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Heinrich and Shira go hunting in the woods! But then things go horribly wrong...Or maybe they go horribly right?
Shira was excited, the lands outside Port Kapul weren't like the forest's of her home. No these woods were smaller and alive with new sights and smells! It felt so good to walk in nature once again.
18:40 Heinrich keeps a few paces behind her, not wanting to disturb anything she might be sneaking up on. It was her idea to come hunting, so he figures she knows what she's after, besides getting to know the land.
18:41 Shira Her child-like joy was contagious, "Heinrich I found another rabbit!" She displays the small creature's corpse to him with pride.
18:41 Shira (Shira joy = killing things XD)
18:42 Shira (brb, need to put whiny pup outside)
18:42 Heinrich (K.)
18:42 Heinrich raises an eyebrow. "You did indeed." It's a good thing that they multiply like... well...
18:43 Heinrich "You're really fast--is it because you can sneak up on them?"
18:46 Shira (back...I want to punt my Mother's stupid little dogs.)
18:46 Lok (back!)
18:46 Shira nods and grins, "I sneak like a wolf, and strike like a bear."
18:47 Heinrich (*snicker*)
18:48 Lok (By the way, Yacatect IS the best god.)
18:48 Shira (Lies.)
18:48 Heinrich nods. "Interesting. I can see why you're so much more at home out here." He looks around at the forest, and the rolling hills around it. This would be living space par excellance. If he could jsut get into contact with the high command... well. "We might be able to sell these, if we widn up with enough surplus."
18:48 Heinrich (Lies and statistics.)
18:49 Lok (I can USE statistics to PROVE yacatect is the best god, but I'd rather watch sheinrich )
18:49 Heinrich (*bow*)
18:51 Shira smiles viciously, "I can hunt many more!" She shifts to dog form and puts her nose to the ground.
18:52 Heinrich blink. "Oh, ah--alright," he says blithely, and takes charge of her current rabbit while she works.
18:52 Shira (he's so cute XD he's always 'oh yeah she does that')
18:54 Shira wags her tail as she picks up the delicious, soft scent of a scared hare. It's hiding nearby in a burrow.
18:54 Heinrich (Well, y'know, it's still kind of a surprise. You're talking to a pretty girl and suddenly, bam, she's much shorter and her tongue is substantially longer.)
18:55 Lok (Lok will never get used to it either )
18:55 Shira (*snorts* hahahahah, his reaction is just always golden)
18:55 Heinrich keeps well back. He's yet to get much gear that isn't his old uniform, and his heavy soles make all kinds of racket out here.
18:57 Shira She has found the right burrow now, the scent tickles her nose, beckoning her to dig there. With dogged determination she sets out on her task, paws shifting through dirt furiously.
18:58 Heinrich pads just a few steps closer, watching her work. Of course, right now all he can see is her tail. Her wagging tail. Now, on a human, that would be the... um... the er...
18:58 Heinrich turns around and looks at the clouds.
18:58 Lok (OHOHOHO)
18:59 Shira (hahahaah so cute) She can practically taste the furry rodent, when something large strikes her from the side. Shira is sent flying hard into the trunk of a nearby tree.
19:01 Shira Heinrich you see a huge brown beast charge out of nowhere, straight into Shira. You hear a piercing yelp and a sudden 'thunk'.
19:03 Heinrich is over beside her before he can think about what he's doing. His hand went to his dagger when he saw heard the impact, and it's out from its sheath by the time he gets to the... thing. Thing? What is that?
19:03 Heinrich *-'he saw', my backspace key hates me
19:05 Shira It appears to be a very angry, very large, strangely horned deer. (would he know what a moose was? I wasn't sure lol) The creature paws and the ground and snorts, it's eyes filled with fury.
19:06 Heinrich (Yeah, I think so)
19:06 Heinrich slips between the two of them; he grabs the thing's neck or shoulder and drives his dagger up and in.
19:07 Lok (what is this, god of war? XD )
19:08 Heinrich (...oops. Well, on the one hand, hand-to-hand combat training is a nice thing. On the other hand)
19:08 Heinrich *tries to
19:09 Shira (tis a one-shot, I'll allow it, he needs to get to be a badass sometimes lol)The moose grunts and gasps, as it bleeds out it swings it's head violently to shake you away.
19:09 Shira is laying by the tree growling at the beast.
19:10 Heinrich (If it helps, that is literally the one thing they would have gone over with someone in the Algemeine SS, in terms of combat. They didn't do a lot of heavy fighting, since it could have ended in breaking a nail.)
19:11 Heinrich is thrown off and stumbles back, but he knows he punctured something, so he just gets back between it and Shira, keeping hold of his dagger just in case.
19:11 Shira (hahahaaha, d'awwwwww)
19:13 Shira The moose continues bleeding and gasping, with it's death near the maddened beast charges again!
19:14 Heinrich is--unfortunately--in its way. He tries to grab it around the head and neck again, but mostly manages to get the wind knocked out of him, before he drives the end of a jackboot up and into its trachea.
19:17 Shira Luckily it knocks you to the side, so instead of crushing you as it's 1200 pounds bulk collapse right in front of the tree when Shira was. It is to your great relief, that you realized she managed to limp out of the way.
19:18 Shira (ugg no "as" that was terrible wording...)
19:18 Shira (realize* fml)
19:18 Heinrich doesn't waste time waiting around to see if it can get back up. He looks around for Shira.
19:19 Shira The moose lets out a dying grunt, and then all you can hear is Shira whimpering. She is a lying down a few feet away from the tree she hit.
19:22 Heinrich kneels down beside her, careful not to touch her just yet. "Ah---scheisse..." he looks her over for any obvious injuries, despite knowing most of the damage is probably internal.
19:22 Lok (That fight sure was...*sunglasses*...a-moose-ing...)
19:22 Heinrich (Oh, that's a lot of bull...)
19:23 Lok (ohohohoho)
19:23 Shira whines and licks a clearly fractured and bleeding back paw.
19:26 Heinrich reaches down and strokes her head. "Alright... alright, girl, let's get you out of here and get that fixed up. I need to pick you up..." he moves his hand down, under one shoulder blade, being very slow so as not to accidentally shift anything important.
19:26 Shira yelps.
19:28 Shira She is a heavy dog, easily over 100 pounds, but she helps pull her own weight by clinging to you with her front paws.
19:28 Heinrich stops moving, but he doesn't pull his hands back. "...I don't think you'll make it back to the inn like that..."
19:30 Shira is whimpering again, she wants to turn into something smaller...but she can't focus...even her dog shape seems to be slipping away from her right now.
19:32 Heinrich blinks. "Oh---wait, that's... er... should you...?" What if she hurts herself worse trying to transform. "You're just fine like that--it's alright..."
19:32 Heinrich *?
19:33 Shira is losing consciousness...against her will her body slips back into her natural form.
19:35 Heinrich (just wanting to ask a skeevy question here.... she keeps her clothes, right? When she goes back to being an elf?)
19:36 Shira (yeah, tis a Druid magic thing, it would be funny if she didn't but she does.)
19:37 Heinrich (*phew*)
19:38 Heinrich blinks. Well--he can't exactly pick her up like he would a fellow soldier. For obvious reasons related to the injuries that she probably has... as he gathers her up in his arms, he takes a look at her leg, to see how the injury transferred and what has been damaged.
19:38 Shira (haha, it would be hella awkward right now if she didn't lol)
19:38 jdstroy Things could get pretty awkward otherwise...
19:38 jdstroy lol
19:38 Heinrich (Yes, yes it would)
19:39 Heinrich (Say, DM, Twib keeps saying 'luggage' if I ask fi I still have [insert standard-issue thing here]. Will that work for a medkit?)
19:40 Twib (In our actual games no.)
19:40 Twib (Because that'd have an in game effect.)
19:40 Lok (bah, it's a oneshot, pretend you borrowed one of Lok's adventuring kits then.)
19:40 Twib (For hewre it's fine by me though.)
19:40 Shira (D'awwwww XD Yeah luggage works for me. Pull out a medkit.) Her ankle is bent at an unnatural angle, it's bleeding slowly for a bit of broken bone is sticking out.
19:41 Heinrich (Well, yeah, obviously not in actual game. But I thought Shira was DMing, so was asking her. >>; sorry for deferring the wrong direction)
19:41 Heinrich (No offense, Lok, but I think ours have something in them for pain...)
19:42 Heinrich winces as he straightens up, the accompanything intake of breath making a 'thhhh' sound. Hopefully Shira stays unconscious for as long as possible.
