowly holds her head to his chest.
00:37 Hawk "'s like he's /trying/ to hurt me...what did I do to make him hate me /this/ much..?"
00:37 Lok is silent.
00:38 Lok is stroking her hair, trying to comfort Rey. He trying to find the right words to say.
00:42 Hawk She hides her face, burying it into your shirt. Then mumbles, "Why is he being like this..?"
00:43 Lok "...Do you want me to make him stop?"
00:43 Hawk "I don't know." She squeaks.
00:44 Lok "...Stay here."
00:44 Lok lets go of Rey.
00:44 Lok begins to walk back towards Rey's room.
00:44 Hawk (Just gonna walk in on him Lok? 0_0 back form lol)
00:45 Lok (nah)
00:45 Lok (wait yeah.)
00:45 Lok (idk.)
00:46 Hawk (decide. I can play this either way lol, it's either knock first or barge in.)
00:46 Lok (awesome.)
00:46 Lok arrives at Rey's door.
00:46 Lok (what does he hear?)
00:47 Hawk Hushed murmmurs, he isn't really sure what is being said, but nothing crazy going on yet.
00:48 Lok knocks on the door.
00:48 Lok "Hawk? If you're not too busy with your lady friend, could we talk a moment?"
00:49 Hawk You hear someone curse, and movement. Then a very irritated and shirtless Hawk gets the door, "I'm quite busy, please get lost."
00:50 Lok 's eyes are weary.
00:50 Lok "Hawk...please."
00:51 Hawk grinds his teeth, "What could honestly be this important Lok? Is anyone dying? If not leave me be, and go to your woman!"
00:52 Lok "Why Hawk? Why are you doing this? Instead of apologizing to Rey, you go off and do .../this/. Just tell me...why?"
00:54 Hawk gives you an exasperated look, "Why do you fucking think?"
00:55 Lok is silent. Deep down, he already knows the answer...but he needs to hear it from /him/.
00:58 Hawk His eyes are challenging you, "No really, guess. I'm /dying/ to hear what you think of me Lok. Your opinion matters /so/ much to me." His voice drips with sarcasm.
00:59 Lok sighs. Stubborn as ever. "What's it going to take to get you to stop Hawk?"
01:01 Hawk stares harshly into your eyes, "I'm not going to stop."
01:02 Lok shakes his head and glares right back. "Is that your final answer?"
01:03 Hawk He hesitates, looks down then says, "Yes. Now leave."
01:04 Lok takes out a bottle, uncaps it, and splashes it on his face.
01:05 Hawk "The fuck?"
01:07 Lok "Oil of tagit. I only have two left...but I figure you need it more than I do."
01:07 Lok The world starts to blur around you..
01:07 Lok Your eyes are getting heavy. Some of the potion managed to splash into your mouth.
01:08 Lok Suddenly you feel very...very tired.
01:10 Hawk snarls at Lok as the world spins around him, he falls on the door frame then slips to the floor as he slips into unconsciousness.
01:10 Lok (*pokes* hawk)
01:11 Hawk So now Lok you have a concerned whore rushing over and a very heavy knocked out Hawk in front of you.
01:11 Lok sighs. "You. Get out."
01:12 Hawk She glares at you, "I can help drag him. He already paid me."
01:12 Lok rolls his eyes. "Fine."
01:13 Lok looks around.
01:13 Hawk Jez leans in towards you and says, "So where we going to stash him?"
01:14 Lok "I actually...don't know."
01:14 Hawk She gives you an incredulous look, "How about the storeroom?"
01:15 Lok "What? Isn't that where they keep the drinks?"
01:15 Hawk She nods, "And the food. It's a good place to talk."
01:16 Lok shakes his head. "But that's where they keep the /drinks/. Quite frankly, I'm trying to keep him /away/ from drinks."
01:17 Hawk The whore snorts in a very un-ladylike manner, "Good luck with that, he's been on quite the binge."
01:18 Lok sighs. " me carry him onto the bed then."
01:19 Hawk She chuckles, "That's where we were heading anyways."
01:19 Lok steps over Hawk and carries his legs. He motions Jez to carry Hawk by the head.
01:19 Lok (haha clever )
01:20 Hawk She lift him from under the arms, she is surprisingly strong.
