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Generate a GitHub Personal Access Token for Private Composer Packages

Generate a GitHub Personal Access Token for Private Composer Packages

If you're trying to load a private repository with Composer/Laravel, we'll need to generate a GitHub Personal Access Token (similar to OAuth token) to access the repository during a composer install without entering credentials.

If you have used other Github packages from {my-org} before, you may be able to skip this step.

  1. Visit

  2. Click Generate new token.

     Token Description: (your computer name)
         [X] repo
             [X] repo:status
             [X] repo_deployment
             [X] public_repo
             [X] repo:invite
  3. Click Generate token.

  4. Copy the generated string to a safe place, such as a password safe.

  5. Open Terminal and add the github token. Note: The file may be empty.

     #  nano ~/.composer/auth.json
         "github-oauth": {
             "": "abc123def456ghi7890jkl987mno654pqr321stu"
  6. Test if the authentication is working by doing a clone.

     cd ~/Sites/
     git clone
     (You should not be prompted for credentials)
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MikeiLL commented Apr 10, 2018

Thanks for this, man.

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alcohol commented Jun 4, 2018

Nice, feel free to submit a PR to our documentation through

I would suggest putting it right after the entry that already talks about the oauth token "API rate limit and OAuth tokens" :-)

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marcelofabianov commented Sep 26, 2018


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Potherca commented Jun 5, 2021

Rather than editing the config file, I prefer using:

composer config -g abc123def456ghi7890jkl987mno654pqr321stu

It might also be worth noting that, for GitHub Actions or other build environments, one can set an environment variable:

        COMPOSER_AUTH: '{"github-oauth": {"": "abc123def456ghi7890jkl987mno654pqr321stu"}}'

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adampatterson commented Jan 12, 2022

Curious why you are testing by doing a Git Pull?

For example, my Git checkouts work fine, but my composer update via Public and Private reposity stopped working ( I think my token expired ).

I ran composer config --global --auth ghp_xxxxxxxx which saved to my auth.json file but I am still getting errors.

    "github-oauth": {
        "": "ghp_xxxxxxxx"

Is there a cache or something that I should clear?

git@ uses the oAuth while https:// uses basic auth with a username and token for the password.

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