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pshapiro / internal-pagerank.r
Last active Jan 3, 2021
Calculate Internal PageRank from Screaming Frog Crawl
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# Swap out path to your Screaming Frog All Outlink CSV. For Windows, remember to change backslashes to forward slashes.
links <- read.csv("C:/Documents/screaming-frog-all-outlinks.csv", skip = 1) # CSV Path
# This line of code is optional. It filters out JavaScript, CSS, and Images. Technically you should keep them in there.
links <- subset(links, Type=="AHREF") # Optional line. Filter.
links <- subset(links, Follow=="true")
links <- subset(links, select=c(Source,Destination))
g <-
pr <- page.rank(g, algo = "prpack", vids = V(g), directed = TRUE, damping = 0.85)
values <- data.frame(pr$vector)
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// Mixpanel Cheatsheet
// This requires the mixpanel javascript library to be embedded on your site
// 1. API Methods.
mixpanel.init('new token', { your: 'config' }, 'library_name'); // initialize a new instance of the Mixpanel tracking object
mixpanel.push(['register', { a: 'b' }]); // push() keeps the standard async-array-push behavior around after the lib is loaded. This is only useful for external integrations that do not wish to rely on our convenience methods (created in the snippet).
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