01:20 Lok (everyone's stronger than me ): )
01:21 Hawk (Not Rey XD)
01:21 Lok (oh yeah.)
01:21 Lok Jez and Lok plop Hawk on Rey's bed.
01:21 Lok turns to Jez. "Thank you. Now please...go away."
01:21 Lok (RUDE)
01:23 Hawk She sighs, "Are you going to jump in bed with him then? The man /can't/ sleep by himself, and that sleeping draught won't keep him out long. He uses em so often, I'm surprised they still work on him at all."
01:24 Lok "Well actually, I planned on waiting by the door."
01:26 Hawk She throws up her hands, "Just giving you advice, fine I'll go."
01:26 Lok sighs. As Jez is about to walk away, "...Wait.."
01:27 Hawk She turns back and looks at you. "Yes?'
01:28 Lok "Would you mind...keeping an eye on him for a little bit? I...need to talk to someone for a bit."
01:29 Hawk "Sure. All us working girls here respect this dolt." She says as she prods him with her foot.
01:29 Lok "Thank you..."
01:30 Lok turns away. He is starting to get tired.
01:30 Lok makes his way to where he left Rey.
01:30 *** Hawk is now known as Rey
01:31 Rey is leaning against the wall looking quiet upset still.
01:32 Lok "Rey?"
01:33 Rey "Hey Lok."
01:33 Lok tries to put on a smile. "So...good news! Hawk won't be sleeping with any whores tonight!"
01:34 Rey raises an eyebrow, " him to stop? How?"
01:35 Lok "Uhhhhh...."
01:35 Lok sighs. Might as well tell her the truth.
01:35 Lok looks at the floor.
01:35 Lok "I may have...poisoned him."
01:36 Rey "You what?"
01:36 Lok shakes his hands about. "/Sleeping/ poison! No other side effects, honest! I couldn't think of any other way!"
01:37 Lok (Lol I imagined rey's face to be like, =.=" )
01:37 Rey She shakes her head, "That won't keep him out long, he drinks those /too/ often."
01:38 Lok "Which is why...I'm staying the night. I'm going to wait outside the door. Do you...have any spare rooms to sleep in?"
01:39 Rey nods, "I can just take one of the extra bunks, though Rat is gonna keep me up all night with his snoring."
01:39 Lok "Get some rest Rey. I'll see you in the morning, alright?"
01:40 Lok (only an awesome assassin like Hawk would build a resistance to sleeping poisons )
01:41 Rey She hugs you very lightly, "Thank you Lok, I'm glad he has a friend like you."
01:41 Lok pats Rey on the head.
Lok (taking a moment to log)
01:42 Rey (He did it more to help him sleep through his nightmares actually, though he does recognize the professional benefits )
01:42 Lok (again. Badass)
01:42 Lok (oh hey, my gists are fixed )
01:43 Lok "Alright to bed with you."
01:44 Rey "G'night Lok. And good luck. Hawk can be very stubborn."
01:44 Lok "Thanks...I'll keep that in mind..."
01:46 Rey wanders off to head to bed.
01:47 Lok walks back to Rey's room.
01:47 Lok looks inside.
01:47 Lok "Hello?"
01:48 Rey You hear a groaning coming from where Hawk is on the bed.
01:48 *** Rey is now known as Hawk
01:49 Lok (Is jez still around?)
01:49 Hawk (Yes she is shitting on the bed looking bored.)
01:50 Lok (LOL ?)
01:50 Hawk (sitting lol great typo)
01:50 Lok (yea.)
01:50 Hawk (lol-ing so hard right now)
01:50 Lok "Thanks for watching him. I'll take it from here."
01:50 Lok (I mean, if she's shitting, I can TRY to work with that...but idk)
01:51 Hawk She smiles, "No problem, we all do our part for the boss-man."
01:51 Lok waits for her to leave.
01:52 Hawk She leaves whistling to herself.
01:52 Lok looks around the room. First, he looks at Hawk.
01:52 Lok (How's hawk doing?)
01:53 Hawk He is groaning face first into the pillow.
01:53 Lok With great difficulty, Lok flips him over.
01:53 Lok (Gotta let him breathe )
01:53 Lok looks around the room once more.
01:54 Hawk is blinking slowly but has a glazed look to his eyes.
01:54 Lok He checks to make sure there aren't any other ways to escape the room.
01:54 Lok (Is there?)