19:42 Shira (I am DMing the oneshots more or less lol)
19:42 Lok (ohhh I see )
19:43 Shira is out, and looks like she'll stay that way for a bit.
19:45 Heinrich (ah, brb)
20:06 Heinrich carries her back to the inn very, very carefully, going as fast as he dares given his cargo.
20:06 Heinrich (is Lok in this RP or is it just the two of us?)
20:07 Shira (up to you and him lol)
20:07 Lok (just to two of you please)
20:07 Lok (I love watching you two )
20:07 Heinrich (Ah, sure.)
20:08 Shira You are back at the inn, what happens then?
20:10 Heinrich runs out of ideas halfway up the stairs. He has a medkit but, owing to the circumstances of their mission, he never exactly had occasion to use it--so when he manages to put her down on her bed and go back for it, it's a great stroke of luck that the instructions are still in there.
20:11 Heinrich unfolds and reads them dubiously, looking from the pamphlet to the break. Well... there is a packet of plaster in here.
20:16 Heinrich picks out the kit for wounds, and sets it out; he finds some water and gets out the powdered plaster and bandages, as well. There's a page about broken bones, and a whole paragraph about setting them--so after reading it twice, he checks on Shira to make sure she's really, /really/ out cold.
20:17 Shira is groaning a little.
20:18 jdstroy Side note - the world of Elona is weird in that there's like... hardly any (clean) water.
20:19 Lok (love that "Holy" water xD)
20:19 Heinrich winces. He has some tablets in here for pain--but they're not morphine, not even close. Nothing that can actually keep her from feeling this. "Shira...?" he whispers.
20:19 Heinrich (...*cough* oops)
20:20 jdstroy You can practically get any kind of potion out of a well with an empty bottle... except water. WTF ensues.
20:21 Shira sucks in a breath, and mumbles, "My..leg."
20:22 Heinrich winces and nods. "Yes, it's... it's pretty bad. But I think I can fix it. Are you hurting anywhere else?" he reaches down and finds a tongue depressor in the kit, grabbing onto it.
20:24 Shira nods her head slowly, "I landed stomach hurts some too.."
20:25 Lok (well technically, that's not true. If you drink from a wishing well and get a wish, you could WISH for clean water probably xD )
20:26 Shira (Twib has informed us little of Elona, we are doing our best ok lol)
20:26 Heinrich nods. "Alright. Well, let's see if we can fix your leg up first." He holds the tongue depressor out toward her. "I need you to bite down on this for a little while."
20:26 jdstroy Oh, right you are. Except, that's generally a very bad idea, 'cause that draws holy water from the Noyel Holy Well. (very very minor spoiler)
20:27 Shira scrunches up her face and bites down on it.
20:28 Heinrich (Has anyone seen the page on magic?)
20:28 Heinrich (I know it's around ehre somewhere...)
20:28 Lok (hm?)
20:29 Shira (I have a page on wizard spells..)
20:29 Heinrich nods. Out of habit, he reaches up and strokes a few strands of hair back from her forehead. "Alright. Try to relax, now..." he murmurs, reaching down and lining up his hands. Fortunately it's a very clean break--one good hard shove should put it right back where it needs to be.
20:29 Heinrich (Link plox?)
20:30 Shira ( )
20:30 Heinrich (Thanks.)
20:31 Heinrich (....would someone explain to me why this setting has no Cure Light?)
20:31 Shira (Hell if I know...but hey you get a telepathic bond...that could be useful when she's a animal. XD)
20:32 Heinrich (I need a telepathic bond with her pancreas and inferior vena cava...)
20:32 Lok (maybe that's a priest thing x.x)
20:33 jdstroy 'tis. Cleric: First Aid
20:33 Heinrich braces her leg against the bed and shoves the bone back into one piece.
20:33 Shira (hehehehe..yeah it's not helpful no, but would be could always try a ritual, I'll be nice about it lol)
20:34 Shira (now*)
20:34 Shira snaps the tongue depressor and yelps.
20:36 Heinrich reaches up, quickly getting hold of the pieces while one hand closes over the wound. "Ah--here, spit that out..."
20:36 Shira She does so with a grunt, then says, "Is it fixed now?"
20:37 Heinrich (I may have to. main problem with that thing is having to be in a place of power.)
20:38 Heinrich sets the peices down beside the bed. "It's close. I need to close up this wound and then make sure the bones won't move. Did any of that break off in your mouth?" She has enough internal problems without breathing in a splinter.
20:38 Shira (hmmm well the inn could be a place of power to you. at least in this.)
20:38 Lok (What does place of power mean?)
20:39 Shira shakes her head, "I spit it all out. Continue, I can bear the pain." Her face is determined.
20:39 Heinrich (You know... to be perfectly honest. I've been in this game for a while now, and still have no idea about the specifics)
20:40 Heinrich nods, the hand that's still up by her head absently stroking her temple and forehead. "Alright."
20:40 Shira (just read stuff on that link I sent you, it has most of the basics lol)
20:41 Heinrich (Oops. Heh...)
20:41 Shira Her yellow eyes meet yours, filled with trust, she is counting on you to fix her, and believes you can.
20:42 Lok (D'awww)
20:42 Heinrich gives her a nervous smile in response, and quickly sets to work closing the wound, which in this kit consists of sprinkling it with sulfa powder and wrapping it tightly. The plaster has to mix and be applied with bands, like papier mache; it feels cold and slimy against her skin, but the moisture doesn't penetrate to her wound.
20:44 Shira looks on with curiosity, she has never seen anything akin to modern medicine before. She isn't sure she likes how it feels..but she sits still anyways.
20:46 Heinrich smiles back at her when the cast is on. "Now, this has to dry. I'm going to squeeze it a little to make sure it dries in the right shape--it might be uncomfortable."
20:47 Shira grimaces, but says, "Thank you for warning me."
20:48 Heinrich nods, and carefully squeezes the wet cast closer to her leg. "Alright. That will dry in..." he flicks through the pamphlet. " half an hour. Give or take." When he goes to turn back to her, it sticks to his hand, but he doesn't seem to notice. "Now--your stomach, you said? Can you tell me about the kind of pain it is?"
20:50 Shira She thinks for a moment, she isn't sure she has the right words. "A stomping pain, like a deer stepped on me."
20:52 Heinrich "...well, that's apt...."
Shira (lolz, Shira's limited language strikes again XD)
20:55 Lok (she's so coot.)
20:55 Shira looks worried, "Is that bad?"
20:55 Heinrich blinks, and quickly shakes his head. "Um--no! No, not really, I mean, you did get hit there, after all. It's, um, it's only normal."
20:56 jdstroy I accidentally stepped by deer. Is this bad?
20:57 Shira (she was referring to her description of the pain lol, she knows she sucks at this language)
20:57 jdstroy I know.
20:58 Heinrich (She accidentally her abdomen...)
20:58 Shira Relief is plain on her face, "So you can fix that too Heinrich? I do not want my insides bad..."
20:59 Heinrich doesn't answer at first. He pats her good leg gently. "I'm going to try, but there isn't a solution in my kit. I'll need to use magic instead."
21:01 Shira looks worried again, "Do not fail. I need my insides to be a good mate to you." She is dead serious as she says this.
21:01 Shira (things like that are why I love socially fail..)
21:02 Heinrich stares at her, his expression frozen and static, for a minute. It's not that he's not smiling... it's just that his eyes seem to be focused some thousand or so yards into the middle distance.
21:02 Heinrich (If you listen closely you can almost hear his little brain cells popping...)
21:02 jdstroy lol... very very awkward moment.
21:03 Shira (rotfl XD)
21:03 Shira (awkward is what she's good at...tis like her /only/ non-mauling skill)
21:03 Lok (lol!)
21:04 jdstroy Best answer for the situation: "Uh huh..."
21:04 Lok (I know hawk isn't here, but I still have to say it.)
21:04 Lok (This situation just got...*sunglasses*..."Hawk"ward...)
21:04 jdstroy lol
21:05 Heinrich (He definitely did Nazi that comment coming.)
21:06 Lok (trololololol)
21:06 jdstroy too good, too good
21:07 Shira (Squeeee! In her POV it makes sense...tis related to her backstory actually, women in her tribe can be easily cast aside if for some reason they can't bear children..she is trying not to freak out right now. T_T)
21:07 Heinrich (That poor lady.)
