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::1 localhost pop-os.localdomain pop-os
import numpy
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import math
from casadi import cos, sin
import do_mpc
def linear_steps(*, start, end, quantity):
INFO:TOOLS: Launcher version bf4dc66ab5fbbafd4294d32c2797c08b630c0be5
DEBUG:TOOLS: arg 0: /Applications/
DEBUG:TOOLS: arg 1: -cp
DEBUG:TOOLS: arg 2: /Applications/
DEBUG:TOOLS: arg 3: -Xdock:icon=/Applications/
DEBUG:TOOLS: arg 4: -Xdock:name=Defold
DEBUG:TOOLS: arg 5: -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8
DEBUG:TOOLS: arg 6: -Djna.nosys=true
DEBUG:TOOLS: arg 7: -Ddefold.launcherpath=/Applications/
DEBUG:TOOLS: arg 8: -Ddefold.resourcespath=/Applications/
# Only execute this file once per shell.
if [ -n "${__ETC_PROFILE_NIX_SOURCED:-}" ]; then return; fi
if [ -n "${XDG_STATE_HOME-}" ]; then
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Deno Dependencies Discussion on Dups, Dissapearance, and Dev Experience

I appreciate the discussion, and I'll be eagerly awaiting Ryan's talk. @kevinwhinnery I'm really glad my response wasn't taken too negatively. I want these conversations to be productive, and, when changes don't negatively impact the ecosystem I generally try to avoid complaining about them (like deno KV). And feel free to bluntly correct/argue/criticize any of my points.

without some kind of semver aware central package manager, I don’t know how you solve duplicate and disappearing dependencies

Oh, that seems like the easy part for me, which does make wish I had the opportunity to present/discuss them before the team did all this work on a centralized package manager. I would like to start off with a bit more feedback before I get to that.

1st reaction; PM's don't--can't--help Disappearing deps

I like the deno team, and I would trust my best friend with my life. But if my best friend told me "Trust me bro, Github servers might go down, but MY server is reliable I've got this fancy SLA that says so.