01:54 Hawk (Not that you can tell)
01:55 Lok (sure would suck if there was )
01:55 Lok (I'd roll for survey traps, but meh, this is a oneshot. )
01:55 Lok walks outside of the room, closes the door, and slumps against it.
01:55 Lok This was going to be a very long night...
01:55 Hawk (Don't bother, even if he has an escape route he'd be too groggy to use it lol)
01:57 Lok An hour passes by.
01:57 Lok can hear slight mumbling sounds coming from the room. Perhaps the effects are starting to wear off?
01:57 Lok His eyes are already getting heavy.
01:58 Lok "Come now hasn't even /been/ that long. Gotta stay awake..."
01:58 Lok slaps himself on the cheek to keep vigilant.
01:58 Lok Another hour passes by.
01:59 Lok yawns.
01:59 Hawk Well not quite another hour, about halfway through that hour you feel a sudden pressure on the door behind you.
01:59 Lok (Meh, I was rounding)
02:00 Hawk (I'm not lol)
02:00 Lok (lol kk, sorry xD )
02:00 Lok is startled. He opens his eyes wide, and braces himself against the door.
02:01 Hawk You hear, "What the fuck! The damn thing is jammed now?"
02:01 Lok stays silent.
02:02 Hawk The pressure against the door becomes stronger.
02:02 Lok takes out his throwing daggers and drives them into the floor to gain leverage.
02:02 Lok You can hear a loud, *Chink*
02:04 Lok (I guess you can say I'm keeping the door...
02:04 Lok (puts on sunglasses)
02:04 Lok (*Lok*ed)
02:04 Hawk You hear very colorful swearing, and the pressure stops. After a moment a screw from the door hinge fall on your face. (lolz!)
02:05 Lok remains silent.
02:05 Hawk Another hinge screw falls.
02:05 Lok "Fuck."
02:06 Hawk "What the hell Lok, let me out of here."
02:07 Lok quickly takes his last throwing dagger, and stabs it through one of the hinges.
02:08 Lok "No."
02:09 Hawk Another screw falls, apparently you dagger didn't do much to the hinge, since you know hinges are metal. "Lok, this has gone on long enough. Just let me be."
02:10 Lok (OH RIGHT. DERP.)
02:10 Lok (hurhurhurhurhur)
02:10 Lok quickly looks around.
02:10 Lok (Anything of interest?)
02:10 Lok (Or is nothing gonna stop this door?)
02:11 Hawk Not anything that will stop it once it falls, and it is getting wobbley.
02:12 Lok (Then I can no longer...)
02:12 Lok (*puts on sunglasses*)
02:12 Lok (B*lok* this door.)
02:12 Lok stands straight up, and watches the last hinge.
02:13 Hawk It gets unscrewed and the door falls.
02:13 Lok steps aside, so as not to get hit by the door.
02:13 Lok sighs.
02:14 Lok "Waste of a tagit."
02:14 Hawk is standing before you shirtless, and looking very annoyed. "I'm making you fix that you know." He indicates the door he's standing on.
02:14 Lok "Why? /You/ broke it."
02:15 Hawk He scoffs, "Only because /you/ blocked it."
02:16 Lok (Don't you mean...*sunglasses*..."Lok"ed it?)
02:16 Lok "Again, you didn't have to break it."
02:16 Hawk (lol)
02:17 Hawk "It's not broken, but thanks to you it's unscrewed, like me." His glare could melt rock.
02:17 Hawk (Not gonna lie, I am very proud of that pun...)
02:17 Lok (lol)
02:18 Lok sighs. "Tell you what, go back to bed, and I'll fix it. First thing in the morning. Deal?"
02:18 Hawk raises an eyebrow, "You're not gonna try and get me to talk about my /feelings/ again are you?"
02:19 Lok shrugs. "I dunno. Do you /want/ to talk about your /feelings/?"
02:20 Hawk "No. I want to get drunk and then get laid, but apparently it''s everyone's duty to try and stop me." He grumbles.
02:21 Lok sighs. "...Okay."
02:22 Hawk clearly doesn't believe you, "You're just going to drop it, just like that? You'll stop meddling in my personal life?"
02:23 Lok "Yeah."
02:23 Lok looks extremely tired.