21:08 Heinrich (To be honest it makes a little sense for someone from the Ahnenerbe--just not in such plain terms... ><)
21:08 Shira (I know right lol XD)
21:09 Heinrich finally comes back to himself and nods, clearing away his kit and setting up a ritual according to how he was taught back in Germany. He can't exactly figure out if there are any ley lines here, but hopefully they're close enough to one.
21:10 Heinrich (*cracks knuckles, BSing the regime's methods of magic because Youtube eats too much bandwith to watch the documentary on it*)
21:11 Shira (No worries, keep going with it! XD)
21:16 Heinrich digs through his medkit and produces a little more sulfa powder, using it to carefully draw runes at the cardinal directions around Shira, sifting it through his fingers like the monks do when drawing a mandala out of sand. "Alright... this will take a while. Are you comfortable, aside from the pain?"
21:17 Shira "Comfortable enough...just fix me please." Her brow is furrowed.
21:20 Heinrich nods. "I need to go get some supplies from my room. Some ash, and salt, and--things. I'll come right back." He pats her good leg again as he ducks back to get said supplies.
21:21 Shira awaits, all the while fighting back tears...she /refused/ to weep and look weak in front of him right now.
21:22 Heinrich is back in a minute or two. "Alright, just a little more time to set up--then we can begin. How is the pain, better, worse?" He has to lean over her to work out parts of the array.
21:24 Shira flushes, "My foot feels insides worse.." Beads of sweat are forming on her forehead.
21:29 Heinrich nods. He has the runes of warding along the outside; now he sits beside her and takes out his dagger, working a few careful symbols into the wood of the floor and the bedframe. "Alright. Well, you should begin to feel better soon.'
21:31 Shira Shira forces a smile, "I am glad you were with me.."
21:32 Heinrich tenses. "Am. Are. You are with me. And you'll be here tomorrow morning too." He has enough ash left on his hands to trace some along her hairline, almost an anionting gesture.
21:35 Shira clasps his hand in her own, "You were very brave threw yourself at the giant deer for me, and slew it. I am honored to be your mate." She has a possessive glint in her eyes.
21:36 Heinrich coughs. "Um--well, thank you kindly." pause. ", er, I'm going to need to see your stomach...."
21:36 Lok (D'awwwwww)
21:37 Shira Without hesitation she lifts up her shirt some. "Shall I take it off?"
21:37 Shira (<3 )
21:37 Lok (WHOAAAA)
21:37 Heinrich blinks. "Oh--no, you don't want to stretch yourself. Here, let me."
21:38 Shira allows him, with a smug grin on her face.
21:38 Heinrich "--I mean--for... for the sake of not moving any mroe than you have to."
21:39 Heinrich has his eyes almost completely squeezed shut, just looking enough to carefully, gently ease it off.
21:39 Lok (getting kinda hot in here...)
21:40 Heinrich (He was all the way done with saying that before it occurred to him...)
21:40 jdstroy oh my~
21:40 Shira The shirt comes off easily enough, but her breastband..well it cover things, but leaves little to the imagination.
21:40 jdstroy someone turned the fireplace up to the 11 notch
21:40 Lok (forget the fireplace, I need to cool down!)
21:42 Heinrich coughs, lookign literally everywhere else but her. "Alright, well, we're ready to begin." Taking a deep breath, he sits down beside her, resting his hand on her stomach over the bruising that's already beginning to form. "This will take a while--just... try to be still, and to relax."
21:43 Shira smiles wryly, and gently teases, "I am relaxed, it it you who is actually as though you've never seen a woman."
21:44 Heinrich "I've seen textbooks, though. I assure you, I am fully qualified to... to..."
21:44 Heinrich edges the first aid kit out of the circle, fixes the smudged edge. "...ahem... right, well, so."
21:45 Shira raises an eyebrow. "Yes?"
21:46 Shira (acting* derp...took me too long to catch that D: )
21:47 Heinrich tries to talk a few times, and finally takes some deep breaths. "I will now begin the ritual. It is prudent to notify you that although I have not tried this before I will do my breast to complete it as it was taught. Please try to remain as still and calm as possible, since this spell is nude to me."
21:47 Lok (HAHAHAHA)
21:48 Shira brusts out laughing, causing her to wince and double over in pain.
21:48 Heinrich blinks, turning back to her--and then quickly averting his eyes. "Wh--what is it, is something the matter?"
21:49 Shira The pain forces her only to snicker, "No, go on. I am fine." Her smirk has not faded.
21:50 Heinrich "Ah, alright. Just so long as there's nothing you need to get off your chest."
21:51 Shira (I am so proud of you right now Hali, XD)
21:52 jdstroy lol
21:52 Heinrich composes himself and settles his palm back on her stomach. According to the more experienced staff sorcerors at Wewelsburg, the gods are primitive--they may hear you but you must be direct. Until the completion of the ritual, you must continue to call out to them--in Old German, of course--and call for what you intend to bring to yourself, things like life, healing, fortune. Love. Et cetera.
21:52 Heinrich (*bow*)
21:53 Shira Shira's eyes glitter in amusement, she wonders if fear of a naked body is a normal human thing.
21:54 Shira If it is, she decides she'll have to teach him the elven way.
21:55 Heinrich is quite happy that she isn't all the way naked. This is hard enough already.
21:56 Shira (*snorts* hahahahahahahaah XD This has made my day!)
21:56 jdstroy Heinrich is going to be in for one hell of a surprise.
21:58 Shira (psh she isn't going to do anything yet...she'll just have to train him sometime down the line )
22:00 Twib >Train him
22:00 Twib >Not him showing her how it's done
22:01 Shira (Hey I'm just saying her thought process, not what is actually going to happen )
22:02 Lok (see this is why I wanted to see more sheinrich.)
22:02 Heinrich (Him showing her? He's in the Ahnenerbe. The last sex he saw was between Indra and Unnamed Temple Figurine Number 4.)
22:02 Shira (Exactly XD hahahahaah)
22:02 jdstroy Hey, the lady leading the way is awesome!
22:03 Heinrich (And it wasn't even that informative, considering how lightning bolts don't actually work that way.)
22:03 Shira (*snickers* oh Shira is going to have fun with him)
22:04 Shira (so what's gonna happen?? *waits*)
22:04 Heinrich spends the entire ritual this way-- channeling energy through the runes and into her wounded body, by way of chanting, calling, and frantically praying for the gods to hear him and to keep the conduit going.
22:05 Lok (I like how we digress sometimes. It's like watching entertaining commercials in between the action.
22:05 Heinrich (Found some research material. Germanic paganism, it turns out, is boring.)
22:05 Shira (ah I sorry)
22:06 Heinrich ("So we have to fight this dragon." "Who pays you when you get hurt fighting a dragon? AFLAC!" "Right, so, Shira, you go in from the side...")
22:06 Heinrich (?)
22:06 Lok (ohohohohoho)
22:07 Shira starts getting drowsy, the warm healing energy coursing though her combine with the rhythmic chants lulls her to sleep.
22:07 Twib (This is why the chinese myths are the best myths.)
22:07 jdstroy Paid product placement? "Heinrich, why aren't you using BandAid® brand bandages?"
22:07 Twib ("Why do we only have one sun?" "Because SOME BADASS SHOT OUT THE OTHER NINE.")
22:07 Shira (combined*)
22:08 Heinrich ("They weren't invented yet..." "Well, why not use Motrin? Well, I prefer Bayer for ideological reasons.....")
22:09 jdstroy I laughed way harder than I should have for that one...
22:09 Shira (hahahaha, awesome! I wish I was as funny as you all!)
22:10 Heinrich notices only when her breathing begins to even out, from a combination of being asleep and the cessation of pain. He breathes a momentary sigh of relief in between cajoling Tyr and threatening perkunas.
22:10 Heinrich *P
22:10 Heinrich (It takes going to a very dark place. ...the college of social sciences. )
22:11 Shira (I like social science...but I study psychology. XD)
22:11 Heinrich (At least it smells better than the one for the sciences. There's nothing quite like the aroma of potted cat at eight o'clock in the morning.)
22:12 Heinrich (Unless it's the aroma of multiple potted cats, laced with the anatomy teacher's coffee.)
22:14 Shira is snoring softly, she looks very peaceful.
22:14 jdstroy lol... That makes me feel just a teensie bit better about being an engineer...
22:14 Heinrich (should we timeskip to the end of it...?)
22:14 Shira (Sure, she'll be very happy when she awakes XD)
22:15 Heinrich (Got it.)
22:17 Shira starts to wake up slowly, she blinks, and sleepily says "Heinrich?"
