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Arduino Sketch recording raw IR signal and sending it through an infrared LED again every 2 seconds
#include <IRremote.h>
int RECV_PIN = 11;
IRrecv irrecv(RECV_PIN);
IRsend irsend;
boolean recording = true;
decode_results results;
void setup()
irrecv.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver
void loop() {
if (recording) {
if (irrecv.decode(&results)) {
Serial.println("IR code recorded!");
//irrecv.resume(); // Receive the next value
Serial.print("Recorded ");
Serial.println(" intervals.");
recording = false;
} else {
// replay mode
Serial.println("Sending recorded IR signal!");
irsend.sendRaw((unsigned int*) results.rawbuf, results.rawlen, 38);
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jackbell16 commented Feb 8, 2014

thank you for sharing this Arduino code on Github. I was trying to switch on my TV with Arduino. The code you posted is able to get the code and try to re-send, but the TV doesn't switch on. The IR LED light every 2 seconds. What do you think is the problem ? Should I insert any resistor from the PIN 3 to the IR LED ? I hope to hear you back.

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ivahen commented Oct 14, 2015

I want to know too. that doesnt work for me. capture but doesnt send any data

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matthinc commented Oct 29, 2015

It's receiving but not sending - (I use a couple of transistors, because I have a lot of IR LED's in my project)

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DigitAlchemies commented Aug 13, 2017

For those who are able to receive and not send, though this might be obvious, check if you have an IR transmitter sensor module/support. If it's only an IR receiver sensor module you have, sending the IR codes back on a certain pin, after receiving will be just of no use! I am saying this from my earlier experience when I started playing with them! :) Cheers.

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chamithchathuka commented Jan 14, 2018

@RaghavanSanthanam could you pls mention the pin mapping for the ir send code

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GANESHBANDI9948 commented Apr 20, 2018

hello everyone, iam doing a project i.e using ir remote codes to control the consumer products using arduino, ir receiver and ir led. i controlled the NEC protocol products but i didn't control the SAMSUNG protocol devices .i want control the LLOYD AC .it has SAMSUNG protocol .can you please help me.
thank you.

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Atlanta11 commented Oct 1, 2018

It is recieving and sending but it don't switch my Panasonic tv.

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majidmp97 commented Oct 5, 2018

send pin ??!!

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majidmp97 commented Oct 5, 2018

send pin is pin3 un uno328

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