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Hawk and Lok have their very first Bromance! is also their very last +.+
On the way to Cyberdome, our heroes decided to take the opportunity to rest and make camp. As the days events went by, nightfall soon came. Paranoid as ever, Lok volunteered to take first watch.
18:32 Lok Soon, all but Lok had fallen fast asleep. The forest trees whistle softly during the night. Various forest critters can be heard.
18:32 Rocketgirl Shira says, "Stay awake," then goes to curl up in front of Heinrich's tent.
18:32 Rocketgirl (opps)
18:33 *** Rocketgirl is now known as Hawk
18:33 Lok Except Shira.
18:33 Lok Shira was also awake.
18:33 Lok nods, and heads to his post.
18:33 Hawk She falls asleep quickly though, snoring loudly in her dog form.
18:34 Lok An hour passes by. Lok yawns. It seems this tonight will be uneventful.
18:35 Hawk Then a large bird dives at him out of nowhere. (XD)
18:36 Lok stumbles back from the stump he was sitting on. "Waaah!"
18:37 Hawk The bird lands atop a nearby tent and looks at you with beady black eyes.
18:37 Lok stares at the bird with narrow eyes. "Stupid beast...! Away with-"
18:37 Lok Wait a minute...
18:37 Lok Why does this bird seem so...familiar?
18:38 Lok cautiously walks closer to the bird to get a closer look.
18:38 Hawk It's the same damn bird that bit you!
18:39 Lok motions the bird to go away. "Shoo! Shoo! I don't /have/ any treats for you!"
Topic set by jdstroy on Wed Nov 20 18:39:09 PST 2013
18:39 +++ jdstroy has given op to Lok
18:39 +++ jdstroy has given op to Hawk
18:39 Hawk (perfect! That looks just like Syke XD)
18:40 Lok (what's OP)
18:40 Lok (And what a cool bird! )
18:40 Hawk The bird opens it's mouth and hisses at you.
18:40 jdstroy It means you can operate the channel
18:40 Lok (huh.)
18:40 +++ ChanServ set the channel to mode +n
18:40 +++ ChanServ set the channel to mode +t
18:40 +++ ChanServ has given owner to jdstroy
18:40 Lok looks around for the birds Master. Perhaps he is nearby...?
18:41 Hawk Hawk is sitting nearby warming himself by the fire.
18:41 Hawk (We have no idea how to operate the channel )
18:41 Lok storms over to Hawk.
18:42 jdstroy it doesn't do much since there's no trolls or stuff
18:42 jdstroy but it does give you the ability to /topic as well, to change the topic
18:42 jdstroy which is where that bird image is
18:42 Lok "Psst! Hey! What in Yacatect are you doing here!?"
18:43 Hawk "Hi there!" He says merrily. "I just wanted to talk with you about something." You notice that he is still favoring his injured arm.
18:45 Lok looks at Hawk's arm. "Geez, what did they hit you with? I'd have thought you'd have recovered by now."
18:46 Hawk A worried look ghosts across his face, then is replaced by a half smile, "I was treated a bit too late. It might not fully recover. No matter, I was trying to retire some anyways."
18:48 Lok "Oh...I'm...I'm sorry to hear that..."
18:49 Lok starts to feel guilty. He was the main reason they were in any danger, after all.
18:49 Hawk raises an eyebrow, "You are? Huh."
18:50 Lok flinches. "Hey now, what's /that/ supposed to mean?"
18:51 Hawk chuckles, "I just never got the impression that you liked me very much..especially after /you/ got dirt on me from my grandmother...bad form."
18:53 Hawk (He will never forget that! D:<)
18:53 Lok (bwahahaha)
18:53 Lok grins. "Information is just another form of wealth to steal. If anything, I was just being a proper thief. Oh come now, you're not still sore about that are you?"
18:55 Hawk He huffs, "I am a little bit. That is not something you should be joking about in front of Rey." He is scowling at you now. (brb, Marm is woofing)
18:56 Lok Lok thinks to himself, smiling.
18:56 Lok feels good to finally get a punch in.
18:57 Lok sighs. "Alright, alright! I'm sorry. Now look, surely you didn't come here just to tell me /that/ did you?"
18:58 *** Hawk quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
18:58 jdstroy D:
18:58 jdstroy Also, swoosh, slam dunk?
18:59 Lok (Oh she just d/ced)
18:59 Lok (what's a slam dunk?)