22:17 Heinrich finally finishes the ritual sometime in the dead dark of the night. It being his first, he drowsily checks her over, pulls the covers over her to keep her warm, and is leaning down to kiss her forehead when he misjudges his own center of gravity and winds up on the floor instead.
22:17 Heinrich "Zzzz."
22:17 Shira (hehehe)
Shira Shira starts to wake up slowly, she blinks, and sleepily says "Heinrich?"
Heinrich blinks slowly, turning over onto his back. "...mein gott," he murmurs, exhausted and already half asleep. "A Valkyrie."
Shira carefully sits up and leans over to look at him. "Heinrich, are you asleep?"
Heinrich grins. "I hope not..." He blinks a few more times, rubbing his eyes and trying to get all the way lucid.
Shira smiles down at him, "I feel much better now. You are a skilled healer." (did he dress her or no? If not...she's going to be very distracting lol) Her voice seems to almost purr
01:35 < Heinrich> (He covered her back up. I don't think he had the motor skills to work sleeves.)
01:36 -!- Twib [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 25.0.1/20131112160018]]
01:36 * Heinrich yawns and sits up, smiling at her. "Good. I'm glad you feel better... you should, rest, though, m'lady. You've been through a great deal."
01:38 < Shira> She gives him a look that's..almost predatory...reminds him of her eyes when she was chasing rabbits, her voice is low, "I am not /yet/ tired."
01:39 [notice(#dw)] ohhohoho~
01:39 * Heinrich blinks, not lucid enough to get it. "Oh. Well--you should still rest... could I get you something maybe?"
01:40 * Shira is inwardly cursing her hurt makes it impossible to pounce him, she lets out a soft growl, "You could get in bed and hold me."
01:41 * Heinrich is now rather suddenly and completely awake.
01:41 < Heinrich> "---what was that?"
01:41 < Lok> (YES._
01:43 * Shira lets out a huff, "Hold me. Please." She is blushing beautifully.
01:43 * Heinrich stands up quickly, if a bit unevenly. "Jawohl!"
01:44 < Heinrich> ", maybe your other side though. Because of your foot."
01:44 * Heinrich edges around the bed andsits down on the edge of it, taking his boots off. "Are you col?"
01:44 < Heinrich> *cold
01:45 < Shira> "Yes." She lies. "And you are always so warm."
01:46 [notice(#DW)]!/s/_/2QBUpR?src=5 Mood music? Mood music.
01:46 < Heinrich> "Ah, of course. Happy to help."
01:47 < Shira> (hahahahahaa, he's too much of a gentleman for that :P...She isn't though)
01:47 * Heinrich pulls his blouse off as well, leaving him in his pants and undershirt, and thus begins the fumbling. "Right, well then, I suppose I would... put my arm... over
here, is that right?"
01:47 -!- Twibphone [~androirc@] has joined #dw
01:48 * Shira nods, encouraging him by snuggling close and nuzzling his chest, "Perfect."
01:48 -!- Lok [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
01:49 -!- Lok [] has joined #dw
01:49 < Lok> (T_T I clicked on the link and got kicked out...Shira could you pm me everything after Heinrich grins. "I hope not..." He blinks a few more times, rubbing his eyes
and trying to get all the way lucid.)
Shira stares into his eyes with a wry smile, "It will be much warmer with your shirt /off/."
+Heinrich turns red. "Ah---of course." He mutters, untangling, unbuttoning and discarding it. "Alright... th-there." he mutters, now somewhat shyly, as he settles back down.
+22:47 Shira takes his take and interlocks her fingers with his, "Why do you redden my dear one?" Her eyes are stare at his chest, "I find your form pleasing."
+22:47 Shira (0_0 Damn Shira...don't go in for the kill too fast...he's new to this!)
+22:48 Lok (DOOO EEET)
+22:48 Heinrich stammers for a minute before finally composing himself. "I suppose it's just instinct..."
+22:51 Shira Her hand releases his, then runs down his chest slowly, "Instincts can be very powerful..I was worried you were embarrassed by me."
+22:52 jdstroy +!/s/Somebody+Like+You/2BnDZr?src=5
+22:53 Heinrich gulps. "Oh. Ohh, gott no... no, not at all. You're beautiful."
+22:54 Heinrich "I-I mean--"
+22:54 Heinrich "--are you sleepy yet?"
+22:55 Shira plants a soft kiss on his neck, "Hmmm not yet."
+22:57 Heinrich 's eyes widen, and he blinks at her. "You're certainly feeling much better..." all the same, it is relaxing to be in contact with another person, and he's gradually drawing her closer and settling in.
+23:02 Shira One of her arms snakes around his torso, pulling him closer in turn, "I feel...happy." She nuzzles his throat and whispers, "You impressed me. You are worthy enough for me to bow my head to."
+23:03 Lok (hrrrrnnngghh)
+23:04 Heinrich gulps. "I. Um. Well--thank you--it is an honor... and... I'm very glad you're happy."
+23:05 Shira smirks her eyes half lidded with lust, "Why are you so nervous Heinrich?"
+23:06 Heinrich blinks. "I... well, you're... here..." he points at her, "And--and I'm over here, not very far."
+23:08 Shira She presses herself up against him, "And? Is that not the natural way of things? Mates should enjoy each other, without fear." He voice is teasing, but sensual.
+23:09 Heinrich shivers. "Well--yes..."
+23:09 Heinrich (need to get off and sleep, sorry)
+23:09 Shira frowns, "I sense a but.."
+23:10 Heinrich (pick up later?)
+23:10 Shira (I understand, *blushes* yes for sure 0_0)
+23:10 Heinrich "...we hardly know each other... and haven't been going steady for very long..."
+23:10 Lok (d'awww)
+23:10 Heinrich steels himself, then leans down and kisses her forehead. "Here I'm from we take things a bit... slower.'
+23:10 jdstroy dawwwwww
+23:10 Heinrich (Bwuh?)
+23:11 Heinrich (*doesn't understand but is too sleepy to try*)
+23:11 Heinrich *Where not here
+23:11 Lok (What a gentleman )
+23:15 Heinrich (*bow, bow*)
Shira laughs, and loosens her grip on him, "Ah, it is as you say a..cultural problem. No matter. You are worth the wait."
17:01 Shira Heinrich blinks, turning pink as a grin slowly spreads across his face. "So are you."
17:02 Shira (Those are the last lines from last time. So from there...hmm)
17:02 Lok (And so they did it.)
17:02 Lok (-SCENE-)
17:03 Shira (no bad Lok)
17:03 Shira starts to look very drowsy, she yawns, "I am starting to tire now.."
17:03 Lok (kukukukuku)
17:06 Heinrich looks incredibly relieved. "Oh. Well, that's to be expected! You should rest, liebchen."
17:06 Shira (hahahaha XD)
17:06 Heinrich ( sorry, I clicked back, and I was so distracted by this that it took me another minute or two)
17:07 Shira (0_0 oh God why did I click that!!!)
17:07 Lok (MY EYES)
17:07 Heinrich (Misery loves company...)
17:07 Shira (Lok pass the brain bleach!!!)
17:08 Lok (Thank goodness I can't type without looking)
17:08 Lok (*can)
17:08 Shira tries not to look dejected, "Do you wish me to leave?"
17:09 Heinrich blinks rapidly. You can almost see the gears turning in his head as he backtracks through the conversation looking for where that was said. "No! No, of course not--you should stay right here. ...why, am I taking up too much space, or..."
17:11 Shira Now Shira looks relieved, "No...I'm quite comfortable here. I do not wish to cause you discomfort.."
17:13 Heinrich nods. "Right. Well, you aren't. You're actually quite soft and warm. Like big piece of wurst."
17:14 Heinrich ".....ahem, and, it's quite late, so.... resting is an excellent idea."
17:14 Shira (lol'd so hard at that )
17:14 Heinrich (Lok suggests things like poetry, wining, dining... at least he's decent at them. >>
17:15 Shira just smiles, and leans on him slightly, "Goodnight."
17:15 Lok (oooh you could recite poetry to her in german! That would be so romantic <3)
17:16 Shira (Squeeeeee! I mean *cough* Shira would find that nice.)
17:16 Heinrich (>>;... I guess reciting would be okay.)
17:17 Heinrich pats her shoulder. "Goodnight!"
17:17 Shira is snoring softly away in moments, she always falls asleep as quick as a tired puppy. There's a smile on her face.
17:19 Shira (skip to morning or Heinrich's thoughts first? Up to you Hali)
17:20 Heinrich is so immensely relieved that he's asleep, that he isn't far behind. During the night, he winds up pulling her closer in his sleep.