02:24 Lok "Honestly Hawk..I don't know what else to do. Even if I managed to keep you in that room forever...I'm not going to be in Derphy forever. And no one else is going to try and stop you. Stephan's still serving you drinks, whores are still going to throw themselves at you, and Rey is too god damn sweet to lift a finger."
02:25 Lok shrugs. "As for me...I tried man. I really tried. Not just for you or Rey's sake, but for mine..."
02:26 Hawk actually feels a bit bad. "Look, Lok. This isn't your fault, or anyone else other than Dove, and I don't need anyone to save me. Now why don't you get back to...Rey" he says her name softly with something akin to longing, "and leave me to wallow in my misery."
02:27 Lok sighs. "And what do I tell her? 'Hey Rey, bad news, Hawk's still drowning in alcohol and women, but hey, I tried right?'"
02:27 Lok shakes his head.
02:28 Hawk smiles sadly and sighs, "That would be better than telling her the truth." He doesn't meet your eyes.
02:29 Lok "You don't get it. I love Rey. I really do. But I have told you several times, I see you as a brother. And now... well it's plain to see isn't it? You just don't think of me that way. You probably never will."
02:30 Lok "So Hawk. I'll ask you one more time, not as your friend...but as a brother. And it's up to you whether or not to answer, because there is really nothing else I can do."
02:30 Lok gives Hawk a serious look.
02:31 Lok "What's REALLY going on with you?"
02:32 Lok (look's like this scene is getting...*sunglasses*..."Hawk"ward.)
02:34 Hawk looks pained, "Lok...I wish that I could be like a brother to you..but I am a /jealous/, selfish man...and you don't want to know what's really going on. Because then you'll have to admit it to yourself."
02:34 Hawk (Hawk is always Hawkward deep down XD)
02:36 Lok is now glaring. "What, you think I don't already know? It's been almost two weeks Hawk! I don't care if Dove broke up with you, that is TOO long to be drinking THIS much!"
02:37 Lok "You are hurting Rey on PURPOSE. And I will NOT stand for that! Now, are you going to say it, or do I have to say it? Because I want to hear it from YOU dammit!"
02:37 Lok (looks like Lok is getting...*sunglasses* ang"Rey".)
02:38 Hawk (*snorts* that was fantastic!)
02:38 Lok (thank you, I'm here all night )
02:42 Hawk grabs you by the shoulders, "What do you want me to say? That I hate myself for wanting /her/? That I'm disgusted that I see /her/ like that? I'm the one person in the world she trusted to /not/ want to use her. And as soon as I'm left alone...suddenly she's all I can think about unless I'm dunk out of my mind." He looks like he's about to break down.
02:45 Hawk "My nightmares are the looks of horror on her face when she finds out, my days are spend trying to avoid the only friends I have left, so that I don't destroy them both, the guilt is eating away at me. Is that what you want me to say? I raised her Lok....and I /don't/ want to love her...not like /this/'s fucking sick."
02:45 Hawk (confession end.)
02:47 Lok clenches his fist and raises it...
02:48 Lok sighs heavily, and puts his fist back down.
02:48 Hawk doesn't even flinch.
02:49 Lok "As much as I love Rey...she isn't mine to keep. At least, not yet. I would rather you tell her the truth and get it over with, instead of slowly killing yourself /and/ hurting Rey like this."
02:49 Lok looks away.
02:50 Lok "Besides...part of her loves you too."
02:51 Hawk looks dumfounded, "No she doesn't...that..wouldn't all."
02:52 Lok sighs. "Well it's true. She loves you Hawk. And honestly...if given the choice...she'd probably choose you over me."
02:53 Lok "And who can blame her? You've taken care of her for years. You were her knight in shining armor...As for me?"
02:55 Lok looks at the floor. "I'm just a fool. I've only known her for a few weeks. There's nothing special about me, she's just too sweet to admit it. There's just no contest here."
02:55 Hawk (T_T that is really depressing.)
02:56 Lok "But...she gave me hope. And I'll always love her for that...So this..."
02:56 Lok clenches his fist once more and socks Hawk in the face as hard as he can.
02:56 Lok "...Is for hurting her you son of a bitch."
02:57 Hawk (T-T D'awwwwwwwww)
02:57 Lok (So intense D: )
02:59 Hawk takes the hit without complaint, "I deserved that. But you're wrong are special to her, very much so...I've never seen he gravitate to anyone the way she does to you...and she's opened up to you more than to anyone else...including me."