19:00 jdstroy It's a basketball term, when you make a basketball go through the hoop from up above, making contact with the ball on one hand and pushing it through the hoop
19:00 jdstroy surely you've heard of that, right?
19:01 Lok (Oh no, I know THAT)
19:01 Lok (I mean, what were you CALLING a slam dunk?)
19:01 jdstroy "getting a punch in"
19:02 jdstroy hence
19:02 jdstroy slam dunk
19:02 jdstroy
19:03 Lok (Oh yeah haha, I bribed Hawk's grandma into telling me an embarrassing fact about Hawk)
19:03 *** Hawk joined #DW
19:04 Lok (She told me at the age of 15, the grandma got him a prostitute, but Hawk screamed and was too afraid to do anything)
19:04 jdstroy yayy~
19:04 jdstroy .... lol, this is an Elonian tale indeed
19:04 Hawk (He did not scream...he told her stories instead of sleeping with her. )
19:05 Hawk (Hawk does not approve of being made to look like a pansy...)
19:05 Lok (oh hahaha)
19:06 Lok (k lemme copy and paste
19:06 Hawk (post the last line plz and no telling lies about my dear Hawk )
19:06 Lok He huffs, "I am a little bit. That is not something you should be joking about in front of Rey." He is scowling at you now. (brb, Marm is woofing)
19:06 Lok Lok thinks to himself, smiling.
19:06 Lok feels good to finally get a punch in.
19:06 Lok Lok sighs. "Alright, alright! I'm sorry. Now look, surely you didn't come here just to tell me /that/ did you?"
19:07 Lok (Sorry I forgot exactly what happened >: )
19:09 Hawk "No, though I would appreciate if you kept your curiosity away from my fucked up family." He says still scowling, "Actually, I wanted to talk to you about Rey..and what your intentions are towards her."
19:10 Lok narrows his eyes. "I only want to make Rey happy. Is there...something wrong with that?"
19:12 Hawk shakes his head, "Not at all, I just want to see what your /expectations/ are of her, and make sure you know what you're getting into."
19:13 jdstroy This is where I cheer and go, "Vanilla romancin' all the way, wooo-hooo!"
19:13 Lok calms down a bit. "Oh...I suppose that's understandable."
19:14 Lok Lok sighs. "Honestly...? I'd be lucky enough to be able to hold her hand."
19:14 Hawk awaits you response, with a stare that could freeze fire.
19:14 Lok There is a serious expression on Lok's face now.
19:15 Hawk He raises an eyebrow, "Come now Lok, you expect me to believe that?"
19:15 Lok "Yes actually. I do."
19:16 Lok "I won't lie. I've charmed many a woman, and have thought many an indecent thought or two."
19:16 Lok "But Rey...she's different. I don't need the warmth of a woman's touch to be happy. As long as /she's/ happy, I am content."
19:16 Lok narrows his eyes at Hawk.
19:18 Lok "Whether or not /you/ believe me is of no concern. If and when I return to Rey, I will take her away from Derphy...and try to start a new life with her."
19:19 Hawk studies your face, "I..don't think you're lying. You'd better not be. She's like a daughter to me you know...I don't know if I can be ok with any man taking her far away from me.."
19:21 Lok 's heart is full of resolve now. However, reality starts to set in. "Hawk...we might not be on the best terms but...if I don't make it back to Rey...Well, I'm glad she's under your protection."
19:24 Hawk He doesn't quite hide his surprise, "Uh, thank you. But I'm talking about /if/ you do make it back...myself and the guild are the only family she has left...I don't think you'll ever be able to get her away from us completely. Can you be ok with that?"
19:24 Hawk (Hawk is like..this was easier when her hated me!)
19:24 Lok (lol)
19:24 Hawk (he*)
19:25 Lok smiles. "Wait, you mean you won't be coming with us?"
19:27 Hawk smirks, "Depends on if I've become King or Derphy yet. I jest!" He adds at the end.
19:27 Hawk Of* dammit
19:27 Lok chuckles as he shakes his head. "Hawk, you misunderstand. I wish to take her away from /Derphy/. I have no intention of taking her away from her family.
19:27 Lok looks at Hawk with a soft expression.
19:28 Lok "But...surely, even you must realize...Derphy is no place for her."
19:29 Hawk "I know.." He admits, "But if I can fix that town..then maybe there will be less people hurt in the way that she has been."
19:30 Lok shakes his head. "Even if that's possible Hawk...and I /really/ doubt that's possible...the memories would still linger with her. Haunting her..."