17:20 Heinrich (Skip or switch, either works for me)
17:20 Shira (squeeeeeeeee! Morning time!)
17:21 Shira (who'd wake up first? I am not sure honestly)
17:22 Heinrich <--something tells me this is relevant
17:22 Heinrich (You would, probably. There's no reveille in Elona.)
17:22 Shira (I lol'd XD)
17:22 Shira blinks several times, it takes her a moment to realize she isn't alone..
17:23 Heinrich "Zzzzzznrgxxk... nnnghxxx... sieg heil.... zzzzzzrk...." *snort, mumble* "...pickles..."
17:24 Shira She is surprised by this, but pleasantly so...she kinds that she can't really remember much after the ritual..which is strange...but her mate's arms are around her so she does not dwell on it much.
17:24 Shira (brb)
17:24 Heinrich is nice and warm. And unconscious. "Hrnkzzzzz...."
17:26 Shira Shyly she nuzzles him, figuring she /must/ have done something right last night.
17:28 Heinrich pulls her closer, his body curling around hers. "Snrk..."
17:29 jdstroy lol what an image
17:29 Shira blushes, she'd wanted to be this close to him for /so/ long. "Heinrich.." She mummers.
17:30 Heinrich stirs a little, but his eyes are still closed. "Nnh... sir...?"
17:31 Lok (lol'd.)
17:32 Shira stifles a chuckle, "No, it is Shira. Wake up, dear one."
17:33 Heinrich yawns, blinking. "Mm... good morning, Sh...."
17:33 Heinrich *blink*
17:33 Heinrich "...Shira?"
17:33 Heinrich *pupils dilate*
17:33 Heinrich ""
17:34 Shira looks at him curiously, "Yes?"
17:34 Heinrich looks around. This isn't his room. And this definitely isn't his bed. Finally the circle from last night's ritual catches his eye and he relaxes. "Aha! Er-- good morning. How're you feeling?"
17:36 Shira smiles, but her brow furrows, "Happy, but mind is foggy after the ritual. I only remember falling asleep." She blinks and sniffs, "Why do I smell like a bitch in heat?"
17:37 Heinrich "..."
17:37 Heinrich Operation Nazi.exe has crashed. Please restart and try again
17:38 Shira (the ritual may have had un-intended consequences...even though he was doing his breast, he was still very nude to this and may have not entirely focused on healing her *evil grin*)
17:38 Heinrich spends a minute or so in confused, frozen silence before shaking his head vigorously, as if to clear away the question. "I have no idea. Perhaps it's from outside the window, or..."
17:39 Shira (hahahahahaha liar!!)
17:39 Heinrich (You're so evil.... ><)
17:39 Heinrich (Oh come on, I don't think it's dawned on him that it's his fault yet)
17:40 Lok (I'm lolling so hard)
17:40 Shira blinks and shakes her head, "No..I am sure it is my scent...umm what happened after the ritual?"
17:40 Heinrich "NOTHING!"
17:41 Shira (I had this planned all along XD)
17:41 Heinrich coughs. "---er, I mean, nothing of consequence. You were still awake after the climax, and you asked me to sleep next to you, then you fell asleep. Nothing else."
17:42 Heinrich (Mastermind Shira.)
17:42 Shira gives him a disbelieving stare, "You are in my bed Heinrich, and have never lay with me before...are you certain I did something.."
17:43 Heinrich "...well, you tried, but on my honor as an officer of the SS, I promise, you did not succeed."
17:44 Shira blushes red from her neck to her ears, "I am sorry! I would not have pushed you had my mind been..unclouded."
17:45 Heinrich blinks. "Sorry? Wait, for what? You haven't done anything..."
17:46 Heinrich "I-I mean, it just seemed as if you should rest, and... er... well, mostly you just were cold, and so... I mean it wasn't as if you were holding me down or... or anything." At least now they're both red in the face.
17:46 Shira is still red and cannot met your eyes, "You said I tried...I know your kind do not mate so soon...that is disrespectful of me. I am sorry for that."
17:47 Heinrich 's mouth works for a few minutes. "I--meant that only in the loosest sense of the word. You ddi nothing untoward. I promise."
17:47 Shira (I roleplay my Druids as very weak against seduction/hormonal based magic, their animalistic nature gets the best of em lol)
17:48 Heinrich blinks, his expression changing from worry to shock as something clicks in his mind. "...besides, it... may not have been entirely on your own account..."
17:48 Heinrich (Indubitably.)
17:49 Shira wears a startled, "What do you mean?"
17:50 Shira startled look*
17:50 Shira er expression*
17:50 Heinrich "...well... you see in the course of the ritual, you invoke the names of various gods. All of them have to do with life and healing, but some have other domains... less polite domains... it may be that I... er... accidentally misspoke a few dozen times... a-and..."
17:52 Heinrich coughs. "If that is indeed the case--I am very sorry, but I assure you, milady, your honor remains unbesmirched, and your virtue unvaginated."
17:52 Heinrich "Unviolated!"
17:52 Heinrich has a fervent wish for the floor to open up and swallow him right about now.
17:54 Shira laughs and raises an eyebrow, "A few dozen?" Her smile is sincere, "I do not need you to worry about my honor or virtue," her eyes are teasing, "you best watch your own."
17:57 Heinrich gulps. "Er, jawohl."
17:59 Shira is searching his eyes, "Heinrich, have you ever been with a woman?"
18:01 Heinrich blinks. "Er. No."
18:01 Heinrich "Why, have you?"
18:02 Heinrich "--er, I mean..."
18:02 Heinrich clears his throat, making an attempt at composing himself. "Why do you ask?"
18:04 Shira smirks, "I have not been with a woman no, but I have known the touch of a man. I ask because I am wonder how much I will have to teach you."
18:04 Heinrich raises an eyebrow. "....ah..."
18:05 Shira I wonder*
18:05 Shira "Does that bother you?"
18:06 Heinrich "It--no, no, it's just... unexpected. You seem to innocent."
18:06 Heinrich *so
18:06 Heinrich *dammit Shira you're contagious
18:06 Shira (I'm sorry!! Dx)
18:07 Heinrich (*pat*)
18:08 Shira nods, "I am innocent, to your ways. But in my homeland I was betrothed at birth..." Her eyes grow sad thinking of the memories, "It was expected of me to mate with him.".
18:10 Heinrich swallows hard. That does seem to bother him--just a little. "Ah."
18:11 Lok (taking a moment to log)
18:11 Shira is concerned, "Heinrich, explain your thoughts."
18:12 Heinrich "Thoughts? Which ones exactly?"
Shira frowns, "You seem unhappy to hear this, why?"
18:16 Heinrich "Er--well, not unhappy exactly. As I said, it is... unexpected. And it caused you to have such a sad expression--something must have happened. While I won't pry for it, whatever it was, it's a shame that you suffered to that extent."
18:18 Lok (such a gentleman)
18:18 Shira (Squeeee I know.)
18:19 Shira Her face softens, "Heinrich, my past is your to know. Ask my anything and I will not lie."
18:19 Shira me* dammit
18:20 Heinrich blinks. "But--you're such a piravte person. I don't have a burning desire to know, when you seem content to have your silence about it. If there is something you would like to share, I'd love to listen... but asking you feels... I don't know, wrong."
18:20 Heinrich *private ><
18:21 Lok (HEY I've been wanting to hear this background story for a while! You BETTER get her to spill Heinrich >=o )
18:22 Shira smiles and kisses his cheek, "I feel no need for secrets with you now. I do not know where to begin though, it would be simpler if you asked me questions."
18:23 Shira (Shira isn't much for telling long ass stories Lok. )
18:23 Heinrich (><)
18:24 Lok (Doesn't have to be long, I just wanna hear it )
18:24 Heinrich raises an eyebrow. Instinctively, he pulls her a bit closer, as if to shelter her from her own bad memories. "...alright... what's it like, where you come from? Does it look like these forests, or is it different?"
18:28 Shira revels in his closeness, "The forests of Yeri are much larger, the trees like city towers, and the creatures larger even than the horned one you saved me from. It is...breathtaking, but full of danger, and...death."
18:29 Heinrich "What sort of danger?"
18:31 Shira "Wild beasts of both the earth and sky, plants that eat flesh, and other tribes...they are the most dangerous."
18:32 Heinrich "Are the other tribes elves, like you?"
18:33 Shira nods, "Yes, but their ways are different."
18:33 Heinrich nods. "And so you get into conflict with them."
