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Jean-Paul R. Soucy jeanpaulrsoucy

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jeanpaulrsoucy /
Created Nov 24, 2021
Extract all versions of a file from the Git repository history.
# based on script provided by Dmitry Shevkoplyas at
set -e
if ! git rev-parse --show-toplevel >/dev/null 2>&1 ; then
echo "Error: you must run this from within a git working directory" >&2
exit 1
jeanpaulrsoucy /
Created Sep 22, 2021
Download archived BC COVID-19 hospitalization and ICU data into a single spreadsheet
# Download archived BC COVID-19 hospitalization data from the Archive of Canadian COVID-19 Data
# and extract data from JSON files into a single CSV spreadsheet
# bug: there may be a few dates with duplicate data from when the archive tool downloaded the same file twice in one day
# load modules
import os
import re
import json

Scrape COVID-19 pharmacy vaccine locations for Ontario

Jean-Paul R. Soucy (

Let's scrape the names, addresses and public health units of pharmacies in Ontario offering the COVID-19 vaccine from the provincial website.

# load packages
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# Scraping and plotting Canadian COVID-19 VOC data
*Jean-Paul R. Soucy*
Let's scrape the VOC data from the [CTV News variant tracker]( (maintained by journalists [Jesse Tahirali]( and [Stephanie Liu]( and the [Public Health Agency of Canada](
```{r variant-data}
# load packages

Scraping data from Manitoba COVID-19 school outbreaks

Jean-Paul R. Soucy

Let's scrape the 14-day school-associated case counts from the Manitoba Schools Dashboard.

We begin by loading the package we need to grab the JSON data.