19:30 Lok "No...I want to give Rey a fresh start. I want to show her the life she deserves..."
19:31 Hawk "Just don't take her too far away ok..." He says this guffly. Strange for him.
19:32 Lok looks at Hawk, perplexed. "Wait...did you think I was kidding when I wanted you to come with us?"
19:34 Hawk His eyes look sad, "No I believe you, but I know Dove won't want to leave...and a gentleman always stays with his lady."
19:36 Lok looks at the sky awkwardly. "For your information...I plan on taking her to Vernis. It's a quaint little town, very close to Derphy. It'd be...very easy to visit you know."
19:37 Hawk Relief floods his features, "I've heard good things about that town...nice choice."
19:38 Lok "I just want you to know Hawk, I fully understand that you and your guild are more than just Rey's friends. You're her family...and I..."
19:38 Lok sighs. He'll never hear the end of this from Hawk but...
19:39 Lok "I would...very much like it if you considered me family too..."
19:40 Hawk blinks then grins and hugs you, "Oh Lok that's adorable! As long as you don't break her heart you can be one of us!" (brb, gotta grab dinner, feel free to fill jd in on stuff)
19:41 Lok (omg so cuuute HAWKLOK)
19:42 jdstroy lol
19:42 Lok Sweatdrops start to form on Lok's forehead.
19:43 Lok is squirming as Hawk hugs him. He slowly pats Hawk on the back. "O-okay now...that's...that's quite enough..."
19:45 Hawk He lets go off you, still smiling broadly, "Ha, you act like you've never hugged a man before!"
19:46 Lok dusts himself off. "It's...not something I do often..."
19:48 Hawk He's still laughing, "You solo thieves don't know what good camaraderie is then!"
19:48 Lok flinches. "It's...not that I'm a solo thief. I've just never had...long term companions...."
19:48 Hawk (Hawklok...I ship it.....what? Hawk is bi..)
19:49 Lok (HAWKLOK IT IS)
19:49 Lok (time to change the ENTIRE DIRECTION of this oneshot)
19:49 Hawk (Oh shit...Dove's totally gonna try for that now...damnit some of my characters are such it's ok...she doesn't deserve it XD)
19:50 Lok (ohohohohoho can you imagine?)
19:51 Hawk (Yes XD but I have a dirty mind.)
19:53 Hawk Hawk's eyes are full of mischief, "Poor little Lok, no one to turn to... until now."
19:53 Lok (WHOA there.)
19:54 Hawk (He's just being silly, not actually hitting on you)
19:54 Lok (lol idk, sorry brb 1 minute(
19:55 Hawk ('s like he has these moments of sincere kindness...then right back to being a dick..brb for me as well)
19:58 Lok (k I'm baclink? :3
20:00 Lok (oh, I'll link it when we finish this scene)
20:01 jdstroy thanks
20:01 Lok (k lets see...)
20:02 Hawk (back)
20:02 Lok (ugh mom's calling...brb again, 5 minutes tops)
20:03 jdstroy time for me to go to bed... 'night! Thanks for the chuckles. :3
20:03 Hawk (G'night)
20:04 Lok (back sorry)
20:05 Hawk (no worries *munches food*)
20:05 Lok 's cheeks start to redden.
20:05 Lok "L-look, is that all? I don't want you waking up my companions..."
20:06 Lok avoids making eye contact with Hawk.
20:08 Hawk leans in close, "Well I thought you and I could trade stories, since you were so interested in hearing about my past. And after all, nothing is secret between family." His grin says you are going to dread whatever tale he requests from you.
20:09 Hawk "So Lok what was your childhood like?"
20:10 Lok sighs. He steps back to remain more than arms length from Hawk.
20:10 Lok "My childhood...? Well...I was
20:11 Lok raised in a very wealthy family. I liked to paint a lot. best friends were a Butler and a girl who lived next door. Wasn't always on the best terms with my dad. Not much else I guess..."
20:12 Hawk He smiles, "I had you pegged for a rich boy, glad to see my intuition was right." (It's great Hawk, expect when it comes to detecting that a certain someone might love you in a not so familial way)
20:14 Lok flinches. "Well, what about you?"
20:14 Hawk (You gonna say something bout that?)
20:15 Lok (Nah, I'll let it slide.)
20:15 Lok (Lok doesn't really like his childhood anyways.)