18:35 Shira "Sometimes, if they were hunting on /our/ land, or if they kidnapped one of my people. Other tribes we found peace with, even made marriage pacts with them."
18:35 Shira (hi there, it's time for Anthropology with Shira XD)
18:36 Lok (Awww what? SCHOOL?)
18:36 Lok (*sighs then sits down at desk*)
18:37 Shira (no whining Lok, /you/ wanted to hear this )
18:37 Heinrich nods again. "Ah. I see."
18:38 Shira thinks for a moment, "You are a warrior, do your people fight much?"
18:38 Lok (Yo I signed up for History 101 G)
18:38 Shira (XD )
18:38 Lok (Signing me up for all the wrong classes! Worst counselor EVER.)
18:39 Heinrich "...sometimes, when we have to, we fight."
18:40 Shira has a serious expression, "My people are much the same. We do not fight without cause."
18:41 Heinrich "Right. So--when not-fighting, what do you do? You're a good hunter, do your people hunt and gather for their food?"
18:41 Heinrich *for all
18:43 Shira nods enthusiastically and swells with pride, "I was one of our best hunters! The strong hunted, and the seeded women, children, and elderly would gather."
18:45 Shira (seeded is intentional, it is her term for pregnant )
18:45 Heinrich "Ah. That makes sense... do you have a certain game you like, then, or is it all the same?"
18:47 Shira looks a little confused, "I like to play chase, and wrestle, and hunt things, and sometimes play storyteller."
18:48 Heinrich "Oh--no, game... um... an animal. A certain thing you really like to hunt."
18:49 Shira thinks, "I like to hunt deer, and large birds. They are fun and give a good chase. Good meat too."
18:51 Heinrich nods again, beginning to settle down. "You like to play storyteller? What does that look like, for your tribe?" Obviously telling stories isn't alien to him, but he can only imagine that it must be a little different here.
18:52 Shira leans against him, "Well one person starts the story then passes it on and everyone else takes turns adding to it. It helps us practice remembering things." (oral tradition)
18:53 Heinrich 'ah's. "So the story changes each time, then."
18:54 Shira "Yes! It is fun, my father was a grand storyteller." She smiles thinking of her homeland.
18:55 Heinrich "What's he like, your father?"
18:56 Lok (taking a moment to log )
"He was the medicine man of my tribe, and very wise. He was a healer, not a hunter. I was lucky he was always there to fix me." She pauses, "I take after my mother more. She taught me how to honor the Earth."
18:59 Shira looks up at you, "What of your family Heinrich? I bet they miss you."
19:01 Heinrich blinks. "Well--yes, but they were rather prepared for it. Soldiers foten go away for long periods."
19:02 Shira "Ah." She says, "You fight far away wars, my people rarely do that."
19:04 Heinrich nods. "Indeed. At present, we only want to take back land that is rightfully ours--but, it can turn into comb at very easily."
19:06 Heinrich *no space between comb and at...
19:06 Shira looks a little confused, "Your territory was stolen?"
19:06 Heinrich nods.
19:06 Heinrich "--well, sort of."
19:08 Shira gives you a blank stare.
19:10 Heinrich takes a moment to reorganize the War Guilt Clause into useful vernacular. "Um-- many other tribes, and mine also, were involved in a great... big... conflict, because a few of our allies came to blows, and everyone went to defend his ally. After it was over, a few of these stronger tribes came together, and took our territory for themselves, calling it the spoils of war."
19:12 Shira nods slowly, "So you are fighting to get your land back? That sounds like a noble enough cause, though your enemies will not like it
No Shira don't encourage the Nazi...there is more to it.)
19:12 Lok (gonna log, then brb)
19:14 Heinrich nods. "That's right. At present, our enemies are without and within--there are rumors that some of our own tribe set us up to fail, but they haven't bene proven yet. But when I left, no shots had been fired. Hopefully it will stay that way, and the other countries will see reason."
19:14 Heinrich (Hey, he was a shota during the Weimar period. According to him there isn't too much more. >>)
19:14 Shira (*snorts* Oh poor innocent Heinrich XD)
19:14 Heinrich (Heh)
19:15 Shira (If he does ever go home he might find everything completely changed...that would be sad. T_T)
19:17 Shira "Peace is a good hope Heinrich, I hope they do see reason."
19:17 Heinrich (Yeah. I kind of don't want him to ever find out about things like the KZ system, because like most of the Wehrmacht, that kind of action wasn't even on his radar at this point.)
19:18 Heinrich "Mmh. It would keep there from being another Great War--that in and of itself would be worth anything."
19:18 Heinrich (To be honest I'm tempted to write the place he came from as an alternate regime where the people in the high command are the ones who weren't sociopaths)
19:19 Shira (Poor baby...I hope he never finds out either, it would cause a personal crisis of belief methinks...that AU actually would be interesting)
19:19 Heinrich (Yeah, I'm leaning more and more towards it. I think we could make a lot of headway if Hitler choked on a pretzel in 1934, and Rommel wound up taking his place.)
19:20 Shira That perks her interest, "Great War? Did you fight in that one? How many enemies did you slay?"
19:21 Shira (*nods*)
19:25 Heinrich "Oh---oh, no, I was too little."
19:26 Shira suddenly realizes she doesn't know, "How old are you?"
19:26 Shira ( should know these things /before/ trying to jump someone...-_-)
19:31 jdstroy Perhaps he's "old enough" that it doesn't matter. Attractive mate, appealing personality, who cares about age? Good enough!
19:32 jdstroy Also, did someone mention some Amestris?
19:32 Shira (It doesn't matter really, she just realized she had no idea and should know this)
19:33 Shira (Got to know when to celebrate your man's nameday )
19:33 jdstroy Do I sense a Birthday Surprise scene?
19:34 Shira (*shrugs* maybe eventually...right now my stupid Shira is just realizing how little she knows about him )
19:36 Shira (*twiddles thumbs*)
19:37 Heinrich (I forgot how old I am....)
19:37 Shira (Guesstimate we can change it late lol)
19:37 Shira (later*)
19:38 Shira (Tis a oneshot, it isn't a big deal )
19:41 Heinrich coughs, mumbling something. "I... well... wait, how old are you?"
19:41 Shira "In seasons or circlings?" She asks.
19:42 Heinrich "What is a circling?"
19:44 Shira says matter of factly, "How long it takes the sky-seeds to circle the world. What do you call that?"
19:44 Shira (I am assuming Elona isn't too different from Earth here ok. )
19:44 jdstroy For this, it's a sane assumption.
19:44 Heinrich " Is that longer or shorter than a season?"
19:45 Shira "It is four seasons."
19:45 Heinrich "Right, in circlings, then."
19:46 Shira She starts counting on her fingers, "22...I think. I have not been keeping track lately..the seasons are a bit different in this land."
19:47 Heinrich nods. Then. "When were you born?"
19:47 Heinrich *then, not .
19:48 Shira "In winter when the red star is high and bright. It is a lucky time. How about you, is your nameday lucky?"
19:49 Heinrich blinks. "Hm... no, not that I know of. I was born in July... probably under a different set of stars." he says, somewhat apologetically.
19:50 Shira is curious,"July? What season is that?"
19:51 Shira (cool IRL I am a July birthday XD)
19:51 Heinrich (*snicker*)
19:51 Heinrich "Summer. The heat of the summer."
19:52 Heinrich pauses, thinking over a better response. "Where I'm from we have four seasons, also, but they each have a beginning, middle, and end. Summer is June, July, August."
19:53 Shira "So you are a midsummer soul, that explains why you are so noble."
19:55 Heinrich raises an eyebrow. "Well, part of it is from training..." he starts. ", but thank you. What is said about winter souls, then?"
19:56 Shira smirks, "That they are fierce warriors, ravenous lovers, and terrible foes."
19:57 Heinrich "...that is... incredibly apt."
19:57 jdstroy Heh, two Leos as well?
19:58 Shira (Cancer here actually. All the emoness)
19:58 jdstroy Craaawwwling in my skiiiiiin
19:59 Heinrich (*Pokezodiac mode activate* *Libra, liiiii*)
20:00 Shira "Is it?" She asks, "My father always said I was too kind to be a true winter child.."
20:01 Heinrich "Well--being fierce does not necessarily mean being unkind."
20:01 Shira smiles at him as though he is perfect, "That is what I told him."
20:02 Heinrich gives her a sheepish grin. "Well then, there you are, I suppose."
20:05 Shira Her smile widens, and she lazily strokes his hand, "You can ask my questions like this whenever you like. It is nice to be able to tell someone about where I can from."
