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Last active August 29, 2015 14:16
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tl;dr: The UNIQLO USA e-commerce team is looking for a design-oriented developer skilled in the arts of modern markup and style, but also comfortable with some PHP and JavaScript.

In this position, you will:

  • Create end-to-end responsive mockups of UNIQLO landing pages for upcoming product lines.
  • Work in-house with the visuals team to design experiences and assets that scale well across device sizes.
  • Help maintain the more static parts of the existing desktop experience, such as updating store pages.
  • Design, deploy, and debug your own code.
  • Be currently based in NYC, and able to start April 1.

This position is best suited to a self-starter and generalist that would feel comfortable as the sole in-house technical person at UNIQLO USA. You'll have a lot of freedom in implementing things your way, but you'll be on the hook for making sure they work.

The job comes with quite a few perks:

  • A hip and convenient office in SoHo, right above the first UNIQLO flagship store in the US, at which you have a decent discount.
  • A team more diverse than you'll ever find in tech, more than half women and less than half white.
  • A front-row seat at a fast-growing-but-still-smallish company poised to take over the world.
  • A Toto Washlet in every bathroom.

If this sounds like it's a good fit, please [email me]( developer application), Jed Schmidt, with a short message including:

  • the subject field UNIQLO developer application,
  • a short (fewer than 200 words) personal intro,
  • a link to your gisted Markdown resume (PDF meh but also accepted), which includes links to work you've done that shows off your relevant skills, and
  • no files or attachments, as they'll be ignored.

and I'll forward it along to the e-commerce team, deal?

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  • A Toto Washlet in every bathroom.


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