20:17 Hawk You could tell he was just waiting for you to ask, "Well as you know, I'm the son of a whore. My mother was one of the classier ones though; I get my hair from her." He pauses for a moment.
20:19 Hawk "She played consort to one rich 'nobleman' after another, always careful not to conceive," he smirks, "But one day the job caught up with her and she was stuck with me. I'm told she tried to swallow some poison to kill me, but I think my grandmother just says that to be a bitch."
20:20 Hawk (Let's all clap for Hawk's wonderful family!)
20:21 Lok (Clap clap clap)
20:24 Hawk "Anyways I grew up in a brothel, that same one you've been to actually, and got into the family business when I was sixteen." He looks at you sternly, "Now don't go pitying me, I'm not like Rey. I was never forced into anything. It was always just business to me, a way to make coin just like me ole' mum."
20:25 Lok (oh wow interesting)
20:28 Hawk "One day though, one of my clients decided to get a little too..playful..with a knife. Till then I'd lived a sheltered life as far as whoring goes, my mother shielding me from the worst clients. Well I decided I didn't like that. So I wrestled the knife from his grasp and stabbed him in the neck."
20:28 Hawk (hawk likes storytime XD)
20:32 Lok (I like it when you tell stories :3 )
20:32 Hawk "I panicked of course and ran to get my mother. She pacified me, saying accidents like that happen, and helped me hide the body. I found that the fact that I killed someone didn't bother me as much as it should, so I asked her if I could get paid for killing instead of fucking." He looks at the sky and grins, "And thus the Bloody Hawk was born!"
20:32 Hawk (hang on, I have to kill a spider for my brother lol)
20:32 Lok (Aw don't keel it >: )
20:34 Hawk ( I don't like to but there was no other way. He wouldn't get into his shower unless I killed it. He has a phobia.)
20:34 Lok (aw poor guy)
20:34 Hawk (You saving these logs? This is pretty good.)
20:35 Lok (yup yup)
20:36 Hawk (good. tis your turn to talk Lok. )
20:36 Lok (oh right derp)
20:37 Lok (sorry moms calling)
20:37 Lok (ok back...sorry)
20:38 Lok nods. "Wow Hawk, I...wasn't expecting that."
20:39 Hawk He chuckles, "What were you expecting?"
20:39 Lok looks away. "Oh...n-nothing..."
20:40 Hawk raises an eyebrow, "No really, I'm curious, I won't be mad."
20:41 Lok "Well...I guess I just wasn't expecting you and I to have much in common, that's all..."
20:42 Hawk "I am failing to see the to elaborate?"
20:44 Lok (I'm sorry sorry for typing so long, my mom keeps dropping in to bother me)
20:44 Hawk (it's ok no worries XD)
20:45 Lok sighs. "In a town like Derphy...thieves are practically destined to one day experience their first kill. Sometimes, our first kill tends to influence the kind of man we become."
20:46 Lok "I guess I expected you to...well..."
20:46 Lok turns his head in shame.
20:46 Lok "I dunno...with the way you are, I expected yours to be a tale of revenge, not desperation."
20:49 Hawk He pats you on the back gently, "I've gotten vengeance many times in my life, but it has never been my own." There's a sharp edge to his voice that makes you wonder how many he's killed.
20:50 Lok sighs. "I hate to admit it, but...that is truly admirable. I can't say the same about myself."
20:51 Hawk gives you a once over, "You don't strike me as the type out for revenge Lok."
20:52 Lok looks away. "Let's just say I've...learned not to get to comfortable with companions on a job."
20:54 Hawk He has a knowing look, "Ah that explains your caution then..betrayal is all too often a trick of our trade isn't it?"
20:56 Lok nods. "Unfortunately yes...but for me, it is just another part of reality."
20:57 Hawk "Well I'll try not to betray you if you do the same alright?"
20:58 Lok smiles at Hawk. "It's a deal...friend."
20:58 Lok (SQUEEEE)
20:58 Hawk He holds out his good hand, "Shake on it?"
20:59 Lok is hesitant at first...but than clasps Hawk's hand firmly and shakes.
21:00 Hawk (D'awww they got a bromance going now.)
21:02 Hawk Hawk smiles then says, "Now I'm got another question to ask you...I mean you're an educated man, so what do you think for people in our line of work..?" You don't think you've ever seen him stumble over words this much.
21:03 Lok frowns. "Honestly...I've never considered that I might actually /get/ a happy ending like that..."
21:05 Lok "In fact...I don't think I've heard of ANY thief who's had that kind of happy ending..."