20:07 Shira me* dammit!
20:09 Heinrich nods. "Alright. But--if you have had enough for a time, or I stray into something you're not ready to explain yet--please say so. Don't feel like you have to talk, alright?"
20:09 Lok (back! Taking a moment to log)
Shira feels warm and happy, "Alright."
20:10 Lok (VIrgo! I'm beautiful~ or something)
20:13 Heinrich nods, seeming to relax a bit. "Good, good."
20:15 Shira gives him a knowing look, "Anything else you wish to ask? You haven't asked the difficult questions yet.."
20:16 Heinrich "...difficult? I wasn't aware you could do sums."
20:16 Shira looks confused, "Sums?"
20:19 Heinrich "Yes, like... if I have five hundred marks, and my friend Hans has four hundred and sixty marks, and we put them in a pot together and each take half......."
20:20 jdstroy
20:21 jdstroy Cruft-free version:
20:21 Shira misses the point completely, "Well if you were quick enough you could take more. If you were being fair you'd each have half."
20:21 jdstroy (lol)
20:21 Shira "I don't see how this question applies to me though."
20:22 Heinrich blinks. "--right--and each half would have how many marks?"
20:22 Heinrich "Well, it's a difficult question..."
20:23 Shira She is staring at her fingers," many marks did he have?"
20:25 Lok (omg the cootness)
20:25 Heinrich "Four hundred and... er.... well, now if you hadn't asked me...."
20:28 Shira The gears in her head are grinding, she's blushing, trying so hard to figure this out and impress you, "Heinrich what are marks?"
20:28 Lok (I lol'd)
20:28 Shira feels this is important to answering correctly.
20:30 Heinrich "Reichsmarks. Coins. Hm... I think I might still have one left, in my sock."
20:31 Heinrich twists around like a pretzel within the confines of the bed, liberating his sock from his foot and the mark from the sock. "Aha! See, one mark."
20:32 Shira "So it's money. Ah." An idea occurs to her, "Oh I know! You and Hans would each have zero, because a thief like Lok would have stolen them."
20:32 Heinrich blinks.
20:32 Shira grins as though she has solved a riddle.
20:32 Heinrich "....I suppose that's probably.... yes, alright. Good work."
20:33 Lok (HOHOHOHOHO)
20:33 Heinrich decides he doesn't have the heart to explain word problems to someone who has never been afflicted with them.
20:33 Lok (Shira just did multiplication. Anything times zero is zero )
20:33 Shira beams, "That was a tricky riddle!"
20:34 Shira (props to Lok for the suggestion lol XD)
20:34 jdstroy huehuehue
20:34 Lok (kukukukuku)
20:34 Shira (That's so sweet of him, she's so pathetically happy right now)
20:35 Heinrich (Clever girl.jpg)
20:35 Lok (And so Shira went on to become a math professor in palmia.)
20:35 Heinrich "Indeed! What with having to take all that into account..."
20:36 Heinrich ( <--- this is what happens to her students)
20:37 Shira (I lol'd so hard...eyes are watering)
20:37 Lok (Lmfao)
20:37 jdstroy XD
20:37 jdstroy Hooray for New Math!
20:38 Lok (Twas a glorious day for -2 wisdom modifiers.)
20:38 Shira leans in and kisses the corner of his mouth, she murmurs, "You are so clever."
20:38 Heinrich ( <--- physics)
20:39 Shira (hey she only has a -1 to intelligence, her wisdom is high )
20:39 Heinrich (*hides behind something, anticipating thrown objects for that one*)
20:39 Shira (I love that joke, I found it!!! ----> X)
20:39 Heinrich turns beet red. "Ah... um, th-thank you. You are too. Very cleav---cleaver. Clever."
20:40 Lok (HAH I've seen that before. I literally wrote that one time on a test)
20:40 *** Twibphone joined #dw
20:40 Heinrich (very cleaver - such boob - wow)
20:40 Shira (I've been tempted to put it on a test so many times.)
20:40 Shira *snickers* oh Heinrich, poor guy.)
20:40 Twibphone )the fuck did I walk into(
20:40 Heinrich (Hi Twib)
20:41 Heinrich (I'm having no end of fun with Freudian slits today.)
20:41 Heinrich (Oops...)
20:41 *** Twibphone quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
20:41 Shira (*is proud to be a psychology major* XD)
20:42 Shira (poor Twibbled had no clue!)
20:43 *** Twivphone joined #dw
20:43 Twivphone So as I was saying
20:43 Twivphone What the fuck did I walk into?
20:43 Lok (We were just discussing quantum physics.)
20:43 Shira (and boobs)
20:44 Shira shuts him up rather quickly with more kisses. Heinrich you think you hear a knock on the door, but aren't really sure..She's being pretty distracting.
20:44 jdstroy And the intricacies of the Collatz Conjecture
20:44 Twivphone Uh. Huh.
20:44 Heinrich (I'd like to conject her Collatz, if you know what I mean...)
20:44 Lok "Oy! Heinrich? Have you seen Shira? Neither of you have come down for breakfast!"
20:45 Shira (hahahahaha)
20:45 Heinrich levitates.
20:45 Lok continues to rap on Heinrich's door.
20:45 Heinrich "AAH! Lok! How nice of you to--to--please go away!"
20:45 Lok "Heinrich? Are you okay?"
20:45 Shira giggles.
20:45 Lok A thought occurs to lok.
20:45 Heinrich "Yes!"
20:45 Heinrich thries to make shhh motions at her.
20:46 Lok /He must be held hostage or something! I can hear it in his voice.../
20:46 *** Twivphone quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
20:46 Lok "Ok then Heinrich...I'll wait for you....downstairs...."
20:46 Shira covers her mouth. But her eyes are still laughing.
20:46 Heinrich (Hahaha)
20:46 Lok (L.A.P.D.! FREEZE PUNKS!)
20:46 Heinrich "Yes! Good! Downstairs!"
20:46 Lok kicks open the doors, daggers in hand!
20:47 Heinrich "Yes, I'll see you! Later! Down----ack!"
20:47 Lok "Eh?"
20:47 Heinrich quickly covers Shira with the blankets.
20:47 Heinrich "Lok, what do you think you're doing?"
20:47 Lok "...What are /you/ doing?"
20:47 Heinrich "Nothing!"
20:47 Lok /the assailant must be hiding under the blankets.../
20:48 Lok "Right. I can see...that you're any DANGER..."
20:48 Heinrich attempts to detract attention from the person-sized lump beside him.
20:48 Lok nods at Heinrich.
20:48 Heinrich "Yes, I'm not. Now if you'll jsut go back downstairs, please..."
20:48 Heinrich nods emphatically.
20:48 Lok "Okay Heinrich....I'll go...downstairs...?"
20:48 Lok arches his eyebrows and nods at Heinrich.
20:48 Heinrich "Yes! Yes, /please/ go downstairs as fast as possible."
20:49 Shira is trying not to wiggle.
20:49 Heinrich keeps nodding, even more so. "Post haste. Godspeed. With all your might. Go downstairs."
20:49 Lok /With all my might!? My GAWD this assailant must be strong./
20:49 Lok "With ALL my might you say?"
20:50 Lok makes hand motions in the air, his eyes fixated on Heinrich.
20:50 Heinrich "Yes! For the sake of all that is good and holy, Lok, waste no more time!"
20:50 Heinrich "Not a moment's hesitation! /Go downstairs/."
20:50 Lok /Not a moment's hesitation he says! I'm running out of time!"
20:51 Heinrich makes vague shooing motions, at the same time trying to keep the lump covered.
20:51 Shira is starting to fidget.
20:51 Lok mistakens the shooing motions as knife-throwing motions.
20:51 Lok "Okay Heinrich! I'm going THREE...TWO.....ONE....NOW!"
20:51 Heinrich pets the part of the lump where her head is located, out of habit.
20:51 Lok jumps to the side to get an angle at the mysterious lump!
20:51 Heinrich "Right, I'll see you th--wait, /stop/---!"
20:52 Shira (oh noes 0_0)
20:52 Lok "DIE FOUL BEAST!"
20:52 Heinrich "Downstairs is /that way/!"
20:52 Lok throws a dagger at the lump's general direction.
20:52 Heinrich blocks him as best he can--which requires leaning over Shira to do so, but it's not exactly far.
20:52 Lok 's throw is off
20:52 Lok due to Heinrich blocking him
20:53 Heinrich "Lok, what the hell?"
20:53 Lok "Heinrich! Get out of the way! I need a clear shot!"