03:01 Hawk He rubs the spot when you slugged him, a bruise is already starting to form, his eyes are dead, his voice is that of a broken man,"I don't want to come between you and her...but I don't know how to make my feelings go away....Lok I can't even face her."
03:02 Lok shakes his head. "If anything, I'm the one coming between /you/ and her."
03:02 Lok sighs. "No...she's just being kind to me because I openly confessed my feelings for her. Feelings that she can't return"
03:02 Lok looks at Hawk.
03:03 Lok "I mean...she spent an entire night with you...resting on your chest. I've only recently gotten as far as a hug...and honestly? That's more than I can ever ask for from a woman like Rey. Again, there's no contest Hawk...So just tell her how you feel."
03:03 Lok shrugs.
03:06 Lok "Or don't. Drink yourself into oblivion, sleep with scores of whores, I'm done trying. I did my best to keep the woman I love happy...and she doesn't even love me back." Lok sighs. "I'm just gonna go to bed."
03:07 Hawk "No wait."
03:09 Hawk He blinks, "She...she.. /actually/ hugged you? Wow, damn...Lok you don't understand...that's a huge step for her..sleeping on my chest, that wasn't a sexual thing..uh" he flushes, "at least not for her...umm and not for me until very recently... that's just the only way she'd go to sleep when she was little.."
03:10 Lok blinks.
03:10 Hawk "She was so /sacred/ of bad men taking her away from me, that she insisted on wrapping her arms around my neck and sleeping on my I'd be able to wake up and save her..."
03:13 Hawk "The other night...I was drunk I asked her to hold onto me like old times, thinking little of it....I didn't mean for it to change anything...but it did for me." He hangs his head in shame.."You can't really think I'd be a better man for her after hearing this can you? It's sick."
03:14 Lok is silent for a moment...for a moment, he actually sees a glimmer of hope.
03:14 Lok But then, reality sets in, and the light is quickly extinguished from his heart.
03:16 Hawk (Nooooo! Come on Lok, your romantic rival wants you to don't get a better endorsement than that lol)
03:16 Lok (Lok's too used to losing D: )
03:16 Hawk (poor baby)
03:17 Lok frowns. "What does it matter...? I'm no fool. Even if what you say is true, here's what I DO know. All the hugs in the world doesn't change the fact that she loves /you/. I came back, and tried to make her happy. But at the end of the day, the only way she'd go to bed happily, is knowing that /you/ went to bed happily. I've told her I love her, but she
03:18 Lok can't say it back. Why? Because of /you/. I'M the one standing in /your/ way.
03:19 Lok So man up, tell her how you feel, and get your god damn happy ending. I'm fine with loving her from afar anyways, it's simpler that way..."
03:19 Hawk (T_T Lok...stop it...)
03:21 Lok Lok's eyes have dark bags under him. Maybe his fatigue is making him say these things...Or maybe he truly doesn't see any hope for himself. But what you see in front of you is no longer the man who tried his best to be your brother...All you see is a man who is tired. Too tired to try anymore.
03:22 Lok "By Yacatect...I'm tired...I'm going to sleep. Kill yourself for all I care...Just stop hurting Rey."
03:22 Lok turns around and begins to walk away.
03:22 Hawk doesn't know what to say other than, "You'd be better for her aren't as fucked up as I am."
03:22 Lok ignores Hawk's comment and continues walking.
03:23 Lok (T-T Poooooor Lok)
03:23 Hawk "I'm not going to tell her." He hollers at you.
03:24 Lok stops, and turns around.
03:24 Lok shrugs. "Better she hears it from you than me."
03:24 Lok turns around once more and continues walking.
03:25 Hawk blanches.
03:26 Hawk "You're bluffing." He mutters under his breath. Then he goes off to find Jez, because dammnit he can't sleep alone and he /isn't/ going to ask Rey to cuddle him.
03:27 Lok is walking through the alleyways.
03:28 Lok passes the graveyard.
03:28 Lok passes the market.
03:28 Lok stops at the town square.
03:28 Lok The town is empty.
03:28 Lok It is extremely late at night.
03:29 Lok This is the spot where they first met.