21:05 Hawk sighs, "Well that's not the point, what I'm asking is how does one go about asking...a lady such a thing...I assume there is certain protocol and things that are required.." (D'aww Hawk you've been around whores too much)
21:06 Lok blinks his eyes in surprise. "Oh...? Oh. OH!"
21:07 Lok clears his throat. He feels like a parent giving his son the facts of life.
21:07 Hawk (hahahaha, he should know this...but he doesn't XD)
21:07 Lok "Well I uh...well yes. There IS a certain protocol...I would assume..."
21:08 Lok looks at the sky.
21:08 Lok "I mean...there's the courting...and ...the planning..."
21:08 Lok sighs. "I'm sorry Hawk...I've...not much to offer on the subject myself actually."
21:08 Hawk Hawk is getting impatient, "What about the asking?"
21:09 Lok "Well...I suppose if you want to be romantic..."
21:09 Lok ponders on this.
21:10 Lok "I suppose the venue would have to be just right. A moonlit dinner...or beautiful view of the world below..."
21:10 Lok Suddenly, Rey's face comes to mind.
21:12 Lok "...and for one your heart. For one moment, you risk everything for the prize. I suppose you'd be vulnerable to great harm...but at the same time..."
21:12 Lok pauses for a moment.
21:13 Lok "...sometimes, the risk is worth the reward. Don't you think?"
21:14 Hawk "I'd like to think so." he says quietly.
21:14 Lok clears his throat. "Of's all hypothetical...I wouldn't know what it's like to /actually/ ask...Er...why do /you/ ask?"
21:16 Hawk turns red, " Lady and I have been together for..quite some time and I..guess I'd just like to make it official.."
21:16 Hawk He stares at the campfire, "But honestly...I have no idea how to do that."
21:18 Hawk (Hawk is so cute when he's fail XD)
21:18 Lok "Well...try your best, and take a risk! I'm sure she'll say yes, no matter how you ask!"
21:19 Lok tries to put on a winning smile, and pats Hawk on the back.
21:19 Hawk He sighs, "I'm not sure she will at all. She's a complicated woman."
21:21 Lok " you think she's worth the risk then?"
21:22 Hawk Without missing a beat he says, "Of course! But...I don't want to offend her.."
21:22 Lok "What do you mean?"
21:24 Hawk looks at you, "I haven't told you that story have I? Dove and I met because she hired me to kill her abusive husband, and I did. I have the feeling she doesn't think very highly of marriage now."
21:25 Lok "Ah...I suppose that /does/ make things complicated then..."
21:27 Hawk He nods, "Exactly...but at the same is important to me. I want to be able to call her my wife."
21:27 Lok " could her feelings out of her then?"
21:29 Hawk makes a fist, "Gods know I've tried, but she always avoids the subject...I love her...I've told her that so many times, but I've yet to hear it back." His face is grim.
21:33 Hawk (you there?)
21:33 Lok (yea sorry mom keeps yelling...)
21:33 Lok (still typing sorry)
21:33 Hawk (go see what she needs I can wait)
21:34 Lok (no I took care of it just now)
21:34 Lok ponders on this. "Perhaps...she's just not ready then?"
21:35 Lok "I mean...I don't know about you, but the institution of marriage doesn't have to mean anything more than just a piece of paper, you know?"
21:36 Hawk He looks down, "To me it would mean that she isn't just going to run off with the next man that catches her fancy...I mean you'd think after four years she'd be ready to settle down with me."
21:39 Lok "I...don't wish to pry but...why exactly /is/ she against marriage?"
21:42 Hawk looks pained, "I don't know really..she won't give me a straight answer, but I gather that she's afraid of being 'trapped' with another person for good...." He seems to hate admitting this.
21:43 Lok "Then maybe the first step is resolving /that/ perhaps...?"
21:43 Hawk "I wish that I knew how.."
21:44 Lok shrugs. "Well...if she won't talk to /you/ about it...maybe she'll talk to someone else?"
21:44 Lok (poor hawk >: )
21:45 Hawk (Ikr! )
21:45 Hawk He looks defeated, "Yeah...maybe."
21:46 Hawk (brb gonna get Marm, feel free to post Lok's response)
21:47 Lok scratches his chin. "I mean..from what /I/ saw, Rey and Dove seemed pretty close..."
21:47 Lok .../too/ close...