20:53 Lok readies another dagger
20:54 Heinrich "At what? I'm alone! Go away!"
20:54 Lok /Alone...A lone....A lone assassin???/
20:54 Lok Perhaps Lok bit off more than he can chew.
20:54 Heinrich "...Lok.... put the blade /down/."
20:54 Lok (Lok! Put the gun down! We have you surrounded!)
20:55 Shira peeks her head out from under the blankets, "Where is the foul beast?"
20:55 Lok "Eh?"
20:55 Heinrich groans.
20:56 Lok takes a moment to assex...I mean, assess the situation. He finally gets a much clearer idea of what's going on here.
20:56 Shira "I didn't see any beast." Shira grumbles.
20:56 Lok is smiling widely at Heinrich.
20:57 Lok "Oh /dog/!"
20:57 Shira (Poor guy...lolz)
20:58 Heinrich groans again, a pained, piteous sound.
20:58 Heinrich "Your beast is right there in the doorway. He's the one dressed like a boneheaded rogue."
20:58 Shira hops out of bed and rushes over to him, "Are you ok?"
20:58 *** Twib joined #dw
20:59 Lok "I'll just uh...take my dagger."
20:59 Shira glares at Lok, "You upset Heinrich."
20:59 Heinrich "Thank you."
20:59 Heinrich facepalms.
20:59 Lok winks at Shira. "Riiiiiiiight....I guess he needs.../cheering up/ doesn't he?"
20:59 Shira (What? She's not going to think it's her fault )
21:00 Heinrich "Lok!"
21:00 Heinrich "Out!"
21:00 Lok takes his dagger from where it landed. He' still smiling.
21:00 Lok "Of course! Of course!"
21:00 Lok winks at Heinrich.
21:00 Heinrich rises to his feet and shoos Lok out of the room. "Get!"
21:00 Lok "You to have fun now~" He says as he leaves the room.
21:01 Shira loudly says, "We were telling fun riddles!"
21:01 Heinrich has the presence of mind to cover his mouth before the growling and the cursing and the sheer frustration.
21:01 Lok /Sounds kinky!/ He thinks to himself as he walks downstairs. /Proud of you Shira ;D/
21:01 Twib (What.)
21:01 Lok (SHUSH YOU)
21:01 Twib ( /What./ )
21:02 Heinrich
21:02 Shira (You'd have to read the logs Twib lol)
Shira seems fascinated by his curses, "Are you chanting again Heinrich?'
21:03 Heinrich "Nnnnnnnngh."
21:04 Lok (I guess you can say Heinrich got...*Sunglasses*....'Lok'Blocked.)
21:05 Shira "I'm sorry." She says, clearly confused by the sounds he's making.
21:06 Heinrich takes a deep breath. "No---now, don't apologize, this isn't your fault. It's that big-nosed rogue's."
21:07 Shira "His nose isn't /that/ big. Dog noses are much bigger." She says matter of factly.
21:07 Lok sneezes.
21:08 Heinrich "It's an expression--he's always poking it into everything."
21:08 Lok (What? SHIRA does that xD)
21:08 Heinrich (Yeah, but she's cute.)
21:09 Shira (She totally does, but yeah she's cute. )
21:09 Lok (Now that's just...*Sunglasses* ..."Rey"diculous.)
21:10 jdstroy Very punny.
21:10 Shira confesses, "Well sometimes he's helpful...I mean he gave me advice on how he called it 'woo" you."
21:10 Heinrich "................."
21:10 Heinrich takes another deep breath.
21:10 Heinrich "Alright...."
21:12 Shira "Alright what?"
21:12 Heinrich "Er--alright as in, I understand."
21:13 Heinrich rubs one hand throguh his hair, mostly out of frustrattion rather than trying to put it to rights. "Sorry about the--upset, earlier. I was not expecting to see Lok in here."
21:14 Shira rolls her shoulders back, and tries to relax, "As long as you aren't upset with me I don't mind. I did not expect him as well."
21:15 Heinrich "Ah, no, not with you. Not at all."
21:15 Lok (taking a moment to record)
Shira smiles, "Good. Oh, I wanted to give you something."
21:17 Shira She takes off the leather bracelet she always is wearing, small feather dangling from in and it appears to have celtic-like etchings on it.
21:18 Shira flushes a present it to you.
21:18 Shira and*
21:18 Shira presents* (I should just re-type it lol)
21:19 Lok (D'AWWWWW)
21:19 Heinrich blinks, looking from her to it. "I---er---are you sure? Thank you--what... is it exactly?"
21:21 Shira She blinks slowly, and licks her lips, "Umm, it is a bracelet from my tribe, and it very important to me. I made it myself."
21:21 jdstroy D'aaawww!
21:22 Shira it is* (my 'i' key is being bad...DX)
21:22 Heinrich smiles shyly at her, picking it up and carefully examining it. "This is... quite an honor, then."
21:23 Shira Her eyes are bright, "A high honor. It means I choose you above all others."
21:24 Heinrich nods. "Hm. Hold on--just a moment."
21:24 Shira looks worried for a second.
21:25 Heinrich kneels down, rummaging in some of his various things. "It is only fair to repay one symbol with another symbol--" he stands, something closed in his palm. "So, here. I'll trade you this." He opens his hand, revealing an odd-looking metal object.
21:25 Heinrich (which was probably not accurate, but maybe for being brave enough to go traipsing over the Himalayas looking for a lost city...)
21:26 Shira takes it and asks, "What is it?" She is fighting back the urge to sniff it.
21:27 Heinrich "It's... hm... it's something awarder to a warrior for being particularly valiant and brave. I didn't make it myself, but it's important nonetheless--so, do we have a deal?"
21:28 Shira (Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)
21:28 Lok (Squuuueeeee)
21:28 Heinrich (*grin*)
21:28 Heinrich (Now, with Lok, I know which one... but with you I have to wonder how much is over the gesture and how much is over the medal)
21:28 Heinrich ()
21:29 Shira breathes in slowly, "It is a deal. I'll treasure it!" She stares at the medal and looks it over, "Where should I wear it?"
21:30 Shira (I squee at both)
21:30 Heinrich (*snicker*)
21:30 Twib (When you guys are done, want t play Board Game Online?)
21:30 Shira (what is that?)
21:31 Lok (Wait Twib, you have free time? Why don't you dm a oneshot? D: )
21:31 Heinrich hums. "Well, you don't exactly have the necessary hardware... hm."
21:31 Shira (Yeah Twib wtf, I don't always want to play DM, I'm terrible at it..)
21:32 Shira watches him and waits.
21:32 Heinrich (Guys, this may be the first free time he's had in a week or so....)
21:32 Twib (I just /got back from a funeral here./ )
21:32 Lok (board game it is!)
21:32 Twib (I am excersing my /death given right/ of "Fuck you I'm tired." )
21:32 Shira (Ah ok, tis understandable then. *secretly loves the DM power*)
21:33 Lok (Alright alright, let's do it)
21:33 Heinrich tries out a couple different mental pictures. "Putting it around your neck isn't exactly sound, since we get into so much combat sometimes. Maybe.... hm, do you have a band of some sort? Strip of fabric, or...?"
21:34 Twib
21:34 Shira shakes her head, "No but I could get one."
21:35 Heinrich nods. "That might be your best option. Normally you would pin or loop it onto the blouse, on a pocket button. But, well."
21:35 jdstroy "I'm not sure what I am" made me chuckle
21:36 Twib (Yay, Jdstroy's joining.)
21:36 Lok (And don't you DARE use the /tired/ card on ME.)
21:36 Lok (Don't you DARE.)
21:37 Twib (I dare because I am backed by the power of /fuck you I just went to a funeral./ _
21:38 Shira says,
21:39 Shira "Well next time we are in a market we should get on." She smiles.
21:41 Heinrich nods. "Right." he carefully slips her band over his wrist, smiling back.
21:43 Shira hugs him, "Thank you so much."
21:46 Heinrich grins, pulling her close. "Sure."
21:48 Shira (I am out of ideas and distracted by Twib's game thing, want to call scene?)
21:48 Heinrich (Yep.)
21:49 Heinrich (GG.)
21:49 Shira SCENE (Lok log it)
21:50 Heinrich (*would go 'brava brava' but teh gaem*)
21:51 Shira (I know I'm so confused lol)
21:51 Lok (k logging)
21:52 Lok (Bravo! Bravissimo!)
21:52 Lok (clap clap clap clap)
21:52 jdstroy so confuse, very wat
21:53 Shira exactly
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