03:29 Hawk (D : )
03:29 Lok (In my head, "Out of my league" is playing )
03:30 Lok He just stands there for a while...remembering all the times Rey made his heart skip a beat.
03:30 Hawk (<3 that song...might be on one of my playlists actually lol)
03:30 Lok "...Rey..."
03:30 Lok A tear drops onto the pavement below.
03:31 Lok wipes his eyes with his sleeve. He continues to walk towards his house.
03:32 Lok walks inside, He takes off his coat, and walks up to a picture frame. It is the frame that holds his painting of Rey.
03:33 Lok One day, they'd have a mansion together. Lok would be more than happy to do all the cleaning. Rey would take care of the kid. Or maybe kids. Or maybe pets if they chose not to have kids. They'd sit on the front porch...and Rey could watch while Lok paints the sunset.
03:35 Lok Sebastian would be buried in their beautiful garden. Lok would tell the kids all sorts of stories about his best friend in the world.
03:36 Lok Lok and Rey would live happily ever after...
03:37 Lok flips the picture frame around. Rey's face can no longer be seen.
03:37 Lok ...But that's just a dream...isn't it Lok?
03:38 Lok lays down on one of his couches. The tattoo is burning...but he's already hurting inside too much to notice.
03:40 Lok (uh oh is something wrong with my pm?)
03:40 Hawk found Jez chatting with Stefan and told her to wait back in his room and he'd triple her pay. He had a mission. He steeled himself and sought out Rey.
03:40 Lok (gonna take a moment to log)
He found her sleeping on on of the bunks, she was curled up and wrapped in covers...his heart ached...
He shook her gently, "Rey darling, I need you to wake up and do me a huge favor."
03:47 Hawk She groaned, "Five more minutes, then I'll get up."
03:48 Hawk chuckled even as his heart broke, "No my little Sparrow I need you up now. Lok needs you."
03:49 Hawk Rey blinked several times then said, "What's wrong?"
03:52 Hawk forced himself to smile, "Well, Lok's being an idiot really, he's got this /ridiculous/ notion that you love me more than him." He continues before she can say anything, "Utterly preposterous, I mean I'm practically your father! Of course you love me, and I you, but not like /that/. Silly man."
03:52 Lok (lol'd.)
03:54 Hawk "He wouldn't listen to me though, so stubbornly set was he on this asinine idea. And he stormed off looking completely heartbroken! My dear, it is your responsibility as his beloved to seek him out and ease his troubled mind. Unless of course you harbor /no/ feelings of affection towards the man."
03:55 Hawk Rey is just sitting there silently trying to process all of this.
03:57 Hawk continues without missing a beat, "Now you go ahead make up your mind about the man, I've got to be getting back to that lovely lil vixen in my bed." He abruptly leaves without a backward glance.
03:58 Lok (D'awww hawk)
03:58 Hawk Rey hesitates, but not for long, she gets herself dressed and is rushing to Lok's house as fast as her legs can take her.
03:58 Hawk (hang on not done)
04:00 Hawk watches her leave from the shadows, then heads to his room. "Jez, my lovely. Thank you for waiting."
04:00 Hawk "My pleasure Hawk, it's nice to have an extra night off once in a while."
04:02 Hawk He climbs into bed with her, his heart heavy as lead, and wraps his arms around her, "Oh you know...I just can't sleep alone." He zonks out in seconds, his arms clinging to her as though he'll fall if he let's go.
04:02 Lok (D'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww)
04:03 Hawk -SCENE-
04:03 Lok (Clap clap clap clap!)
04:03 Hawk (as for next time!!! Rey confronts Lok)
04:03 Lok (squeeee)
04:04 Hawk (Actually in his canon a big part of Hawk's character is that he commonly pays for whores to have a night off and just cuddle him...he wishes people had done that for him back when he was one. T_T)
04:05 Hawk (He was never intending to actually have sex with her lol XD)
04:06 Lok (D'AWWWWWWWW)
04:06 Lok (annnnnnd logged)
04:06 Lok
04:06 Lok (stupid anonymous thing...)
04:06 Hawk (he just cannot sleep alone 0_0....Hawk doesn't mind hook-ups when he's single...but he won't pay for it lol)
04:07 Lok (Hawk's too awesome)
04:07 Hawk (yeah unrealistically so...which is why he gets tons of fucked up to balance the awesome out lol)
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