21:49 Lok (MARLEY <3)
21:50 Hawk (too close eh? Lok what you thinking 0_0? )
21:50 Lok (Nooooothing )
21:52 Hawk shakes his head, "Those two fight like cats and dogs...but they care about each other deep down." Hawk doesn't really know why but the idea of bringing Rey into his and Dove's drama deeply bothers him. "I don't think she'd listen to Rey...they've only recently started to get along."
21:53 Lok is relieved. Once more he has managed to misinterpret the situation. "Well...that's a start isn't it?"
21:54 Hawk He smiles, "I think for a long while Rey was upset that she wasn't the only girl in my life, silly child." It's clear he has not picked up on Rey's attraction to him.
21:55 Hawk "A start to what?"
21:56 Lok scratches his chin. "Well...I that Rey and Dove are starting to get along, perhaps all Dove really needs is a woman's ear rather than a man's."
21:58 Hawk Hawk's brow furrows, "I'd rather not involve Rey in my romantic affairs...that will just give Dove the wrong idea.." He blushes a touch at this.
21:58 Lok "I never said you had to directly involve her..."
21:58 Lok "Just...keep your ears about you, that's all."
21:58 Hawk (Dove would be like 'yay threesome!!' and Hawk would all 'she's like my kid sicko' DX)
21:58 Lok (LOL)
21:59 Lok (gonna open the door for someone, brb)
22:00 Hawk "I suppose there's no harm in do that..I just...wish I knew she really cared."
22:01 Hawk doing*
22:02 *** Twib joined #DW
22:02 Twib For the record, had I known, I still would have picked linger, not just for understanding the scenario, but also because it seems most in character. Love isn't logical, and with marisa pining after so many, it seems to me that she wouldn't have quite cut ALL the strings that bind her to alice just yet. wounds take time to heal, old habits die hard, et cetera, et cetera.
22:02 Twib READERS
22:02 Twib BEST
22:02 Twib FOREVER
22:02 Twib I LOVE THEM
22:04 Hawk (psh, her cutting ties would have been healthier, I did not know we were supposed to pick the most in character option )
22:04 Lok (sorry I'm back)
22:04 Hawk (kk I typed stuff)
22:04 Lok (kk)
22:05 Lok puts his hand on Hawk's shoulder. "I'm...sorry. I'm sure she'll come around though, positive."
22:06 Lok It's strange. Lok has offered advice before, but not like this. Not to someone like Hawk. He feels a faint kinship forming between him and Hawk...and he's not sure what to think of it.
22:07 Lok (oh, and harro twib!)
22:07 Twib (Moving on is also the most in character option.)
22:08 Hawk (best bromance ever, until she dumps him and Hawk gets all confused )
22:09 Lok (oh man that's gonna get so messy...)
22:09 Lok (assuming Lok is still alive and kicking )
22:12 Hawk (I know *evil laugh* XD) He smiles faintly, "Thanks's good advice, but I'm /not/ sure I can stay positive...I'm not like you. I'm a selfish man....I can't...I can't be ok loving someone who might not love me back..I am a man of passion in every sense of the word."
22:12 Lok chuckles. "Hey now, I'll admit, I've gone through some changes back in Derphy but..."
22:13 Lok playfully shakes Hawk.
22:13 Lok "Once a thief..."
22:13 Lok (brb again...>.> 2 minutes tops)
22:14 Hawk He finishes with a question, "always a thief?"
22:16 Lok smiles. "Exactly. We'll always be selfish men one way or another."
22:18 Hawk "Hmmph, I suppose we shall." He rubs his bad arm, and stands up. "I ought to be heading home Lok...I don't like to keep my lady waiting."
22:18 Lok nods. "I wish you the best of luck Hawk. I really do."
22:18 Lok "Oh, and please...say hi to Rey for me will you? Tell her I miss her."
22:20 Hawk His eyes soften at the mention of Rey, "Of course. She told me to tell you to 'not die'." He holds his good arm aloft and gives a low whistle. The bird flies to his arm, and he turns and begins walking away.
22:21 Lok sighs as he sees Hawk off.
22:21 Lok "I'll try Rey. I'll try."
22:21 Lok -SCENE-
22:21 Hawk (bravo!!! Best bromance evarh!!!)
22:21 Lok (and it was the last bromance they ever had...)
22:21 Lok (clap clap clap clap!)
22:22 Hawk (T_T yes it is the last cuz Hawk's gonna go cock everything up like an idiot.)
22:22 Lok (Oh, is that gonna happen when he gets back?)
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